Sunday, November 15, 2009

Messages from The Council of 12

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia -- December 2009

You Are the Light of the World:
Reclaiming Your Joy

Right now you are in the tail end of a year marked by great reconfiguration. You and your society are being remade, and when the cycle is finally complete you will not recognize your way of life or how you feel about living on the Earth.

As your economy and other structures get an overhaul, each of you is re-examining your values, your aspirations, your relationships, and more. With that assessment you may feel a whole range of emotions - from anxiousness and uncertainty to gratitude and joy.

During these final moments of 2009 there is an expanded energy present allowing you great spiritual openings to other dimensions. This means an expanded view of what you normally see, an expanded perception of feelings, and an expanded ability to move into a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

This energy helps you to connect with your multidimensional self. As part of that, you naturally connect more with your heart, your intuition, your courage, and your ability to forgive and let go.

Your multidimensional self already exists within the higher frequencies contained in the 2012 window. Claim that self now.

Recognize that you are the light of the world.

You are here now to shine that light. As you hold more light within you and radiate that light out from your heart center, you move out of your pain. This happens because you become more aware of patterns that have kept you frozen in fear.

You are able to see these patterns more clearly and you have less resistance to facing them head on. As you do that in this next cycle, you will catapult yourself into a life with more joy.

Your Divine self, residing within your human form, is naturally joyful. It is naturally loving and fearless too. This is your timeless and natural self. It does not need any external thing or circumstance to feel joyful.

On those days when you feel unhappy and dissatisfied with how things are, remember who you are at your core. Remember that your energy field is regularly recalibrating right now. Your DNA is changing and adjusting so that you can hold increasing amounts of light. Those changes are happening even faster as you work consciously with your DNA.

New Levels of Energy Available

You are accessing levels of energy and information you could not even imagine before. Changes are happening very quickly and it is often challenging for you to correctly perceive how much you are shifting. However, trust that you indeed are accessing new levels of awareness as you progress. Your intuition is heightened and your sensitivity level is expanded.

Ascension Symptoms

On a physical level this often means ascension symptoms. You will get used to these. You will learn to understand the difference between an occasional headache or flu-like symptom and a serious medical condition requiring a doctor's care.

Sometimes you will experience physical distress that falls somewhere in between these two categories. Example - a headache that comes from an imbalance in your nervous system or digestive tract. As your body regularly readjusts to the higher frequencies, you may need to make changes in your self-care, diet, or belief systems held within your DNA.

The shift in consciousness involves energy and awareness. You cannot effectively hold the higher vibrational energies if you are out-of-balance on any level - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

DNA-Level Patterns

These times are naturally going to bring up your old unfinished business. That means dysfunctional patterns from your past. A DNA-level pattern involving power issues, for example, could surface and set off a kind of red alert in your nervous system.

Since many of these patterns are rooted in past lives and your family's lineage, you might overlook what's really going on and think your symptoms are something else. You might even think you're having a panic attack or worse.

As you address your past patterns and also regularly update your self-care and diet you will become more comfortable with your own energetic shifting. As you select your food and self-care, a good question to ask is this:

"Will this substance or health regimen support me in raising my energy frequency?"

The answer to that question will help you to decide the best course of action.

Know that when your frequency is high enough, disease cannot thrive in your body. You will be more joyful too!

Remember each day that you live during historic moments on the Earth. The secrets of humanity's past - and your own past - are coming to light. It's also a time when you have access to significantly more energetic momentum to create the kind of world you have long sought to inhabit.

These two transformational factors make this a very unique time to be alive.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12,
* All Rights Reserved *