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Vibrational Sickness: Charting and Releasing Resistance

Vibrational Sickness: Charting and Releasing Resistance
Posted on January 28, 2011 by My Greater Presence

I invoke the I AM. I invoke My Greater Presence. I invoke the
highest good for Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. As it is;
so it is.

"Greetings dear friends! It has been many days since last we spoke
with you. There have been many energies that have been mixing and
heightening and our Human Presence has been dealing with the physical
issues of the heightened vibrations. She is vibrating higher and
higher and finding certain fears and areas of resistance coming forth
that she did not realize were there. In fact, at one point, she
feared that she was vibrating so rapidly that she would cease to be
able to stay in her physical body. She feared she would vibrate into
light, her physical body would dissolve, and she would not be able to
stay on the Earth plane. Some of you may think, "Ah, but that is
silly. " While others of you may think, "Hmmm, I have also had that
fear." You see, this one is a single mother of three daughters who
still need her very much on the physical plane and will for many years
to come. This one desires to awaken but not to leave the planet.
Maybe some of you, even many of you, feel the same.

Of course, dear ones, there is no need for you to leave your physical
bodies no matter how quickly you begin to vibrate. As you have heard
time and time again, this is the life where many of you have agreed to
assume your cloak of light while staying solidly in your physical
vessels. We guarantee you will not vibrate out of your physical
bodies unless that is your desire. For we know as you know that some
of you will choose to leave the physical plane in order to be of
service on the other side of the veil or to ready yourselves to
reincarnate in a new body when the time is ripe.

Earth's Vibrational Changes

In the meantime, here you are. You are Spirit in physical form,
vibrating faster and faster, while the sentience of the Earth is also
in physical form vibrating faster and faster. You each wish to
awaken, to become All That You Are while in physical form; and you
each are experiencing the growing pains of this higher vibrating
reality. You call your growing pains Vibrational Sickness, and Mother
Earth calls her growing pains Earth changes. Each of you is
encountering blocks and resistance to the higher vibrations which you
deal with through physical symptoms and changes.

The sentience of the planet is in the process of taking large in-
breaths and out-breaths as she rides the waves of the higher
vibrations. On her in-breaths, there are what seem to be cataclysmic
events occurring on the planet as volcanoes erupt and earthquakes
rumble, shake, and split the face of the Earth. Tsunami's and rogue
waves break upon the sea and land, while the land itself is rising and
lowering simultaneously in many places.

Then, on her out-breaths, weather patterns are changed: tornados,
blizzards, records temperatures, hurricane-force winds, and many other
instances of violent, unusual weather patterns are occurring. There
are many areas whose resources are being stretched unmercifully as
they battle severe weather conditions that go on and on.

We wish we could tell you that the disruptions from these in-breaths
and out-breaths will begin to lessen in the near future.
Unfortunately, we can only tell you our truth as we see it in this now
moment. That truth is that these disruptions will continue to
increase over the next 18 to 36 months as the Earth's sentience
awakens and totally integrates the vastness of light she will be
carrying. We do not tell you this to promote fear-just the opposite.
We share this with you so that you may open your hearts to the planet
in compassion for what she is birthing just as we wish you to open
your hearts for what you are birthing within yourselves. You each
have the same intention-to awaken and become your greatest light. You
are each doing so to the best of your abilities.

Finding Compassion for the Earth and Yourselves

As you find it within yourself to have more compassion for what she is
going through during her birthing crisis, our greatest wish for you is
that you also have more compassion for you and your own unique
birthing process. For we tell you truly that as you find fault with
your physical symptoms, as you rile against yourselves for your
supposed weaknesses, as you condemn yourselves for not living in more
grace and with less pain, you actually increase your symptoms of
vibrational distress because you offer up more resistance to what is
attempting to flow through you for your greatest good.

Energy Flow vs. Resistance

Previously in our post to you entitled, "Vibrational Sickness and
Suggested Ways to Cope," we mentioned several changes in your daily
routine of food, water, and exercise that will assist you in more
easily dealing with the symptoms you experience from the great
increase in vibration that is currently occurring on the planet. At
the same time, we spoke to you about ways to release invalid belief
systems and patterns of being that no longer serve you and which have
the effect of blocking the flow of energy as it attempts to fully
incorporate in your physical bodies.

We now wish to expound even more on the subject of resistance. Energy
flows. The current higher-vibrating energies that are coming onto the
planet more and more each day are programmed to flow through your
cerebral cortex to the pineal gland, through your meridian lines, and
out through the chakras on the base of your feet into the Earth and
her meridian lines. They are programmed to flow, so they travel
through your vibratory field, enter into your physical bodies at your
cerebral cortex, flow to your pineal gland, and then follow the
pathways of energy in your physical bodies known as your energy
meridian lines. If they meet with no resistance, they flow smoothly
and easily through your energy lines and into the earth so that you
act as a conductor/conduit for your own awakening and for the planet's

If there are people of your acquaintance who appear to be becoming
more serene, more light, more in tune with all of life in a gentle and
easy manner, then these are fortunate souls who have little or no
resistance to the new energies and are allowing them to flow
naturally. As this occurs, they become more of light and peace and
love; they totally live in the moment with the knowledge that all is
well in their world.

Resistance Creates Energetic Traffic Jams

For the many who are experiencing oftentimes severe physical and
emotional illness and trauma in association with the new energies, the
energy as it flows is encountering resistance in the form of belief
systems, family patterns, alterations in DNA, and other blocks that
are causing the energies to either find other routes to the Earth or
are causing backups within the energy much like a traffic jam on your
interstate highways. These traffic jams prevent the energy from
moving forward at normal speed until they are cleared.

How do you clear these traffic jams, these roadblocks within your
energy systems? We mentioned a few ways in our previous post but wish
to go into more detail at this time. For as our Human Presence says,
she and we are all about tools of empowerment to help during these
exciting and yet challenging times. We have been over some of these
before, but we wish to remind you once more for we truly wish for your
discomfort to lessen.

Clearing the Resistance

Protein. We suggest that for most of you it is necessary at this time
to increase your protein intake. We do not care whether the protein
is plant or animal or a mixture of each, your bodies need the extra
energy in order to process the huge amounts of additional vibrational
energy they are absorbing each day. We know your government and
health officials have issued many guidelines for the amount of protein
you are to eat each day, and we are not giving you medical advice by
any means. Always consult your healthcare providers when needed. We
just wish for you also to check with your own body on a daily basis to
see if you are receiving as much protein as your body desires.

Muscle Testing and Connecting with Your Intuition

Ways to do this is include connecting with your intuition and muscle
testing. At the end of this channeling, we will include a tool from
our Human Presence for connecting with your intuition to ask yes/no
questions about your diet as well as any other questions you have
about your body and your life. As for the muscle testing, our Human
Presence will post a page on one simple muscle-testing technique to
use in asking yes/no questions. It is our wish that you use one or
both or another method of your choice to empower yourselves to
determine what your bodies really need at any moment in time.

Greens. As with the protein, we ask that you consult your body on a
daily basis as to whether you are eating enough high-energy greens in
your diet. The need for organic, high-quality greens for the health
and well-being of your body is going up exponentially as your
vibration raises. It does not matter if you receive the majority of
your greens from actually leafy vegetables or in powder or capsule
form or a combination of the three as long as you are getting what
your body needs. Once again, muscle test and/or ask your intuition
for what your body needs on a daily basis. Those needs really can and
do change daily. These high-energy greens give your cells the energy
they need to be healthy and active as well as energetically grounding
your physical body more on the planet.

Water. Drink plenty of good, pure water every day. A rule of thumb
some people suggest is half of your body weight in ounces but once
again, everyone is different and every day is different. Check in
with your own body; ask it. If you are willing to listen, it is
willing to tell you. What we can almost guarantee for the majority of
people who are reading this information is that currently, you are not
drinking enough water.

Are you aware of the fact that most people in the United States today
are walking around dehydrated and do not even know it? Are you aware
that by the time your body tells you you're thirsty you are already
dehydrated? Are you aware that the tissues in your brain actually
shrink when you become dehydrated which affects your memory, your
clarity of thought, your health, and your ability to process these
higher vibrating energies that are entering your cerebral cortex and
pineal gland? We cannot stress enough the importance of adding more
pure, fresh water to your daily diet.

Exercise. We feel it is essential for you to walk or swim or get some
sort of exercise daily. We know that many of you feel too tired to do
so and that it is difficult for you even think about the energy it
takes to do so, but we implore you to do so however you can. (And
once again, check with your healthcare professional.)

There are DVDs that you can follow for walking a half mile, one mile,
two miles or more. These you can follow in the comfort of your home
and at your own pace. Or as the weather allows, get out and walk
around your block, then a half mile, working up to whatever distance
is most comfortable for you. Swing your arms and get your circulation
going. Move your body in whatever way works best for you. You will
find it grounds you more fully in your body and on the planet; it gets
your circulation moving; it releases emotional and energetic blocks,
and so much more. We cannot stress enough its importance.

Energetic Resistance. Energetic resistance comes in many forms and is
experienced in many ways in the body. Over the next few days, we wish
for you to begin to look at where you are experiencing resistance in
your body. Is it in your sinuses, your lungs, your head, your
gallbladder, kidneys or liver, your reproductive organs, your
circulation, your joints, your muscles, your heart, or another part or
parts of your body? Notice where you feel you are blocked. Are they
the same places every day or do the blocks seem to move? Do you
experience the blocks as pain, tightness, difficulty, heaviness,
irritability, or something else? Are there any feelings or emotions
associated with these areas? Take the time to notice and write down
where your blocks are, the intensity of the pain or discomfort, how
long it lasts, the emotions/feelings involved, and anything else that
comes up about it.

Give Us Feedback on Your Experience of Resistance

Chart your resistance for three days. Then we ask you to either leave
a comment on this blog or email our Human Presence
( what you discovered about the resistance in
your body over those three days. It does not need to be a long
explanation. Just include where you feel the block or resistance,
your experience of it as far as pain, discomfort, etc, whether there
are any emotions attached to it, and how long you have been
experiencing it.

We will read your responses and then reply in a future post with tools
you can use to begin to work energetically with these blocks to
dissolve and remove them once and for all. We wish to customize our
suggestions to our readers, so we ask you for your feedback.

It is our greatest desire to be of service to you at this time.

I AM My Greater Presence"


From Karen LaRue Moye

I'm going to introduce you to a lovely tool to assist you in
connecting with your intuition, your own inner knowing. This process
is wonderful for helping you to get a yes or no answer for decisions
you need to make every day in life. Here are just a few ways you can
use this technique:

* To see if it is in your highest good to pursue a relationship
* To see if it is in your highest good to make a certain purchase
* To see if a certain food or supplement is for your highest good
* To see if a certain healer, psychic, doctor, or other
professional is the right one for you
* To see if the timing is right for something in your life
* To see if it is for your highest good to go to a particular
workshop or to begin a new area of study

and much more. I think you get the picture.

Now, as you are aware, each of us has a higher aspect of ourselves
that knows everything about us past, present, and future. This aspect
goes by many names-Higher Self, Soul, our God essence, etc. And more
non-spiritual names include our intuition or our gut feeling. By
whatever name you call it, this part of you knows without a doubt
which of your next steps will be for your highest good.

Unfortunately, in our world, we are not taught how to listen to and
honor this amazing, infinitely wise part of ourselves. So, I offer
you the following technique as an introduction to working with your
own inner knowing.

First, I would like for you to find a comfortable place to sit-on a
chair, your bed, on the floor, wherever you will be comfortable. Sit
up straight with your shoulders back, your chin at 90 degrees, your
eyes closed, and make sure that you are not leaning against the back
of a chair or against pillows. You should not have anything touching
your back, which will give your body room to move.

Next, think about a question you have. It can be anything; is it for
my highest good to read this book, date this man, buy this car, get my
hair cut short. Think about a question that you most want a yes or no
answer to right now. Decide what it is you wish to ask and then let
it go. Put the question aside.

Now, take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through
your mouth. Breathe slowly, deeply, evenly. As you breathe, empty
your mind as much as you possibly can. Just concentrate on your
breath and on how solid and comfortable you feel in the moment. Just
breathe-in and out, in and out.

You are relaxed and comfortable.

From this place of relaxation, think again about your question. State
it in this way

"Is it for my highest good (and then fill in the blank)."

Hold the question, the man or woman, the new car, the book, the food
or supplement, whatever it is, hold it out in front of you
energetically. With your eyes closed see it or sense it. Ask again,
"Is it for my highest good (fill in the blank)."

Now, don't think about an answer or about the pros and cons of it,
just hold it out in front of you energetically and listen to your
body. Your experience will be unique to you but here are a few
possible sensations you may experience:

For a yes,

* Your upper body may move forward toward what it is you are
* You may feel a lightness or rightness
* Your body may not move, but you feel as though you are moving
toward it
* You may experience an easing or a releasing of tension in your

For a no,

* You may feel your upper body move away from what it is you are
* You may feel a heaviness or a distaste for the thing or person
* Your upper body may not move, but you feel as though you are
moving away from it
* You may experience a tightening, a tensing, or an anxiety in
your body.

Just really take the time to be aware of your body and what it is
trying to tell you. If you and your body remain neutral, then it may
not matter one way or the other about the thing or person. Or you may
need to rephrase the question. Remember to keep it open for a yes or
no response.

After you have received your answer, you can ask other questions, or
if you are finished for now, than your Spirit, your Higher Self for
the assistance and let this part of you know that you appreciate and
trust its advice and you will be asking more questions in the future.

I hope you enjoy this communication with your intuition, your Sprit,
and that you remember to ask this all-knowing part of yourself
whenever you have a question about your life.

Many blessings to you on this wonderful journey called life.



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