Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ashira: The Call: Your Blueprint is Vibrating You into Being...Are You Listening?

Ashira: The Call: Your Blueprint is Vibrating You into Being...Are You Listening?
Channeled by Meredith Murphy
Telepathic Transmission 7 June 2010

An extension of form into being is the intent of this first shift in your consciousness. Going forward you will go far beyond this, but the doorway of moving form into being rather than doing and outward orientation is the first key for opening up your inner resources and becoming the inspired vessels emanating universal codes which is your mission at this time.

Next you will orient within being to subtle shifts in feeling within yourself. Your feelings are powerful indicators of shifts in dimensions and you must begin to attune yourself to these awareness-es and recognition of them for what they are: multidimensional experiences. You are as we and others have said many times before, alive in multiple realities simultaneously.

For some, such as our vessel here, we are living the same focal point in simultaneous parallel lives that are now blended and merged. This unfolding is one which may have happened to some of you and may continue to happen to some of you-it is not always this way, but it can be. In this situation one is working their blueprint and mission from multiple vantage points, and as is usually the case with Game Makers, also experimenting with the expression of their vision in multiple parallel realities as a way of perfecting and finely tuning the form being created through thought.

You are beginning to value yourselves and this valuing is something which will expand if you allow it to in ways which will, quite simply blow your minds. The nervous systems in your bodies will simply implode in handling the new information = light as to what your real value is, so naturally this unfolds in pieces as you are able to assimilate it, release all the misleading and less empowered prior versions of identity, and open yourself once again for more information = light and with a sense of adventure and playfulness. Meanwhile your nervous system mutates in function and your DNA continues to reassemble continually upping the ante on what you are capable of remembering, creating and experiencing.

The game you are playing is far bigger than you imagine and you must begin to take charge entirely of your own experience and to be empowered within it from a sense of innate value and love of yourself.

Your body is the being which holds all the keys for creating life forms in other universes and which when radiating collectively with others at key frequencies allows the earth to function in her aspiration as a living library-encoding the energetic formulas for other life to be created, re-created or summoned again into form as determined by creator gods who wish to expand their experience through continually creating a new version or playing field for the game.

Knowing that you are far beyond the boundaries of your current sense of identity as well as your limited sense of "where" you are-you are far beyond your physicality here-does not mean that you do not hold all that you need within the body or bodies you exist within! For your body is key to all you are and all you may be in fulfilling the blueprint you chose for yourself prior to commencing and imbedding yourself into this Earth game this time around.

I speak to you in all of this as one who recognizes that this is not the major dialogue of understanding and history which your culture as humans-Eastern, Western or otherwise-orients to in understanding its own origins, meaning, purpose and relationship to everyone and everything else.

Nonetheless, all I share with you is true and must be considered and felt-for in your own inner knowing centers to understanding the reason the time is ripe for you to re-align to the inner principals of the game you are playing and to take off your masks and stop brainwashing yourselves with the dialogue of the main stream anesthetizing "lies" which are no longer useful in your development. Like many developmental creations, they served a purpose but have now created distortion of that purpose and furthermore the karma of that purpose has come around again and it is now time to unleash yourselves from those ridiculous masters who are nothing less than negatively oriented versions of yourself!

Let them go and find their own ways home and back to source. This is not your concern-to persecute them or to name them, but simply to release yourselves from their hold and move on to your own meaning and lifestyle.

The new earth awaits you. Clusters of energetic focus are already vibrating at new earth frequencies and you will increasingly be drawn to them and able to find them in order to magnify your discrete and particular sense of how to best diversify and fulfill the mission at hand with your own energies.

Each of you holds keys that will awaken and ignite others into action and awareness if you but give in to your inner urgings and trust them. There is no game more fun than this if you only realize this and allow yourself to open to the larger realities in play here. You will not likely fully understand all of this while in form, but your sense of the whole will orient and release you enough to function with all of your brain and with the finer impulses of your body and your DNA reconnected and living in full alignment and connection with the 12 chakras in your bodies which connect with the 12 energy portals of the planet and which open you to ecstasy in form!
Need I promise you more to get you to simply walk away from the old world forms and turn your attention completely to your inner urgings and glimpses?

Earthlings. Many of you are stellar beings disguised in form to assist in this transition back to light for the planet Earth. There is no time to waste as your blueprint is poetic and harmonious-which is of more value than your realize for these words in the Earth plane do not hold the value that is truly theirs anywhere else.

Cooperation, harmony, respect for life in all forms and a desire to balance and harmonize with your creative powers. This is the goal which you share as a universal blueprint with all other ascending beings on the planet at this time/point of NOW.
For those of you who have come here from the future it is imperative that you stop your longing for home and your whining about wanting to go there now and etc...and instead use your longing to orient you to the mission critical of your blueprint and wake yourself up. The alarm clock can go off and your mother can call you that it's time to get up, but only you can get up out of the bed and go to meet the day with enthusiasm, willingness and a sense of your own power!

What are you waiting for?!! The cosmic party is assembling and those of you who are unwilling to speak openly of your awakening or long existing multi-dimensionality will be sorry later that you did not simply share and allow your energetic codes to awaken and create freedom and life in others. There is no one who will not awaken who chooses to, but the beauty and joy of participation will be something you've lost and that is what you came here for.

So step out of the shadows and stop watching and observing from the sidelines: get in the game.

Half-time is over and the whistle is blowing your name. Let the sounds you hear and the words you find remind you: remember. We are here.

I am Naeshira | Ashira, the Pleiadian leader of the Family of Light on the planet at this time to assemble all beings of light into constellations of code awakening tones and frequencies. Your Queen in service of your own blueprints being fulfilled and you being fully resourced to accomplish your mission which I sent you out upon many moons ago. All you have to do is decide to remember, and the keys to the kingdom are yours.

I leave you in peace my beloved nobles. Awaken and join me in the sanctuary of light we have long awaited to assemble together here on Earth.

Meredith Murphy

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