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The Council of 12: 2012 Predictions Message - Doorway to a New Start

The Council of 12: 2012 Predictions Message - Doorway to a New Start
Channeled by Selacia
November 30, 2011

For thousands of years society has been moving towards the juncture you now face. A grand forgetting took place in previous generations as people forgot their divine nature and moved into fear. A planet without love resulted in a divided world and set the stage for many of the conflicts and crises being experienced today.

The year 2012 will be a notable turning point because of the sheer numbers of people awakening and holding a light-filled focus. This unprecedented rising of the light can make a pivotal difference as humanity moves through some of its greatest challenges. While some people believe that humanity is doomed and about to face its final demise, the rising of the light can bring about a brand-new start. A new type of existence based on love can result from humanity's crisis. That is why you are alive now!

Indeed, you now stand in a doorway of potential that leads to a radically different kind of future. On some days, you likely already have glimpses of what this future is like - the general populace interacting in a heart-centered way, global imbalances rectified, and everyone having what they truly need.

How do you enter the doorway to a new future?

The key to entering the doorway to a new future is consciousness. It is a joint effort - with people like you discovering how to live in harmony with one another. You cannot do it alone. You live on a planet with billions of people, each connected to the human community of life. You cannot separate yourself from the whole. Your self-liberation, allowing you to enter the doorway, comes from mastering a new, more loving way to relate to others. There are no short cuts.

Upcoming Energies and Events

Here are some highlights of what is in store for 2012.

On the world stage, you will see a plethora of battles for power - some involving physical force and manipulation. These will take place amidst growing transparency and rising public outrage against injustices and ego-based controls. It will become increasingly difficult for those in power to rule through fear and disregard for basic human rights.

On a cosmic scale, the planetary movements and alignments of 2012 are sure to catalyze a much deeper questioning within people than has occurred in past decades. If you have loved ones who haven't yet set foot on the path of awakening, the 2012 energies no doubt will stir some questions of long-held beliefs. Your loved ones may come to you for guidance, or you may find them on the Internet late at night, researching to discover reasons for the peculiar things they're feeling, hearing, and seeing.

On a spiritual level, you will notice more people talking about the need to incorporate spirit into everyday life. This is already happening, but there will be a great escalation of the trend in 2012. With the growing acceptance of a spirit-based focus, many concepts previously thought of as fringe or "new age" will move into mainstream. As this happens and the ideas percolate throughout the media, more people will want to learn how to bring a spiritual focus to their lives. Over the next few years - in order to serve this vast interest and need - a number of innovative methods will be introduced to help people embarking on a spiritual path.

On a physical level, people will be reevaluating what they need to survive and thrive. As society continues its great reconfiguration involving the economy and other sectors, people will be reassessing what they value beyond physical possessions and status. Many people will find themselves interested in a different type of work than they did before. For those who remain in the same career, a deeper questioning is likely to take place and new approaches to work can create positive shifts involving daily tasks and co-workers.

On a personal energy level, you will notice that time continues to accelerate and your sensitivity escalates. Those trends go hand-in-hand with living now during Earth's megashift. The sense of urgency you have felt for a while now is likely to heighten, in part because your nervous system has a difficult time with the frequent adjustments of energy. Your frequency can rise and fall with great fluctuation on any given day - catalysts include things like thoughts, emotions, spiritual practices, and intake of food. Each time your frequency shifts, your body needs to adapt. Greater sensitivity is an inherent part of the spiritual path. Don't fight it or worry about it. The more spiritually aware you become, the more that you will be able to sense all sorts of things. Keep in mind, though, that just because you feel something doesn't mean you must do something about it. Your role as a divine changemaker is to learn to become neutral and compassionate - this allows you to care without becoming entangled in things outside your control.

In your personal life, you may find yourself questioning what you believe about all sorts of things. The world around you is in the most massive transition you have experienced to date. Changes of a profound nature are taking place all across the planet. So much is happening so fast that an army of texting scribes couldn't adequately keep you up to date with everything. When you look back on this period, you will understand that many of your belief systems were simply too small to fit the reality you experienced. The DNA-level belief systems you inherited, therefore, will need to be looked at and addressed before you can become comfortable and fully enjoy the experience of living now.

Relationships will be your most fertile ground for personal and spiritual transformation during 2012. Your skill in handling your relationships will determine your overall experience of 2012 and your progress on the path. Each of your relationships is a barometer of your own wholeness, revealing your strengths and weaknesses. The more that you can go into observer mode and be neutral with others, the easier it will be to accurately assess where you stand and what you can improve upon. No one is a finished product. Remember that as you relate to loved ones, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. All of the people you meet are in a reeducation process when it comes to relationships and how to love. A loving world will manifest when people learn to love one another. Love must be unconditional. You give the love regardless of whether you get it back. You learn to love as though it is your last day on Earth to love fully - and you give it your best shot.

Shining Your Light in 2012

If there ever was a time to pay attention to your inner voice and to focus on your enlightenment, it is right now. The year 2012 will long be a marker of great changes upon the Earth. Since you are alive now to be a divine changemaker, you will play a key role. That means you will be at the forefront of many changes, regularly making quantum shifts within yourself. In many instances, this means tackling issues that your loved ones and coworkers have yet to face. You will address them first, not in self-sacrifice, but because you are encoded to do it. As you work through issues, you will become a living example of positive changes needed in the world - shining the light for others.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12

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