Friday, February 11, 2011

Message from Archangel Gabriel 2/10 - 2/17/2011

Message from Archangel Gabriel
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
February 10-17, 2011

Beloved Ones,

We would like to have discourse with you upon the quality of Love called forgiveness. This is a most important aspect of Love at this juncture of Human history, although it is a quality that has been highly desired at all times throughout the ages of Human life upon this most beautiful of Planets. For it is with this quality of forgiveness that immense healing within the Souls of Humanity can begin to take place.

Forgiveness requires the act of surrender to the Higher Power, the Creator of All That Is, the Infinite One, and when this occurs, a certain alchemy takes place within the heart chamber and an energetic movement takes place within the One who forgives and also within the One who is forgiven and releases both to go forward in their lives in Love. There is literally a cleansing that takes place within the hearts and Souls of each and each Being is washed clean of all darkness and negativity, pain and hurt, suffering and sorrow that was previously experienced.

As this occurs both Beings radiate greater Light out into their World and this affects the greater energy field that surrounds your Planet. This is why we say to you that we are all One, for when two Beings complete the act of forgiveness to each other, it releases the greatest force in the Universes which is the force of unconditional Love of the Creator and all is instantly changed to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. The two Beings begin to shine from within as now, all the blockages to their true state of Being have been removed and dissolved and they can begin anew, with sweetness, humility and innocence.

The greatest detractor from the act of forgiveness involves the participation of the Human Ego which thrives on maintaining control of their Human and this Ego has been given way too much power by Humanity throughout the ages, for the true state of each individual is in the sweetness and innocence of unconditional Love and acceptance. There is a feeling of redemption, of balance and equilibrium, of the feeling of rightness in all things in One's life and affairs and a renewed belief in the goodness of others and of life.

As you move further into this year of 2011, each of you will have many opportunities to practice this attribute of forgiveness in your Soul's quest to Ascend in greater and higher consciousness and awareness. Be alert to the knowledge that in this action, a portal opens to that which you seek and as you truly forgive, you in turn redeem greater aspects of your Divine Soul and bring them in Oneness and alignment. This facilitates a greater integration with all your multi-dimensional selves and as this happens, greater abilities that have lain dormant within you start to come to the surface and will begin to manifest in you and through you.

Many of you will go through these portals in this year and each such occurrence enables the entire consciousness of Global Humanity to move forward into greater Awakening and awareness, as the innocence and purity of this new energy empowers those around you to Awaken and remember who they really are. There will come to pass a greater acceptance of each other that will dissolve all old boundaries that have kept each of you locked into the game of duality for much longer than was first anticipated at the beginning of this experiment. Know, Beloved Ones, that even though this journey has been long and tedious, that each of you reading this discourse are in completion of all the tasks you came to accomplish.

In this completion you have claimed redemption for all of Humanity, for the Earth, for all the Kingdoms of the Earth and so, we wish for you to realize the greater impact that your personal challenges and your willingness to forgive have had upon all consciousness on your Planet. You ARE mightier than you now imagine, Dear Ones. Leave behind the workings of your lower Ego and request that it work in unison with you for your Highest good and welfare and for the Highest good and welfare of everyone and everything upon your Planet.

We leave you now to ponder on these words and we surround and enfold you within our energetic wings of Light and Love. Be at peace, Beloved children of the Divine.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,