Monday, February 7, 2011

For to Give the Seed Power is to Enable the Creation to Grow

For to Give the Seed Power is to Enable the Creation to Grow
Received by Adele Linsalata
January 27, 2011

Hello once again and much Love and Thanks to all of you whom have written to me. I can see and feel your Love through each word you have given to share with me. It touches my heart to know that you have taken the time to give to me and my family. I am truly Blessed by All of you. When we express our story and voice it does not end there. Our story is just the beginning, for we each have our story to share.

In all of this Mother has guided me in the next steps. She has shown me just as she has shown many of you that as a mass consciousness we can all lend our voice to be there for one another. As I have said many times before " You are not alone" and this is so true on many levels and what each of you have shown me this day, my heart overflows with your LOVE.

Yes, we have all been going through so much right now and then again, we have all laughed and shared our love even greater than before. Our lessons closely looked at and acknowledged to then bring us to a greater wisdom of understanding that we as a human population allows so many aspects of the human evolutionary generation to continue to grow. We have hidden our eyes and walked away from many situations that we believe we have no control over and have no right to interfere with. And many still carry those thoughts of walking away with them. Never to give their voice to the one beside them for fear of being exposed.

I ask you this.. what is there to expose? What is there that another walking beside you has not lived?

So let me say as I always have .. Yes we are here to learn yes, we all have contracts that we have chosen in this lifetime to be with those that are around us, this I have been teaching for over thirty years. And yes, we have those in the spiritual realms as our guides and we have those here on the earth plane as our physical guides too. It is that which you have chosen to learn as to those who are here with you. And when it comes to fear..I have to laugh with this as the fear in which many may think is with them, is only that which is nothing.

For to give the seed power. is to enable the creation to grow.

As you see fear is a human made intention to place upon self or another. From whence it comes is that for whence it is created. For when one creates fear then the only power it has is to how it is intended or applied. For as I said. fear is made from nothing, it can then be created into harm placed upon another from their own physical manifestation of what they are choosing to place upon another, but in knowing there is nothing that substantiates it, then the fear is not real to then bringing it back to nothing.

My children have had a fear placed upon them in a real physical way, which cannot be disputed for they lived through it, they did not ask for it in this way, for many forget... In your contract you place out what the lessons shall be for you to learn in this physical incarnation, not how the lesson is played out. For it is in the evolution of the human ego and societies conditionings that the lesson is created. And as such then the lesson is played out.

One in which you have chosen let's say. to be the lesson of is then the human ego that creates the conditions in which the lesson is played out, for what that individual understands to be truth. Think about it, we live in a society that places conditions upon each living breathing being here on our planet. We see this each moment of our day with the rules that we have and then the rules in which others change when they so choose. We see this when we allow another to live our lives, when we do not stand up to say this is my life and this is how I choose to live it.

It is when we allow another to make us feel lesser than we are. To what we believe to hide from that which another says is not in the way to live. I have said this many times before.why allow another to live your life when they cannot even live their then that which another is living is that which they have chosen to be their own..

So as another has chosen their lesson on truth, it is to seek out those who are there to assist with that lesson, and as I said it is how that individual has been conditioned in society as the lesson shall be played. When one has learned one truth and another, another truth, then you have at times individuals who have what they believe to be truth, their own truth which may just not match the other. It is then your own lesson of truth, shall you allow the truth to be held back from what you know or to be brought out into the light. And in choosing you stay strong in your truth even when facing death. Or do you turn and hide to save yourself?

For to give the seed power. is to enable the creation to grow.

This lesson is one that fascinates me on many levels. For in the faith that truth shall prevail, the one must then experience the trails of another's truth and how far the human ego shall allow it to go.

So as many have written with so much love, I thank you and I look forward to sharing with you more to bring all of this closer to those who need to hear the voices as we speak. Mother has shown me that as a strong advocate many years ago for the disadvantaged families. That my work there is not done many times I laugh about this and many times I throw my hands up and say "Good Grief, I thought that I had given my time in that work" and as I sit here and laugh at this I know she has guided me to once again step up into that power to then be a light to many. She has shown me these past months that her children need a voice.need to have their voices heard.need to have her with them and through them to get their voice heard. She I know shall place me where I need to be and to go through what I need to go through to assist others, for our work is never done... For one day you shall know me by name, one day you shall know as I do, we are all here for a reason, some of us our work is never done. I am here to do the work for Mother and the millions who have contracts with me, and then I know.this it shall be done. So say as you shall say, but I ask you this to those who would like to talk about fear and ego. I bless you.for you are in a place where many have gone and many will go again. For you are now on the cusp of knowing so much more than you can think.

If you have read any of my work then you know that which I speak.. Do not belittle those beside you, do not think you are better than another, when you open up to give what your thoughts are allow others to listen. just as I ask you to really look at what you say to those around you. For all these years I give as I am guided to give, I ask nothing in return. But that each living soul love from their hearts, love thyself from the loving hearts to see the purity in which you are.

For in my week I am besieged with court papers and documents, meetings, depositions, and more so I am reading each e-mail personally and I am posting your comments as soon as I can. As I read these post and emails and I think how much love I can then give to these children of God. And I read when others keep talking about ego, and it saddens me to when one defames another's channelings, work and life, for they are discounting what is being said in a way that screams ego and fear, but one they believe to be so much higher than another. They do not even see what they are writing about another. I never say anything about the comments, but utilize these for my students to learn from.

For as I teach, with each lesson learned you climbs the steps of your own ascension.and when you believe you are at the top of one level, celebrate take a deep breath and remember. for then you find that you a have ascended that level to now be on the bottom step of that new level. For it is a continual evolvement.a continual growing and learning process. We are no different than one another, it is in that which we open ourselves to the level of love that we allow inside. How can so many individuals say they are spiritual when I see the amounts of fear and ego in their writing about another? I am saddened by this.

Over the years I have kept quite as I sent love to all, and then when Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru channels his words to all of us, I see over the years what he is saying come to light in so many ways. As spiritual humans.we need to be one with one another not tear down the one beside you as you believe you know better. Did you not read my last Message for January? I am not you. as you are not me. do I want to be you, No.and you do not want to be me.what you want is to have your voice heard too.. And in that we are all divided aspect of God and as we come together to acknowledge each other.. we see just as I do with each message as a clairvoyant medium.all the pieces of the puzzle come together to make a whole. Why is it that everyone fights one another to take them down? We need to reach out a hand to each other to say you are not alone I am here with you, stand up my brother .stand up my sister and let us walk together peacefully.

Congratulate the individuals beside you for having a piece of the puzzle that we all need to find the answers we seek. I do.. God Bless those who live here upon Mother Earth.God Bless those who work in this field for they are being pushed even more as now as we are walking this Christ Illumination. God Bless they are here for each living being to gather the information that is needed, so that all of us can learn, grow, awaken, give, love and die.knowing that we are loved and that we gave all that we are here to give to one another.

We have this time before us to do much amazing great work, we have this time before us to give and forgive, we have this time before us to be Heaven on Earth as each living soul has dreamed that to be, we have this time before us to be the Truth and to give our light to those in need. I will still write about my experiences as Mother has guided me to do, to assist those who are going through Abuse on all levels, think about that, for which it can be...

Thank you once again for your words, for the journey is well worth it. Bringing the light of our voices shall then be that which changes are made from one heart to another.IAM here for you as I know you are here for me.

I ask you this.. what is there to expose? What is there that another walking beside you has not lived?

For to give the seed power. is to enable the creation to grow.

Love, Laughter & Light,

Adele Marie

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