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The Law of Belief & Law of Conscious Creation

Archangel Metatron Channel
Part 3 (Final Addition) of 3 Segments on 'The Law of Attraction'

The Law of Attraction - Part Three
The Law of Belief & Law of Conscious Creation

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters !
Dear Ones, there is the science behind the Law of Attraction, and that science
is the Law of Belief. The Law of Belief governs what you create in your lives.
Within the Law of Belief are the addendums of the life 'set ups' you plan and
contract to yourself for growth. Indeed the lessons you self arrange are met
through your confrontation and disciplined effort.
It is therefore essential that you fully realize that you are never at the mercy
of events, you are not helplessly fated to face the unexplainable like a ship
lost at sea. Masters, neither psychological events nor physical events have
control over you.
When you humans fully comprehend the vast capacity of your brain to hold a
diversity of conclusive beliefs associated with your experiences, you will see
that you have an infinite array of choices.
But for those of you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs, you are mired
in a repetitive cycle of predetermined responses, including the propensity to
block new solutions through denial of better thinking. In that sense if you do
not learn from past errors, you are self- fated to repeat them. Indeed you will
repeat the cycle until you learn how the process of achieving Divine Mind
functions. That is true for all humans.
You must challenge yourself to break free.
Three Laws
There are three separately governed processes under the Law of Attraction. The
three have succinctly different criteria for achievement. Let us define the
primary aspect of each Law:
** The Law of Attraction - Thoughts have a frequency and attract like
** The Law of Belief : Knowing beyond doubt. You can only manifest what you
believe is possible
** The Law of Conscious Creation: The conscious ability to focally manifest
objectives & events via multidimensional mind in Mer-Ka-Na.

Soul Contract Set-Ups
And so we again stress emphatically that it is your beliefs that are projected
to form your individual and group reality.
As we have discussed in the previous messages on this topic, there are scenarios
planned by your higher self, your Divine Mind aspect, that may be termed
'set-ups' or soul-contracts that you yourself have chosen as growth lessons to
assist you in moving into greater wisdom.
With that reminder in hand, we also tell you that 'karma' in your terms, is not
a debt owed to one from another, in the higher sense. Rather it is ever to the
Self, it is balancing the Divine Self.
Let us also assert that if you have a goal or objective in 3d that would
conflict with higher self, it will not in most cases be manifest, unless it is
chosen as a growth lesson. For example if a human desires wealth, and that
wealth would either be misused or stop the growth process, the higher self may
reject such a desire from manifesting. In some cases, humans who have all of
their 3d material 'needs' met, are less compelled to search for expansion.
Dear Ones, when you find yourself in the confines of any experience that is
uncomfortable or not to your liking, you must understand that YOU created that
seeming conundrum. Within this axiom, there are indeed, within duality,
scenarios in linear time that you must face. Whether one accepts it or not,
every circumstance and every resulting action, however dire, was absolutely self
If, for example, in an extreme circumstance a crime is actually committed, and
an individual is duly sentenced to prison, those actions will be faced and
experienced. The sentenced prisoner cannot, in most duality circumstances,
simply wish it away. Rather they must face the duality they have themselves
created in linear time. There are Laws of Cause and Effect in 3d that will play
themselves out.
Responsibility for not only your actions, but indeed for your beliefs is a key
part of your growing process on the planet of lesson. Owning both is essential.
But by facing them, you can change the landscape around you.
Dear Human, you must understand whenever you seek to avoid the responsibility
for your own actions, you generally do so by attempting to give that
responsibility, the 'blame', to some other individual, group or cause. But in
that process of shifting blame, you unconsciously give away your power, and take
away the ownership that allows you to 're-create'.
In kind, as we have already explained in the second segment of this discussion,
the difficulty most of you have in accepting self responsibility for your
behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain and guilt of the consequences of
the very actions that resulted. You don't like to admit your errors.
But in less obvious circumstances of abundance lack and untoward relationships,
you must not only change the nature of your conscious thoughts, but also the
belief in those very expectations....and then act on those beliefs.
Unconscious Programming
You create our own reality from what you choose to believe about yourselves, and
the world around you. Period. If you do not deliberately & consciously choose
your own beliefs, you are unconsciously programmed. You will mindlessly absorb
them from your 3d culture, schooling and surroundings. If you are accountable
and responsible for your actions, how can you afford NOT to question your
beliefs? How you define yourself, and the world around you, forms your belief,
which, in turn, forms your reality.
Once you fully comprehend that your beliefs form reality, then and only then are
you no longer a captive of the events you experience. You simply have to learn
the mechanics & methods.
It is only when you believe, and program that belief to fully override and
replace previous erroneous beliefs, that the integral field of the triad of the
3 step function of own, change, action is completed.
In the process, thoughts must harmonize with beliefs and be followed by ACTION !
So we devote the remainder of this discourse to conscious creation. Keeping in
mind that you are advanced on the path in order to consciously create.
You Are Not at the Mercy of Circumstance
You are NOT at the mercy of your circumstances, but that belief is,
interestingly, the reason you erroneously think you are. Take a moment to
consider that. It is the Law of Belief.
If you believe that circumstances have you trapped, then they do, and will
until you change that core belief. You are creators learning how to co-create.
You are here to learn that you can and do create. One of your key reasons for
being in duality Earth is to learn how to create responsibly, and consciously.
The principle professor is often Dr.Cause & Effect, and this doctor makes house
You reap what you sow and however uncomfortable, the untoward harvest is the
very means for consideration of what got you there.
To break out of circumstances that are caused by our psychology, requires
conscious disciplined effort for change to occur.
The key again is your belief. There is little difference if you believe that
your present life is caused by incidents in your early childhood or by past
lives over which you equally feel you have no control. Your events, your lives,
your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs. Change the present beliefs
and your life changes, not only in the present, but in the past and future in
kind. That is the creative power of belief.
Masters, regardless of your level of Light Quotient, whether you are
unconsciously creating or consciously manifesting, you cannot escape your
beliefs. They are the enzymes through which you create your experience.

Processes of Brain and Mind
Masters, the reason that most of the books and commercialized teachings on
manifestation do not work, is because they do not have the understanding of
deeper mind versus 3d brain. Most are about manifesting monetary wealth, and in
most cases the only one truly manifesting is the publisher from book sales.
There are many nuances, many aspects unexplained in the texts. Even when you
expand the mind, you must optimize and balance the auric field for the
Crystalline aspect that allows creation to function.
The Key Evolvement Principles for Accessing the Law of Creation are:
1) Expanded Programming of the Brain - Knowledge into Belief
2) Release of Ego-Personality Control to Divine-Mind Aspect of Higher
3) Maintain EMF Balance
4) Activate the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline aspect of Pituitary, Pineal, & Thymus
5) Maintain Balance & Clarity
It is essential that you understand that the 3d brain, the ego-personality
aspect incorporated in your physical 3d biology is programmed for 'survival' in
a primary coding. It is the 'survival' code that brings in the warning signals
that involve cautions often experienced as fear and doubt. The frontal mind, the
ego-personality aspect, is engineered to dominate your 3d consciousness, in
order to allow linear time flow and survival within the physical plane. The
challenge is that to arise above 3d consciousness you must rise out of ego
consciousness and flow into Divine Mind within the Seat of the Soul, the gateway
into Divine Mind.
The brain is in 3d, the mind is of higher dimension, and within higher mind is
your Divinity. The brain operates in 3d and in a manner of speaking, its 3d
programming is somewhat dominant in the field of duality.
It operates in a more confined paradigm, and to expand into mind, you must
operate 'outside the box' to engage your true creativity.
Clarity in Your Objectives
The importance of defined clarity is important in creation. You humans only
partially engage your wishes through 'Someday I will ' dreamscapes. That is
like partially programming a computer program. Is it any surprise that it
doesn't happen?
Someday I will travel, One day I will be rich, some day I will realize my
dreams... these then become merely 'maybes', spaced in a distance. So what you
are attempting to create always stays at the distance, the someday you
programmed. You did not put it in the present. Yes, the dream is the first part,
but it must be clear, concise and followed by definite actions.
Your brain has two hemispheres, one dealing with intellect, one with feeling.
The brain works through bio chemical activations and stimulus. The intensity &
clarity of a thought program is extremely important for it to become a belief.
You see your brain is a 3d living computer. It must be dealt with in defined
terms. It will not work with 'maybe' or 'can I?'
For example, if one were taken into a deep hypnotic state, and asked , "Can the
mind heal the dis-ease in this body?" the answer would be "Yes". But it is the
empirical answer to whether it is possible for the mind to heal the body. It
is not the healing.

The Noble Path
Every thought produces a bio-chemical enzyme. That enzyme works with the
physical and nonphysical, in sync with the programming. One of the exceptions to
the concept of 'Ask and it Shall be given', is that unless the asking is
channeled from within, in sync with higher mind, it may have little effect.
So a human on the path, in a relatively advanced state of consciousness, may
well neutralize from a higher stance desires that would impede progress. There
is then, a natural filtering for those in a state of grace. Goals must be
The most noble goal is to learn the mysteries of life. To gain wisdom and
Mastery. But to achieve these goals you will have to take on certain pressures
and stresses that are taxing. It requires discipline and will.
If you are lazy, you will not get there. You must take on the task to achieve
it. So attempts to create a challenge free life may be in stark conflict with a
life intent on learning. Goals have challenges. Masters do not plan challenge
free lifetimes.
Mind is the Builder
Mind is the builder, and focused will-power is the activator. The more
responsibility you appropriately take on, the more your frequency will increase.
Learning to program the brain is essential. The brain is a biological computer
with 3d filters and 3d programs that are ingrained from birth. Unless you were
born in a Tibetan Monastery, your programming has come from what we will term
socio-cultural indoctrinations. Most social programming teaches you to accept a
very limited view of human existence, and human ability.
You are taught to believe only what you can sensually detect through sight,
hearing, taste, smell or touch.
Dear Ones, know that the physical world of matter you see around you is imagery
that you sensually interpret and project. It is received in the eye, transferred
via the optic nerve to the brain. What is received stimulates neurons, and a
response occurs through a bio chemical reaction that is thermal in nature.
Because you generally believe what you see, smell , taste or hear you accept it,
you believe it as real. You then decide if it is pleasing or not. The brain
then releases neurons based on like or dislike. This is how your reality and
attraction works. You are initially attracted to people who are attractive, have
a melodious voice and smell good ! Your physical sensual body says yes or no.
In kind, the brain takes ideas and either accepts them or deflects them,
according to program parameters. In truth the brain is unable to differentiate
between an actual event or a psychological one, such as a dream. In
multidimensional mind the two are the same.
And although the human brain is capable of receiving information and frequencies
from well above 3d, most humans program it to reject anything above 3d
frequencies of sensory conformity. The brain computer thus receives only what
you allow it to receive.
In such limiting paradigmic programming, the only parts of your brain that are
activated are the right and left hemispheres of the upper cerebrum and portions
of the lower cerebellum, composing and imposing an activity level of only about
10-12 percent of the brain. The brain activity and processes in the neocortex of
the cerebral hemispheres conduct the primary activity in the physical realm.
The 90% majority of your brain remains unused, un-activated, programmed into
That is because any thought that does not fit in with the limited thinking
programs of your cultural programming or dogma, you auto-deflect.

Expanding Your Belief Horizons
Herein is one of the great reasons the 'Law of Attraction' does not work for
you: limited belief from limited thinking programs. To be so narrow-minded is to
be closed to the grand possibility of anything existing beyond the small band of
frequency that can be perceived through the five senses of your physical 3d
So how do you expand the brain. How do you open to mind? How do you reprogram
the computer?
The answer is simple but seemingly a difficult hurdle for many of you to
accomplish. It is by doing. It is by examination and study, and willing self to
Accordingly the very desire to expand attracts powerful thought frequencies that
will allow for expansion. And then every Occasion in which you openly accept an
idea that is beyond your accepted parameters, that idea activates yet another
part of your brain into purposeful use.
Each time you do that, the expansive idea will offer itself as a carrier to
expand your field of belief, and allow greater Cosmic reasoning. That process,
sincerely repeated,will attract new ideas with study and meditation. In kind,
this cycle will activate other portions of your brain for more expansion, new
programming and new reception, by accepting in clear mind Mer-Ka-Na.
When you have no doubt, when you know and it is is Belief. It is
through expanded mind that you begin the steps of creating your destiny.
How do you functionally expand the brain and open the doors to Divine Mind ?
It is not done in one illuminating flash realization. It is not a one step
Divine Anointing. The sacred pathway to what you may term 'Enlightenment ' is
achieved in deliberate steps.
There are many in metaphysics that want to open the book of knowledge and skip
over to the final chapter. It doesn't work that way.
It begins by self exploration. By carefully auditing what works and does not
work for you. In this method you allow fresh and expansive ideas to enter the
brain from the Divine Mind as high frequency thought. Then you process and
contemplate it, experience the new concept by embracing it. Acting it out.
Evolve it and drive it with emotion , and live the new information into
knowledge and wisdom.
The Static in the Field
The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefs is blind acceptance of
mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts, think positive change,
but if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur, then they will not.
.Doubt is one blockage that prevents manifestation of your desires. If you
doubt, you do not believe. Doubt in the brain creates a bio-chemical reaction.
It activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the Pituitary gland
to the Pineal and blocks the 'gateway' from opening. The doubt is there because
you do not believe.
As we have mentioned, the survival aspect programming of the Personality Ego
brain utilizes 'fear' in duality as a warning system. However, the duality
aspect, the double edge of that sword, is that fear out of context can reach
into many negative emotions including depression,doubt, hatred, jealousy and
self contempt. These are at their root, negative aspects of fear, and fear
creates static in the auric field, and can lead to auric bleeding. As taught in
the Metatronic Keys, the human Aura must be integral to amplify into Mer-Ka-Na.
A fissured or disrupted energy field is unable to optimally operate in the Law
of Creation.

Bio-Chemical Process
The belief thought-images that surround you are co-created in mass fields by all
of humanity in agreement in the macro. Individually they are projected according
to your light quotient. These manifest into physical reality.
This involves a physical process. Thought frequencies are digitally received and
are immediately propelled bio-chemically within the brain.

Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. The Pineal gland receives
them as geo-coded light transmissions. Each image, each thought, being
interpreted and sorted according to its energetic signature. They must pass
through the program parameter of belief after reception at the pineal. Your
brain screens what is determined as real or unreal. Believable or unbelievable
according to the light quotient programmed into the brain. The bio-chemicals
produced are produced with acceptance ingredient or rejection ingredient.
These open or close the gate to higher mind accordingly.
These bio chemicals are sent as coded neurons, and are the delivery mechanism of
this thought-energy, containing all the codified data necessary for translating
any thought or image into physical actuality, or not.
Thoughts that are congruent with belief move to reproduce the inner image within
the brain and through each nerve fiber of the body physical. These then are the
initial fires of gestation for forming the new reality. The pineal receives
through light frequency, each thought, each image having a light coded frequency
according to its vibratory wave pattern.
The next step is through clear mind intent, the force of will, will driven by
the acceleration of emotion and feeling.
This done, the physical body releases the objective in a digital code to the
sublime body, the intact Auric Field in a semi solid, congealed light code,
projected and accelerated from the chakric system.
The Aura must be intact, and optimal in 13-20-33 cycle and reach. It then passes
through the Mer-Ki-Va to Mer-Ka-Va to Mer-Ka-Na field. All propelled by will.
The clarity and intensity you insert behind the thought-desire or goal
determines to a great degree the immediacy of its materialization. Once you
learn the mechanics of conscious creation it is essential then to utilize the
engine of genuine desire with image visualization and emotion to complete the
process of physical manifestation..
The Law of Conscious Creation
There is no physical object about you, nor any experience in your life that you
have not created. This includes your physical form, your body . Masters, there
is nothing about your own physical image that you have not made. In fact if you
were able to view self in other life sojourns, you would be surprised at how
many similar physicalcharacteristics you create in what would be termed
sequential lifetimes.

When you have Divine Wisdom, you can create kingdoms unlimited. When you have
knowledge, there is nothing to fear, for then there is no thing, no element, no
principality, no understanding that can ever threaten or enslave or intimidate
you. When fear is given knowledge, it is called enlightenment.
You have a natural rhythm of existing in the physical and non physical. It is
your waking and sleep state. Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies
and assets as connectors between the interior and exterior realities and
Your normal consciousness benefits by excursions and rest in those other fields
of nonphysical actuality that are entered when you sleep, and the so-called
sleeping consciousness will also benefit by frequent excursions into the
physical matter waking state.
But let us tell you that the imagery you see in both is at its base, mental
interpretations of digital frequential fields of core consciousness units. The
frequency that your brain receives is actually a digital code, a crystalline
pattern of symbols ( akin to what you may term as X's and O's), that you
interpret and translate into images and feelings.
It is not so difficult for you to accept that you create your dreams, as it is
to accept that you also create your physical reality, but you do both. You also
determine if both or either are real...or not.

Re-Emphasizing the Blockage of Doubt
The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefs is blind acceptance of
mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts, think positive change,
but if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur, then they will not.
So we return to programming and its effect on manifestation within the Law of
Attraction. Doubt is one blockage that prevents manifestation of your desires.
If you doubt, you do not believe. Doubt in the brain creates a bio-chemical
reaction. It activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the
Pituitary gland to the Pineal and blocks the 'gateway' from opening. The doubt
is there because you do not believe. The same process occurs in belief
acceptance, hormones are released that have an as yet unrecognized function in
opening doors to higher mind when the thought-light code is within the
acceptance parameter in your programming. Do you understand?
The Pineal
Through the ages it has been known that the Pineal is the interface between the
higher dimensions and the physical realm. It can be said then to be the gateway
between the ego personality, brain and the Divine Mind. It has been termed by
metaphysicians such as Descartes and Edgar Cayce as being the 'Seat of the
The pineal is roughly the shape of an acorn with the textured ridge pattern of
a pine cone. It was recognized and understood by many ancient wisdom schools.
The pineal is in fact depicted in many hieroglyphs in Egypt and ancient
Babylonia, placed atop the staff of knowledge carried by Osiris. Indeed the
staff of Osiris is revealed as two cobras entwined in helix and meeting at the
top of the staff crowned by the 'pinecone' of the pineal. The kundalini 'serpent
' energy representation then rises to the pineal. The heads of many of your
Buddha & Shiva statues show the ridged headcap in roughly the form of the
pineal. Even the flag crest of the Vatican depicts the pineal as the pine cone.
Indeed its importance is recognized, and we tell you in the Ascension the
crystalline pineal becomes amplified.
The pineal is the agent of advancing knowing into reality manifestation. The
pineal works with the pituitary to open the bridge, the gateway between the
physical and nonphysical, between brain and mind. Whatever knowledge you allow
yourself to believe can only become a reality by the pineal first opening the
gate to the Divine. It does this by interpreting the frequency of thought into a
thermal bio chemical electrical current throughout your body and opening to
Your human brain transforms the thoughts you generate into thousands of
bio-chemicals every second. Not every thought of the ordinary brain reaches into
Higher Mind, as we have explained.
We tell you again that the endocrine system is activating into the crystalline
energy of the Ascension. The pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus in particular
act as receiving and transmitting crystals and interface into the Mer-Ka-Na
field, in both matter and antimatter, physical and nonphysical in the Harmonic
Cycle of Divine interface. Well to study the activation process, as an intricate
aspect of Mer-Ka-Na state wisdom.
Divine Mind
Divine Wisdom comes from Divine Mind, and when you allow mind to take the reins
over ego personality you achieve the wisdom of Divine Creativity. It is this
wisdom distilled from knowledge that gives you the ability to enter the Law of
Creation. Once entered, then know what you want to create and take action toward
The human body is an instrument that can be used to access the amazing and
extraordinary energies of the Divine. But there are dedicated principles for
accessing the Divine. When the body is fine tuned, wisdom is achieved, the aura
is maintained in balance to achieve Mer-Ka-Na, and the doors to the Law of
Creation through the Law of Belief and Attraction are opened.
For that to occur, all systems must work in balanced synchronicity. If you use
your body for physical gratification rather than as an instrument to achieve the will reap what you sow.
You are ever the Master of each experience. Even in your most abandoned states
of seeming helplessness, you are the scripter of each iota of that experience.
Yet if you will utilize determination and wisdom by owning the responsibility to
reflect upon your situation, and to search diligently for the Law upon which
being is established, you then become the wise master, directing your energies
with intelligence, and fashioning thoughts to worthy focus and realization.
One thought attracts another. Positive energy attracts more positive energy. One
intelligent thought attracts another. Likewise when you dwell in self pity,
depression and issues of poor self esteem, you draw more of these to you. That
is the Law of Attraction.
Such is the conscious human, the Master, and you can only thus evolve by
discoveringwithin Self the Laws of Conscious Creating ; the discovery of which
is totally a regulated science. It is a matter of application, self-analysis,
and experience.
Masters, as has been said, you are powerful spiritual beings having a human
experience. You are truly magnificent Beings of Power, Intelligence, and Love.
When you discover that, you become the manager of your own thoughts and you thus
have the key to every situation. In Mer-Ka-Na, you are optimizing the Law of
Attraction, Law of Belief and Law of Creation, which are the abilities of the
Divine, within each of YOU, the transforming and regenerative agencies by which
you may make what you will.
You can indeed intentionally manifest your world, and in doing so experience
what is termed the Kingdom of Heaven. Conscious Creation is your destiny, and
you can all make your lives the golden experience you responsibly desire.
I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
...And so it is...And it is So...
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