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The Summer Forcast 2010

The Summer Forcast 2010
by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
June 20, 2010

Great Opportunities Abound this Summer for Awakening and Healing!

This summer (mid-June to mid-August) the Star Elders say that there will be dynamic change and awakening. Many astrologers share that the next couple of years are going to be unpredictable as planetary alignments intensify as we near the Mayan calendar end date. When that exact date is, no one really knows, but there is a lot of speculation all which may or may not be true. The Star Elders have shared for years that this calendar re-booting will come about not so much from a date on the calendar, but more about the level of consciousness which humanity has risen up to. This summer's cosmic and planetary events have great potential for humanity to awaken and heal.

Within the next three months (this summer), we will see unstable accelerations in our physical and spiritual worlds. Humanity needs to release a deep heart awareness that has been stored for eons. This could be activated by the upcoming planetary alignments and global celebrations that are planned for this summer. The volatile energies will be lessened when we use our light and energy for service and raising the collective consciousness regarding the unity and oneness of all life.

All life in this dimension is under a tremendous burden to change and transform. We can see shifts in ecological, economic and social predicaments occurring already. We all feel this pressure. We are receiving strong messages now to where we need to be or not be. Mother Earth is speaking and encouraging us to listen. It is important that we do not cling to old plans or habits out of fear. It is our time to lead with our hearts.

Maya calendar dates that fall from July 23rd through August 26th are also going to prove to be very powerful, especially August 17th through August 26th. The Solstices (and equinoxes) are four of the most powerful days of the year to work with collectively. The ancients have known that these days hold powerful healing energy, and these days were used to bring deep healing and awakening to humanity. By participating in ceremony within the power of the solstice, you have a chance to gather this energy, manifest our dreams, and heal our world.

What will begin with this coming solstice (June 21st) will be felt for years to come. We will be compelled to be of service and begin to manifest our dreams. The days ahead are laced with great potential and wisdom necessary to awaken and shift human consciousness and manifest a new world. We must find crucial and indispensable courage laced with humbleness that will enable us to walk forward and create a new world that is based in love, compassion and oneness

The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 26, there is a grand cross alignment that occurs. This grand cross can be a very optimistic sign, and many call it a birth of a new Spirit that will uplift our energy, and open our hearts. If we look back, we can remember the grand cross of 1999, and it was life changing for me in a positive way.

This summer (mid-June through mid-August) is going to be an intense time of worldwide dramatic change laced with endings of things no longer needed, and the birth of new beginnings. As an old teacher once said to me . . . The only way out is through. The Star Elder say that the way through will be made easier if we cooperate with one another, let go of our attachments to who is right or wrong, and allow the days to simple unfold.

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