Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Energies for June 2010

Monday, 31 May, 2010 (posted 1 June, 2010)

I know that I am not the only person who is glad to see May end. Although it had a rather benign beginning, it brought every fear and doubt we had to the forefront and challenged us to deal with past, every connection we needed to release and to do that while staying focused on manifesting what we wanted and holding that energy in place, no matter what else was happening to us. But it was the uncertainty that made the month of May so difficult, and the way that things seemed to manifest at the very last minute, just as we had almost given up hope. Then suddenly, everything worked out, almost as if the Universe was telling us "See how it all works out so there is no need to be worried or scared." Easy for them to say.

Now that May is over and along with it the challenging energies it carried, we can look forward to things working out in June and I am not going to say that June is easier because that is not the best way to describe June's energies. I will say that June will allow us to put our manifesting abilities to use as we have graduated into a new phase of working with energy. In this month we have the blessing of some very unusual energies, an eclipse and the learning we gained from our experiences in May.

One thing that we learned last month was that a solution was always available and it was our focus and intention that manifested it in our reality. June is a month of great activity that flows from our resolve, focus and intention. We will continue to learn patience, not as a test of our faith but as a test of our being willing to wait, to stay focused and to allow the Universe to work with us as co-creators of our reality. This month will affect us in many different ways. For some it will be fast-paced and action packed; for others, it will be an opportunity to do more release and healing work. We will see some new earth changes as the earth reminds us that it is our partner and home and we need to care for it.

We have some interesting astrological alignments in June and an eclipse, which is paired with Pluto, the planet of transformation. Be prepared for anything to happen because it can, whether it is something you desperately want or are terrified of. We will still see lots of movement in the form of long-awaited moves and energy movement. Whatever you have been waiting on may manifest in June so be prepared for anything, keep your eyes open and remember what you have asked for because it will come to you. Examine your motives, especially those that are hidden because they are what you are creating from. It's time for us to get serious about who we are and to step into our power. We're at the halfway point of this year and now the 'rubber meets the road'. Good luck and have a wonderful month.

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