Thursday, December 29, 2011

Completeness Beckons Itself Home

Completeness Beckons Itself Home
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
December 28, 2011

It is time to look at what is incomplete within self and life. To sit down and really look at what is still unfinished within body, mind, and spirit. Embracing those thoughts with a gentleness, and a loving touch. Within each situation in our life that is uncompleted lives a powerful pulsating life force. That life force has taken the shape of all that needs to be finished, whether animate or inanimate. Whether thought or deed.

Our lives are already full of demands and stresses without any additional outside pressure demanding us to do or undo. demanding us to finish what seeks itself into completion. What is unfinished haunts us in thought and sight as we scurry about our lives trying to 'fool-fill' ourselves with other things that supposedly serve us better. While that which is uncompleted looks on with confusion, wondering why we by-pass it.

We harness life with our intentions; we literally lasso it into form. It (whatever that may be) gives us momentary pleasure. We fill a need and move on. Our intention is half-baked, neither here nor there. Living somewhere halfway in-between, we set out to deliberately harness and bridle that life force, demanding it become something we thought we wanted or needed. Whether project or deed, it awaits our magical touch to set it free.

We wanted that new dress, but have never worn it. We wanted that new tractor but we never use it. Everything you started and did not finish is still holding a great light and life force within it. Just Waiting to be set free at the moment of completion. Whether it's a chore or a dream, we have tied up life force and held it captive for far too long.

At this time on earth the Universe is asking its children to "complete!" To finish what is unfinished, undone, unseen, whether baseboard or phone call, completeness beckons itself home. Allowing all captured life form to be set free into completed creation. Like a breath of fresh air after a long winter's nap, life is breathed back into life. It has a rejuvenating effect upon the universe and all her inhabitants.

Why are we so afraid to do what we have promised ourselves? Life quickens and we buckle in, holding on for dear life in this earth ride. Moving too fast in thought and deed to slow down the molecules of self enough to complete an intention, a project, or a promise. Between this spring and summer earth will experience a Completion of Creational Proportion. Reestablishing its life force allowing you more light, more energy, more life.

People talk about not having enough energy or life force or desire to do this or that, forgetting they are made of the same stuff as the Heavenly Father (a little watered down most days). Most People have a lot more energy than they are showing in their 'light resumes'. So where is it, you ask? Well dear ones, it lives in this obligation, this job, and this or that relationship. It also lives in the garage, in the closet, under the sink and in every nook and cranny. It is everything that is unfinished in your lives on all levels. Everything you need to do but just do not have the time, energy or the drive to do holds your life force. When you actually do finish what needs completing, you will free yourself to have more energy and time and abundance.

Life force is also tied up in your dreams and thoughts for the future. The things you want to do but for some reason (or excuse) do not allow your self to experience. Step back and look at how much life force you hold captive in thought and deed and non-action.

Decree energetically and verbally the completion of all that is unfinished in your life. See it as done (with your blessings) and visualize the life force within it filling you with a beautiful light that stretches from here to eternity. Your passions for life are stuck and need lubricating. This spring and summer give to yourself and the universe the energetic gift of completion.

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