Sunday, November 22, 2009

Energy in the Void

Energy in the Void
by Stefanie Miller

We are going through many adjustments and reconfigurations at this time, as we assimilate the new energy. The highly sensitive ones are feeling this in a very intense way. We have been residing in the void for quite some time now. How do you know if you are currently in the void and what are its attributes? It is an in between place that we maintain, as we are finishing up a lot of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical work we have been doing for quite some time now. You know you are in the void if you are unable to start many new projects or even finish up some of the things you already started. There are many delays and hold ups. It reminds me of a dream where you are running in place but can't seem to get to your destination.

I don't view the void as a negative space. It is neutral energy, unless you place a lot of expectations and demands on yourself and life. It can be very frustrating and anxiety producing. There seems to be a lot of limitation and emptiness. If you can kind of let go, go with the flow and let things unfurl in its own time and way, it would be really beneficial for your peace of mind and wellbeing. When you do get stressed, please forgive yourself and know you are doing the best you can.

In many of our relationships we feel a disconnection with others. Some connections, where we previously might have had a close bond at one time or another, feel really distant and remote. It doesn't necessarily mean that the relationship is over for good, however, it seems that it is really difficult to connect with people. I have found it is hard to make plans that don't get canceled, postponed or delayed. Misunderstandings, not "getting" each other, and just a plain desire not to be around other people for long periods of time has abounded.

One of the many reasons it is hard to be around other people right now is because the veil is so thin, and as we are so empathic, we pick up and absorb the energy of others to the point that it feels down right draining to be in public or around others for long periods of time. It has been so intense that trips to the mall, store or any public place causes me to feel really anxious that I rush through my shopping or really plan out what I need to get so I can get in and out quickly. There is a major incongruence between the vibrational level of many foods and products being sold at the store. We organically know what is of value to our body and soul. For the highly sensitive person, buying, using or EVEN being around things that are not purposeful or useful, causes feelings of unease.

Many sensitive's are experiencing severe allergic reactions. Let me preface that by saying most of us are becoming or already are highly sensitive. We are chiseling through our armor and coming face to face with our most vulnerable, delicate selves. As we release the density of the our unconscious ways, gain inner awareness, forgive, love, let go, make healthier choices, etc. we are becoming lighter. Most of the new children are born without these barriers of limitation. They cannot even conceive of the way we previously lived our lives (or ran our countries).

The H1N1 virus is an example of the sensitivities we are now facing. Skin rashes, breakouts, asthma, colds, food and environmental allergies are at an all time high. We cannot ignore the need for good care and the use of quality products. We are being guided to be gentle with ourselves.

Being in this void can feel lonely at times. It can invoke feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, impatience and just plain pure boredom, sometimes, with spurts of upheaval. You can utilize this period by trusting that this won't last forever. Just be at peace with where you are at, remain present in the moment. Appreciate and enjoy the quiet and slower pace. We are being rewired and realigned to adapt with ease into this new energy. Many opportunities are being aligned behind the scene. It's all in the timing!

If we try to push it quicker than it's meant to be its like showing up a day early for a party. You're all dressed up; all ready for a good time, knock on the door and become disappointed when no one is home to answer the door. The host/ess are out buying the finishing touches for the party. Their still in preparation mode while you think you missed the entire party, when in fact, you just happened to show up too soon! When the timing is right. Whala! It all comes together!

People, places, and things that are meant for us, will be coming into our lives shortly. We have seen and felt glimpses and glimmers of what's to come. The most crucial thing is to stay positive and not let the frustration get you down. Remind yourself of what you are grateful and appreciative for. Take this time to catch up on your rest and focus on doing what you CAN accomplish. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. Don't be hard on yourself for not accomplishing all the things you set out to do. I swear, its like trying to move in slow motion. It takes double or triple the time to get things done that usually takes half the time. Laugh it off and don't take yourself or life too seriously. Remember it is what is.

At this time we may be spending a lot of time alone. We may crave time to ourselves or circumstances are propelling us to be alone. It is not necessarily a reflection on our relationship with others. We need to learn to be in our own energies. We need to attune to our own vibration and know our own thoughts and feelings. It's not just about staying away from negative people or who is of a higher or lower vibration.

It is simply about being comfortable in our own skin and appreciating our own company! It's about allowing ourselves to be still and monitoring the amount of external stimulation we receive. It's also about avoiding enmeshed relationships and co-dependent behaviors that cause us to lose ourselves in another (our children, parents, spouse, friends, etc. included) In order to follow our intuition and guidance we need to be tuned in. We cannot be tuned in if we are always on the go and busy.

The new energy is here and it feels different. We cannot do things the way we did in the past because things don't work that way any longer. You probably notice that. We are in a profound time of integration. We may wish for things to speed up (and slow down at the same time) but we cannot rush the process. May I repeat myself? It is what it is!

The month of November is a month of grand openings so be ready to begin manifesting all the things you set in motion. Energetically we are focusing on relationships at this time, new connections, reconnections and realignments. We have two 11-11-11 days this month, which are 11/11/09 and 11/29/09. 11 is a number, which represents a portal or opening to change. 2009 is an eleven year, 2+9.

We've almost completed 2009. Give yourself a big pat on the back for rolling with the changes that have occurred all year long. Its been a bit of blur wouldn't you say? The new energies are about being sovereign within yourself. "To thy own self be true". Stay true to your path of opening yourself to a higher level of authenticity in your life and in how our world functions. We have to expose, and heal those areas that have been out of alignment. As we complete doing this we can put into action the creations that will benefit us.

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