Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Energy Update
by Matt Kahn
For many, the energies have been intense. I may even say downright relentless. Thankfully, the height of its intensity culminated on Feb. 4, 2013. As of Feb. 5, things began lightening up in the energetic and emotional bodies, but it's important to reflect on what such intense energies are here to teach you. It's one thing to be in tune with these waves of energy and to just wait for something to shift. Yet, it's another thing to recognize these drastic ups and downs as evidence of how much change is occurring in your inner world, and to know it can be experienced with peace and ease depending upon your willingness to not judge or criticize it, but to use it as an opportunity to change your relationship with the world in view.

The recent energies have served to break apart attachments to whatever you have used in the past to define happiness. For some, if relationships with others had previously been used to define your sense of well-being, relationships may seem to no longer work or even appear as if you have little interest in maintaining them. For others, career was a primary way of defining one's sense of happiness, which allowed these waves of energy to spark absolute frustration with a current profession, which may have also included an inability to know what to do next. For most, the constant seeking of approval had been used throughout life as a way of determining a sense of happiness. This allowed these energies to erupt an abject sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction with life. For most beings, this sense of empty, dissatisfaction is commonly referred to as depression. It is important to know that depression is not separate from awakening, nor is it a barrier to your greatest transformation. It is, in fact, an essential stage of awakening, much like a cocoon must fall apart in order for the butterfly to spread its wings and fully be itself.

Whether relationships have reached a point of stagnation, you feel uninspired at your current workplace, feel lost as to where to go next, or just feel a sense of loneliness and dissatisfaction with life in general, the key is not to withdraw from life, but to change your relationship with it. During this time, you are being offered countless opportunities to realize that nothing can ever make you happy. The only thing that makes you happy is how openly you relate to whatever appears. This means feelings cannot disrupt happiness, since your happiness is dependent upon how you relate to it, versus how often you judge the feeling in comparison to however you wish it to be. Additionally, other people cannot define or disrupt true happiness, since your experience of whomever comes your way reflects how aligned you are with the light of love. This means you no longer believe their behavior is a reflection of your vibration. Instead, your vibration is reflected in how openly you relate to anyone in life and how willing you are to see their anger, pain, judgments, accusations, and assumptions as growing pains along their soul's journey.

It is at this crucial stage in awakening where the details of any outcome no longer bind you to any attachment to fear. This is because you are beginning to realize that it doesn't actually matter what happens from one moment to the next, since your experience reflects how deeply or shallowly you're relating to it - having nothing to do with what characters appear in your play, or what momentary outcome transitions you from one scene to the next.

During this transition from attachment to allowing, the best practice to implement is discovered in two simple words: "Thank you." Whenever you're emotionally triggered, place your attention on such feelings and offer a "thank you" for this opportunity to no longer give your attention to blame and instead, take a step in the direction of changing your relationship with the feelings, characters, situations, or outcomes you judge the most. Even if you get frustrated by offering "thank you's" to whatever arises, even that is just here to be acknowledged and thanked as well. When everything is but another opportunity to elevate your vibration, expand your self-worth, and even increase your prosperity by offering "thank you's" to whatever or whomever comes your way, a tremendous space opens within you that allows the most miraculous aspects of transformation to manifest into form.

Energetically speaking, it's important not to look too far ahead. Instead, I remind how things can only change once they've been wholeheartedly thanked. I invite you to explore the mantra: "My life miraculously transforms - one thank you at a time." When you're caught in traffic, offer a "thank you" to every car passing by. When you're at the grocery store, offer a silent "thank you" to whomever captures your attention. If you wish to take it a step further, offer them a compliment and a warm, loving smile. The difference is when you begin thinking of what you can offer others for their soul's journey, versus dwell on how you believe they perceive you. Besides, their perception of you is only a reflection of their own self-judgments, which are often the ones who could benefit from a random smile or compliment.

Even if it seems as if no one sees your offerings, it is important to remember that you are always the one who benefits from your offerings of appreciation, generosity, and loving-kindness. As the choice to offer "thank you's" accumulates, such choices become patterns which take form in your subconscious mind to transmute anything in your life that exists at a lower vibrational frequency. The key is to be consistent - knowing in the depths of your heart, the play of everyday life offers you many opportunities to use each interaction and experience as a space through which the light of the soul shines through for the liberation, ascension, and well-being of all. In the beginning, it may only seem as if you're the only one awakening as a result of your "thank you's". I assure you this is all a part of the experience. In a short period of time, all that has been awakened in you, shall be reflected out energetically and return you to a world that appears to be as open, loving, and free as you've allowed yourself to be.

No matter how hard it has been during this phase of energetic adjustments, I thank you for being here at this time. I honor the radiant light that I see dwelling within you and I appreciate your willingness and ability to step into the grace of love and transform the fabric of your reality into a cosmic playground of unity and joy.
Your reality shifts - one "thank you" at a time.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

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