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Mayan Day Keepers: Heart Connections

Mayan Day Keepers: Heart Connections
As Received by Theresa Crabtree
DAY 36 CIB 10

I am Cib with Tun 10. We welcome you this day to chat with us, for that is what our specialty is, communication. We invite you to go beyond the means you currently use to communicate and use your telepathic skills more often.

Within each of you is the innate ability to communicate without words. Observe nature. Do animals speak with words? Do plants transmit thoughts with words? No, they use energy transfers, body language, instinct and telepathy to transmit their desires and concerns.

How many times have you experienced or heard stories that someone knew a loved one was ill, injured or had passed away? Have you ever experienced thinking about someone then they call you on the telephone? Are you aware that you have Angels around you at all times that you can communicate with?

We would like to introduce to you a better means of communicating with those you encounter. By making a "heart connection" with others, you will be better equipped to communicate on a deeper level. The heart connection can be made with people, animals, plants and even the rocks!

Typically, when you meet another person, whether it is someone you know or a stranger, there is an initial greeting. A common greeting in the U.S. is, "Hello, how are you?" The usual response is, "Fine, thank you." How many of you really feel "fine" when you answer the question? How many of you truly want to hear how the other feels in that moment?

Look at the word "communication" for a moment. The root word is "commune," which means "to be one with." How many of you truly become "one with" another during casual conversation? Generally, every person interrupts the other so they can be heard. Deep listening and empathy rarely occurs. Much of what is uttered are words of scorn, judgment or silliness. It matters not to us what you choose to do, we are here simply to bring to your attention the low level communication skills that most of you use.

We use the words "low level" because on a vibrational scale, much of what you utter has low or "negative" frequencies. We remind you that negative thoughtforms vibrate at a low frequency. They are slow and dense which is why they stick like glue when they collide into other like thoughtforms.

Sound is the "stuff" which sets into motion the creation of all things. Words can be more powerful than thoughtforms when the thought behind them holds passion and belief. There is an overabundance of thoughtless words floating in your ethers, colliding with similar thoughtforms and words. Many of these thoughtforms have collected into huge masses capable of creating havoc with your weather patterns and reinforcing "stinking thinking" belief codes.

Once a word is uttered, it cannot be un-said. It continues to float around your uni-verse for eons, seeking other words and thoughts to connect to. This may sound like fantasy to you, but be assured that what we speak is the truth. Your scientists are proving the truth in these statements as they go further "down the rabbit hole" while studying quantum physics.

It has repeatedly been proven that when a cell is divided then separated by great distances, one cell will respond exactly as the other, at the same moment the other is manipulated by the scientist. Does this infer there is some type of communication going on between cells, the "building blocks" of your universe?

Have you ever watched a group of birds in flight? Their ability to maneuver as one while making sharp turns at high speed is astonishing. Not one word is spoken, yet they move as one. Listen to the animals in nature. Although they do not speak with words, there is communication going on everywhere. The squirrels and birds make a distinct sound to alert all that a human is near. The ants and bees have developed sophisticated methods to tell others where to locate a food source.

In recent times, there has been an increase of television shows, videos and workshops related to telepathic communication between humans and animals. Pets exhibiting strange or neurotic behaviors are able to "tell" the animal whisperers what is upsetting them. There can be no doubt that some type of communication is going on between the two when you witness these stories!

Communication also occurs within plant species. When there is a forest fire, pine cones will close up to protect the seeds within its shells. It has been observed by researchers that simultaneously pine trees far away will close their cones at the same time, even though they are nowhere near a fire.

How are these things possible? Each species on Earth is connected to each other through an invisible grid system. These are energetic lines similar to radio frequencies. Everything on your planet vibrates at a specific frequency. All pine trees vibrate at the same frequency. All german shepherds vibrate at the same frequency, etc. When one pine tree experiences being cut down or engulfed in flames, all pine trees on the surface of the Earth have the same experience, to a lesser degree.

There is also much communication between species. Observe animals in nature, as well as your domesticated pets. There are an untold number of sightings by researchers such as National Geographic which records animals in the wild working together to solve problems and assisting each other; wordlessly and many times in silence.

The trick to communicating with others is to learn their "language." Much communication within all species is understanding body language. The tone of voice many times is enough to alert others to what is being said, even if the words are uttered in a foreign language. Deliverance is another indicator; slow and mellow words set a different tone than fast and frenzied utterances.

We could fill volumes of books related to the topic of communication. However, we would like to spend the rest of our time sharing techniques that will allow you to commune deeper with the people, animals and plants that you encounter. Your life will be immensely enriched when you take time to commune at a deeper level with all who inhabit the Earth.

We are speaking of making heart connections. We call it the "heart" connection because of the association between the heart and love. This could easily be called a "love" connection, but in your language, this could create an erroneous message that we are setting up a dating service. ;-)

We spoke previously that negative thoughts and words operate at low and dense frequencies. In your world of polarity, the opposite holds true. Loving thoughts and words operate at high frequencies. These frequencies do not glop together like lower frequencies. They flow seamlessly throughout the universe, touching all like a magic wand gifting each with a wonderful blessing.

Your ability to make heart connections will increase as you drop defenses that keep you separate from others. As you change negative habits and increase your ability to love others unconditionally, your heart connections will become stronger. The reason is because you will be increasing the frequency at which you vibrate. Animals in the wild don't hold grudges. They don't discriminate when it comes to which animal they will alert to danger. And they aren't all that particular about whether their prey is a pregnant mother. They operate basically on pure instinct. However, we would like to mention that many animals and plants are much more intelligent than humans give them credit for.

To make a heart connection, it is imperative that you focus your attention on the person, animal or plant that you wish to connect with. In your heart, well up feelings of love. This is best achieved by feeling gratitude for all the blessings in your life. Focus on the on the other and be grateful for the opportunity to be with this entity. Look beyond their physical body and attempt to see them as they truly are, a reflection of God, pure Love. This may take some practice but will bring you one step closer to learning to love all unconditionally.

Look into their eyes. This is not always a good idea for wild animals as this may be a sign of aggression. Also, know that in some cultures, eye contact has a variety of meanings, usually associated with subordination. Gratitude and eye contact will create much more depth than what most of you are currently experiencing when you exchange niceties.

Now that you are giving the other your full attention, consciously send them a wave of love and appreciation. No words need to be spoken; the other need not know what you are doing. Even if the other has no idea what you are doing, there will be an energy exchange that will be felt by both of you. If the receiver is open, he will feel a sense of calm and will be more relaxed in your presence. You will be able to sense the receiver's response, even if he/she does not consciously return your love.

Be aware that many people have closed their hearts due to past wounds. Even if they reject your love at a subconscious level, you can be assured they will remember you. You may be the only person who has "tuned" into them for a long time! Many of the plants and animals are pleasantly surprised to have you acknowledge them, as well.

Once you have made the heart connection, you may wish to use words as is customary in your society. However, this time when you ask someone how they are, it is much more likely that a true communication will occur, rather than just a weak greeting.

You can do the heart connection anywhere, at anytime. Smile and send a conscious burst of love to people you pass on the street: the grocery clerk, the gas station attendant, pets, wild animals, and the roses in your neighbor's yard. The more you connect with others, the more you will learn to love unconditionally. That is the true essence of communication.

It is our hope that each of you will practice this skill until it becomes second nature. No one needs to know what you are doing. The blessings you give and receive will make a tremendous amount of change on the Earth. The effects will ripple much farther than you can imagine. Trust that the waves of love will flow continuously for eons.

How much more powerful can this simple act of connection be if you share it with others? You can begin with people and in groups that you feel comfortable sharing with. There are other methods to make it even more powerful, when you use the gift of touch.

Place your right hand on the area between the other person's heart and throat. Have them place their right hand between your heart and throat. This area is called the "heart chakra" and generally vibrates at the highest frequency in the body. Next, each of you places your left hand over the right hand of the other person. This sets up a frequency exchange similar to electrical wiring in which the energy flows freely.

If you both are comfortable looking into each other's eyes, do so. At the same time, send loving energy to each other. Focus on the highest sense of unconditional love that you can muster. Continue until one of you feels it is time to stop. You will know when the time comes when one of you relaxes your hands and starts to pull away. You have now connected on a soul level, sharing love with another. This is a true blessing.

At times, you or the other may not be comfortable receiving touch. Many times it may be inappropriate to touch others. Perhaps you are in a large group and it would take too much time to make one-on-one connections. We would like to share another technique for those situations.

Have everyone involved place their right hand on the area between their own heart and throat. Next, have them place their left hand over their right hand. With eyes open or closed, once again send the highest frequency of love to all of those present. Continue for a few moments. You will feel warmth in your chest and a sense of peace. Know that you have connected and are increasing the capacity for love on the Earth.

Practice these techniques with people you trust; share them with others. Before touching anyone, get their permission. Explain to them what you want to share with them. Respect their choice if they decline your offer. You can still send them love at any time.

Know that whenever you send love to another, it increases the vibration of love over all the Earth. Although you may not be able to see the effects, know it exists and continues on forever. It is love that will set you free from your bondages of fear and negative belief codes. So, go forth and make heart connections with all those you meet!

Trust in the magic!

Selamet! Cib 10

Theresa Crabtree

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