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The Council of Light: Progression Toward the

The Council of Light: Progression Toward the
Rainbow Light of the Golden Dawn
channeled by Meredith Murphy
December 17, 2011

Star Beings of Light step forth in this Divine and auspicious moment as one Council of Light to share with you news from the leading edge, news that we hope will inspire you to shine brightly and seek joy and bliss with all your hearts.

Divine Ones, from beyond the veil of Earth's frequencies we reach toward you as you rise in vibration and light. We greet you in this juncture with great joy and accelerate your unfolding when called upon to do so. We are part of a vast, diverse collective Family of Light that responds to your greatest urges as they relate to the Divine Plan. We are part of a vast, organized team of beings who have put this plan in place and who are seeding your planet with all forms of light and information carried by solar flares, by waves of volunteers from other star systems throughout the galaxy and by divine humans who have returned in this incarnation with vast wisdom within their genetic makeup, all for the purpose of new light and new possibilities coming to fruition for the Earth. In this we will not fail, our Victory is assured and it is from this vantage point that we call forth to you to orient to this emerging reality of being on the planet and find your way to the home you seek within you--with the true calling of your Earthly intentions and the aspirations you had upon entering this lifetime.

The Vastness of Being is explicitly informed as to the progression of things on Earth and this implicate ordering that is taking place because of the shift in Earth's base rhythmic frequency and the new energies that are now present on the planet has caused an acceleration and an amplification of the Earth's timeline and the New Earth's manifest emergence from within the current reality in which you now find yourself. The gap between those of you who are awakening and those who have chosen to continue to explore the fields of duality in this type of density continues to grow. Yet there remains within your population a vast field of beings who have not yet clearly stated at a soul level or a conscious human level what they choose. And it is our focus at this time, collectively to broadcast, support, entrain and empower all those still capable of making this shift if they do indeed desire to do so.

Light within you conforms to the attention and focus you give it. It is this property of being which eliminates within you the realizations of duality consciousness and lifts you to a place of dwelling energetically which eclipse these prior fields of focus and which also ironically include them; however in a way which is like the embrace of a mother for all of her children; indiscriminately loving.

It is this higher calling which we cultivate within each of you now in the way in which you relate to yourself and to one another. It is this indiscriminate loving which must both be expected and given. Although you will not always experience it, at least in the beginning, we encourage you to begin once more to cultivate hope and optimism and to realize that by expecting to be met with love, attentiveness, understanding and peace, you begin to create the harmonics for a reality of gentleness and bliss to emerge into form. You must be able to imagine these experiences and also to recognize the seeds of this new earth life as they show up. To pay attention to kindness, to caring, to eye contact, to someone taking the time to really listen, to the smile that is sincere, to the glorious belonging you feel with the trees, the flowers, with nature, with animals and increasingly with one another. Do not be concerned when you do not discover this; realize you are encountering a soul who has perhaps chosen a different outcome for themselves and love and treasure this person in front of you who will gradually disappear from your experience. If you encounter a soul who has not yet awakened or put both feet on the other side of the fence, realize that your energetic interaction might be a bridge and support them being able to complete this transition!

We are in a narrow window of time in which the choosing/sorting process continues to take place as the acceleration of the Earth shifting to a new level of reality continues to gather energy and momentum. The recent 11-11-11 transmissions have completed a vast reconnection and healing really, a significant reinstatement toward the full capacities of the Earth's grid. As we approach the full capacities of the grid know that this will also empower the fuller capacities of your DNA. Not everyone will receive the full 12 strand activation of DNA, as not all of those present on Earth have chosen this experience, yet for those of you who do you will then carry the ability to ignite and initiate greater capacity within others. Your energy field is far more active and potent than you realize and it is creating a great deal of potential, is highly active while you are sleeping and while you are awake in ways that go far beyond your conscious ability to realize.

Many of you came forth, volunteered to join in this time to ensure the completion of the Divine Plan for Earth to experience planetary ascension to a new frequency with the accompaniment of the human family on the surface capable of joining. This community will then create the New Earth and those who do not choose or are not able to release themselves from karma or who choose to continue to learn via the duality paradigms, are simply choosing to discover first hand their own path to awakening at a pace that serves them best. Realize that learning this path, creates a skillfulness energetically which may be carried to many other settings and experiences. The energy gained and gathered from such an experience is noteworthy and highly valued. There is much to be gleaned from being here NOW. Those who choose to continue in this type of intelligent life experiment, may continue to seek in duality the greater knowing and skill building that many of you who have been here on earth before, have already accomplished.

Some of you have never been here before and it is very hard for you to descend fully, to be in your bodies and to welcome the energies you encounter. This will get easier, but it is very important for you to find your happiness, to accept your body and to be present in this experience. This alone is vital to you feeling the satisfaction you desire upon the completion of the Earth's transition. We tell you this not to pressure you or to scold you but to remind you that your happiness and your joy accomplish a lot of very useful things and you must remember this and we wish for you to turn your attention to that which makes you happy.

It is difficult to enter this Earth experiment and discover the intensity of experiences and the negativity and lack of love which is present in so many configurations of experience. Increasingly however, now, you are coming together and finding each other-virtually-and in 2012 this will increasingly extend to the formation of new communities and new modes of being in community and you will find that your peace and joy expand enormously when in contact with others who like you are souls who innately know and understand Oneness and Union and in these communities you will relax and this alone too will create an acceleration for the planet; this upliftment you feel and allow through the joy of community and communion with other Light Beings!

Residual energies of fear will gradually be dissolved and as you begin to cultivate, return to and dwell increasingly in bliss as your fundamental experience here on Earth. In this energetic state, you generate vast amounts of energies and with this alignment you will also discover any needed clarification or greater details as to your own purpose arising. It is the arrival at certain frequencies which naturally brings you into awareness of new elements of your blueprint which relate to that frequency--personally and collectively-so realize that if you are not sure what you wish to or intended to do here that cultivating joy, happiness and a sense of inner harmony is massively influential and that the rest will arise when the frequency (of you personally or the collective or both) reaches a particular level that makes your work both relevant and therefore possible. You may receive visions of seeds of this larger vision before you are able to fully live this-recognize this as the energetic inspiration to carry you forth. Use the sense of your own purpose to give you meaning and happiness and cultivate the energy you are right now. Realize all of this is useful and powerful; be you, be present, be happy and know the value of this gift.

It is beyond the realization of many on the planet what is taking place multidimensionally in support of your work here and within your deep and tender heart. Do not be concerned about this not being visible to all. All that is not harmonious and in alignment with the emerging vibrational energies of the New Earth will gradually drop away from your experience so that when the actual energies reach a state of such incredible incongruence and the ascending Earth's energies reach a pitch necessary for the realization of the 5th dimensional planet, that the energies will naturally separate and you will find yourself in a new reality.

This opening to new life on Earth approaches and is indeed very real.

If you have felt within you the call to consider this, to open more fully to what you sense is the real meaning of your presence here, if you feel increasingly oriented to love and are meeting people who believe in and are living in alignment with these new ways then perhaps you too, will join in this bridge to the new dawn.

The golden arch of time seeks union with the implicate order of being in Oneness with all that is, flowed through the form of human presence. We together, are watching the descent of that arc, as it moves toward full grounded arrival on your planet, releasing waves of rainbow light and powerful energies of bliss generated by and generating new creation.

Gods and Goddesses now present on Earth, this is your moment. We salute you.

We are the Council of Light.

*There are many councils within our Universe focused and communicating to us supporting our expansion and evolution. The Council of Light which gave this message is made up of many soul groups and star families, each sending their own ascended emissaries to this council, and this group operates in communal focus ordering the effort of Light Workers in a given experiment, and working for communal spiritual hierarchies.

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