Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pleiadian Physics: 8 = Eternity

Pleiadian Physics: 8 = Eternity
"A Message of Hope to Terrans on Mother Earth Gaia"

In the Cosmos, most Beings think of LIGHT as synonymous with
"information." This is not the usual way Terrans think of
information, however…

Light is information in the way things are sensed and felt.
Feelings are the most powerful voices/fuels in the universe. This
is because our feelings are information: this is what LIGHT is
composed of.

Think of it this way. The Sun we are seeing overhead, Sol – the
eighth (8th) Sun of the Pleiades Constellation – now directly in the
Photon Band, transmits LIGHT to Terra/Gaia/Earth. Sun/Sol, creates
dimensions "here" on the planetary surface.

This light creates beings/feelings in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th –
through 12th dimensions (and beyond) which affect Terra/Gaia/Earth.

For example, In the 2nd dimension ("here"), this LIGHT is turned
into crystals and insects. In the third dimension, this light is
turned into fauna and flora (plants and animals) which also have
feelings, which is information. It is in this way that you are made
of LIGHT. You are all now discovering that Light is more powerful
than matter, for your inner self is telling you that light is
emotional intention.

The 1st dimension has the least amount of love, leading up to the
12th dimension which is composed of the pure love of the Core
Creators... And yet higher than the 12th in bandwidth and in complete
Merkaba control are the Planetary Travelers [ name omitted].

For those of you with Pleiadian origins -- of the highly-
fluctuating and fluid 4th/5th dimensions -- you are the MASTERs of
projecting and perceiving emotions. You are the forerunners in this
Light Awakening by showing those on Terra/Gaia/Earth how feelings
form reality (perceptions, projections and reactions).

There are simple instant experiments to show you that LIGHT is
morepowerful than matter NOW, as Terra/Gaia/Earth is aligning with
Pleiadian physics more so each day. Simply chant, "I am
Light. I am Love." when performing a task: you will see that time/matter
will bend to your will for your work/art/duties.

You are also LOVE. You are made of love. Love is what brought you
"here" in the first place, when you were born, and if you were
braided/walked in, or in rare cases, trained. You are here not only
to project/perceive love, but to use love as an instrument for
sculpting/creating matter. Love is more powerful than matter.

As the physics "here" become increasingly more Pleiadian, you will
see that *doors of perception* (marked by repeated number signs)
are opening more frequently, with the ability to take you to higher
and higher expansions. These are expansions -- not
vibrations -- because you need to be able to handle your total
Merkaba enlargement, which will expose you to
extremes/centers/beings of all kinds.

These vibrations (12 bandwidths of 12 expansions each, with each
expansion with differing numbers of vibrations: this is followed by
a jump to the next octave, which are also composed of either one
Merkaba or a cluster of Merkabas) lead you as an individual upward
to parallel lives in which you can connect with your soul family,
your soul cluster, and/or your Soulmates / Twin Flames in *Instant
Manifestation* worlds and realities.

As you move higher and higher in LOVE, your base chakra will move
from your root to your heart, and you will have TWELVE chakras
instead of seven: at this point, all of your actions and thoughts
will be love-based. This is also part of the DNA re-sequencing that
you have been informed of in your dreamtime. (2 strands to the
triangulation of 3 strands) Next, you will be presented with a
series of choices/wishes/projections which will land you in a
series of several Merkabas (projected realities). If you choose
wisely and remain true to yourself, manifestation beyond your
wildest dreams might occur (3 strands to the expansion of
12 strands).

The urgently important KEYS to LIGHT and LOVE are to share
(freely) on as many levels as you can. This is KEY to Pleiadian

Here are some simple methods of sharing love and light. Give your
unused food and clothing to those who need it. Volunteer for free.
Teach new ideas for free. Heal for free. Recycle and re-use. Give
hugs to strangers.

Also, don't forget to give yourself love and light too, with crystals,
candlelight, and massage. Bring yourself back
to love in your heart through music, beauty, and loving memories.
Bring yourself back to light by freely sharing information.

Try saying this circle: "I am light, I am love, I am the violet flame"
for manifestation.

Share and pass on freely. Love and Light are always Free.
Feel free!
Also feel free to contact
(this writing is not copy written)

Stay tuned for the next episode of Pleiadian Physics. :)