Monday, February 28, 2011

Universal Mind: The Law Of One

Universal Mind: The Law Of One
Channeled by Alec Christos Gabbitas
February 23, 2011

Leaving behind memories of yesteryear is perhaps an acceptable attitude in these times of very rapid change. There is a necessity to turn over the page and start on a clean sheet and write only that which is affordable to your heart and soul. Words are not there to confuse but to defuse any old patterning that is still hanging on to 'a life' as it were, and playing hard to get back into the present day picture or frame. All souls are moving on in rapid strides and spaces are appearing where the old patterning lay snug and now have a need to be filled with only that which is of now time and looking ahead to it's future. Old habits die hard and now is a time to be letting go of so much residual junk once and for all, filling those spaces with vibrant white light as all else is now obsolete, dead and buried!

Focussing on the now and allowing the future to present itself as the time is exactly right, and not expecting it to be a moment before, is the only method that is destined to be successful and of divinity, so to speak. There are no shortcuts in life and there are also only positive moves now to be made as the going starts to speed up and gets quite a 'pace on!' Keeping abreast with the ever fluctuating inputs is a job in itself and you are applauded by those on the lighter side of the veil as your efforts are seen to be so effective and bravely undertaken. This is a time of quiet assimilation of all that you are processing as the energies begin to hasten and gallop into a future that becomes nearer and faster being cocreated by you and all upon the beloved Mother Earth.

Many a tear has to fall as the cleansing continues and the obstacles are to be surpassed in rightful divine order and sequencial patterning. All is likened to a giant crossword that is in process of rebuilding so that the imminent and ever ready future grows clearer on the horizon of life. There is a need for the path to be walked in a rhythmic balance so that all can be liased with positive and purposeful manner, ensuring the greater result and not a secondary one. Chaotic as the world events might appear to you dear ones, bravely donning your missions and destinies with strength and astuteness, there is a greater underlying patterning as the energies swirl and spiral throughout a geometric configuring, which adds to and enhances the flow or pattern, so that the finest or greatest effect and success are realised within each scenario or event.

Nothing is left to chance as it were and the energy spirals animate and entice the oncoming uprising of the Peoples Power and is navigated wisely and surely within a pre-proposed math plan so to speak. There is indeed a rhythm and an energy field that guides and coerces the motivation of those that stand tall in their power and whose hearts are open wide to the insurging spasms of power which guide and bias the directions taken. Poetry in motion would be a simile to that which is implied and the tune is outplayed more so with an ever attuned accomplishment. Energy is the powerful purposeful commodity and all eyes are averted to this fulcrum of events being played out in the Middle Eastern countries, which one might term the epi-centre of current uprisings.

There is much to be acknowledged and appraised for the multitudes of dear hearts in this epi-centre of the current energy fields are impassioned with a truth and a knowing that belies any questioning, and divine will and intent are openly displayed as courageous and brave hearts are to be seen in numbers. Power to the People is the love cry that harkens from those searching hearts for simple truths and simply a Hu-man divine right to be counted and cared for. Their's is the right and the might that will open all doors to a future that is not only written in blood but in all hearts and annuls of time as the chosen ones following their deep inner resolve and deep inner knowing from the very purest of souls, claim their God given and blessed rights!

Now is a time of embracing the 'Law of One' where all stand together and the winds of change begin to gather in pace and rapid momentum. These are the days that all have been awaiting for, now is the time when 'all that is to be' will be sought after, fought for, and reclaimed by untold armies of the light. They are remembering, they are growing, they are daily dawning around this most beautuful planet, becoming as One for the grandest display of courage and self recognition that can be recalled by any seer, prophet or saint, for so it is! There is something here that was untouchable yet embraced by them; there is something here that's unthinkable, yet well remembered by them; there's also something here that was unheard of but clearly recognised and seen by them, this growing army of light warriors in full flow with the universal heart beat, in tune with the hearts of Hu-man kind, with Love emblazened on their billowing banner.

The time is now and the time is right; now is the time and the way for the swift momentum of unfolding events that will embrace and ignite all people around the beloved planet, as Mother Earth provides the stage for now the greatest show ever, by a cast that is self realised and self worthy to stand shoulder to shoulder in the light of love, and in the love and an ever enlightening power of the people, whose call is one of purely 'Coming Home' in their heart of hearts. Hold hard to your thoughts of loving persuasion, honour those who have given their ultimate gifts, be assured of the future for although it appears cloudy, be sure that there is truly a silver lining, and that the pathway is opening up into a roadway of success.

There is no turning back, there is only and ever a future that is written in Gold, which is for each and everyone whose hearts are open and whose souls are ignited with the passion of life over death, love over fear, and joy out of chaos. Be still and know that You Are God. Be sure and know that now are all things to be realised as heaven on earth are beginning to be blue-printed and that you are the divine achitects and You Are The Ones You Have Been Waiting For. In love is there only joyous release, in fear is there only one way out, and that is through love. Be assured that you are as ever holding the light of the beloved planet as you start each day with a knowing, with an assurance that only you - the collective you - can offer what you have to offer. You are unique, you are chosen, you are hand picked and you are so worthy so to be...

You attract to you veritable armies and host's of radiant light beings, in many guises and many persuasions, whose presences add to yours such sublime energies of loving light, that powers all things forward to a conclusion that is already etched into the ethers of time, and into the Akashic memoirs of life. Go forth and multiply and hold faith and power in your inner resolve. Know that The Light is Ever Victorious, when love is the driving motivation there is nought that holds sway. Gods Speed...

(c)2011 Channeled by Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share, giving full credit to the source of these messages * Email: * Also to Lady Isis and The Light Circle Ezine) * "Be Still and Know that I Am God and Know That I Am Still!"