Thursday, February 14, 2013

Group Souls & Monads of 144 Soul Mates


There really aren’t any others, but God’s Cosmic Conscious Dream underneath our individual and collective unconscious dream overlays has a built-in Divine Order that helps Awakening and Evolution of Self-Experience along in each seeming part of It and part of realizing Oneness or Advaita is including the illusion back into Present Awareness, while seeing through It. So it includes first embodying our full Multidimensional Self in Trans-dimensional God Awareness and later the lower mind and dimensions automatically begin dissolving.

One Galaxy Monad contains Soul Groups for each Solar System, which contains 144,000 Monads. Each of these Monads in the ‘Soul Group’ contains a total of 144 individuals. Each Monad contains the Essence of 12 branches of ‘Oversoul Souls’ and each ‘Oversoul Soul’ is broken down into 6 sets of Twin Souls or Flames. Upon the final descent into matter, each of the 6 sets made the final and very painful separation into male and female Twin Souls or Flames. You and your Twin Soul or Twin Flame together are one of these pairs of 6 in your primary Soul Mate Group. The other 5 sets of Twins in your primary Soul Mate Group are known as your ‘near Twins.’ Since each Monad contains 144 individuals in total, the other 132 outside of your primary Soul Mate Group in your Monad are your secondary Soul Mates.
Monads Or Soul Matrix
Soul Group Matrix
Sometimes when one meets a ‘near Twin’ in life, they can easily mistake them for the one and only true Twin Soul or Twin Flame. However, if the one and only true Twin Soul or Flame steps into the picture eventually, the confusion is readily cleared up because there is no mistaking the true Twin Flame. Your intuition will let you know in no uncertain terms. There is a feeling of Spiritual Love and Awareness unmatched by any other Love you may have felt in the past.

“Upon Ascension, we again begin to reunite with our Soul Family brothers and sisters. Kushi said, “Upon becoming human we then start to return to Infinity through an outward-moving spiral of decomposition and spiritualization, melting personal and individual entities and once again achieving union with the Eternal One or Source.” We become One with our Source or God again and there is no greater Bliss for us to experience. We, as humans, cannot even begin to comprehend this level of Bliss!

Ascension is a process of moving further up back through the hierarchies and dimensions until we eventually reach the Source again. The first step is to realign with our Twin Souls, then the individuals in our primary Soul Mate Group or ‘near Twins’ and the remaining 11 secondary Soul Mate Groups in our Monads, etc.
St Germain said, “The I AM Presence is that within you that is part of God Source, the Balance within, the Core Star of who you Are. You are no different than I, equal in that Part of Source We all Are. I have greater Conscious Awareness than you at this moment, not better, just more in My Mastery of Remembrance, a place of growth that you and all humanity will attain. So Beloved, You Are Me and I AM You. We Are all God Source. We are all Masters, God Source, Divine Beings, Life, Love, Light, Laughter, intense Bliss, At-One-ment.

“I was Merlin, Columbus, St. Francis, etc., all of whom are part of the same Soul Group that I AM. For some, I AM as Germain, had the agreement to be their Spirit Guide, others as channels, which transmitted that information they were capable of understanding, and others that agreed to be embodiments of Myself, such as Paul, whom we are currently working with. Even with an embodiment on the Earth we still do the work with those who chose to Channel the St Germain Energy. All Channels are that composition of Awareness of their Truth, which evolves as that channel evolves in its Mastery of Remembrance.

“There are 2,135 Soul Groups upon the Earth at this time. Each Group has 144,000 Monads, each Monad has 12 Oversoul Souls that split into the duality of male-female upon entering into the 3D form. You, as either male or female, are that Part of God, which is One with All That Is, to experience, individually, all creation in its diversity and wonderment. Soul Mates are beings who have agreements with you to teach, and be taught by you, the lessons in this diversity in the illusion of time. The purpose of duality is to understand Light and Darkness in fullness of Creation. You, as an individual, have God, both as Light and Darkness. You choose what you will experience in the Now moment. Your life reflects those choices. Twin Flames are that original male-female split from the Monad you descended from. As members of a Monad take on greater Light in their Mastery of Remembrance they contribute to the Soul Groups greater Light in its Mastery of Remembrance, and as the Soul Group evolves in taking on greater Light, it too, takes on greater amounts of Light to evolve in its Mastery of Remembrance.”

As more and more Soul Mate constellations begin to reunite through the process of spiritualization we will continue to Ascend back up through the hierarchies and dimensions until we all reach the Source again, the highest dimension of all and the state of Perfection. If all of the universal truths and knowledge were made known to your finite human minds at one time, rather than gradually, your finite human minds would blow a fuse. Therefore, Spirit gives us all we can handle and once we integrate these into our consciousnesses, further truths are revealed to us. This is a never ending process until we once again reach the state of perfection. Our planet will be experiencing a huge evolutionary leap in consciousness in this New Age. Planet Earth, as a whole, will be Ascending from 3D to 5D. The Mayans predicted this end of the old reality as we know it will commence on 12-21-2012 when their time calendar ends.

Edgar Cayce said, “By the end of this New Age of Aquarius, we will be a completely Telepathic Civilization.” This is the 5D state of being. Many light workers are currently in the process of Ascending and they, in turn, will help others to Ascend. As we enter this New Enlightened Age of Aquarius, these ancient truths will be coming back into the light and out of the darkness. Many Twin Souls are beginning to align with their Counterparts as well as their higher Self. This process is currently underway. However, it is just in the beginning stages. We will be returning to our pre-fall state when we were one with our Spiritual Twins and our Higher Self and had full Consciousness and Awareness of our Spiritual Multidimensional Identities.
This is the Divine Plan that the higher forces have for Earth in this New Golden Age. We will be entering a ‘New Reality.’ But this will not happen overnight. This is a process and not an actual event. It is gradual, but inevitable. It may not be the plan for you to realign with your Twin Soul in this particular lifetime. This is determined by Divine Timing and the Plan for your individual Twin Set. Your Twin may not even be incarnated on the Earth plane at this point in linear time. Or your Twin may be a child or even a baby somewhere on the Earth plane. Your Twin could even already be in the Ascended state in a higher dimension waiting for you to join Them. There are no cut and dry situations when it comes to Twin Souls. However, any spiritual work to align with their Higher Self that either Twin does will naturally ‘elevate’ the Other and this will help to expedite their eventual reunion. Rest assured that you will be reunited with your Twin in Divine Timing. Twin Souls are eternally connected to one another by a silvery/blue cord that can never be severed. We are also connected to our Higher Self by a similar silver cord that is attached to our Crown Chakra.”

Dr. Maurie Pressman and Patricia Joudry in their book Twin Souls, Finding Your True Spiritual Partner said, “Humanity is on the brink of a quantum leap in consciousness. Enlightened people are preparing themselves for this in their own ways, realizing it is time for us to Awaken to our origins and our potential and take responsibility for ourselves and for the Earth. Twin Souls have a special contribution to make; their coming together in numbers at this time has a reason at both the individual and the Planetary level. When Twin Souls join, they generate a Energy Vortex that is a Bright Light in the darkness of society’s unconsciousness. In completing each Other, the Whole becomes greater than the sum of Its Parts: the two create three, and the third is a very potent Light and Love force at an extremely pure level. This kind of Energy, which partakes of the Energy of both Twins, is different from that of individuals or even Groups of people working together. It is the special offering that the Twins have to give to each other and expend in service to humanity. It is like a dark auditorium lit by an increasing number of individual Flames. Each Flame represents the conscious and harmonious relationship between Twin Souls. Eventually, as the Twins multiply, there will be so many Flames and so much Light and Energy of that particular sort on Earth that this will act as a catalyst and help to bring about the expected breakthrough (and quantum leap) in consciousness.” See for more information about the relation of God to Monads to Group Souls to Twin Flames to Soul Mates to Self.


Inelia Benz said, “It is one of the urges of our nature to reconnect with Source, with Oneness. The closest we can identify this urge as in daily life is the complete connection with another human being. To be able to connect with another human being at this level, both parties have to have a very similar vibrational signature. When we meet another human being with whom we have a similar vibrational signature, we resonate with them. This often is called finding our Twin Soul, Soul Mate or Twin Flame.
“It just so happens that when we do find someone like that we stop looking and therefore the belief that there can only be one Soul Mate on Earth was conceived. But, fortunately, there are many other people on Earth with whom we can resonate at a vibrational level. And it so happens that if we change signatures through our Soul Journey Work, if our Soul Mate doesn’t do it too, we will eventually become dissatisfied and move on. This doesn’t mean that our Soul Mate was not the ‘true one.’ It just means they are no longer vibrationally similar to the level we need for the connection.
“When two souls meet and embark on Ascension work together, no matter what the modality is, fantastic results can happen. There are well known couples throughout history that have changed the course of human evolution and path due to their combined power. It is said, in India, that the true couple doesn’t look into each others’ eyes, but in fact are looking forward in the same direction, toward the same Goal. Once you enter Oneness, and make it the center of your attention, the urge to connect with another human being at this level passes. This results in the ability to achieve just that, to find and connect, or reconnect, with a Soul Mate in total freedom and with no expectations or ego getting in the way.”


There is a Divine Force of Divine Love and Creativity in mankind right now causing us to transcend selfishness and gather in Soul Families to Consciously Co-Create the Golden Age each member Knows in their Heart of hearts must be! As these Soul Families create Shambhala Communities eventually all people will evolve to that level of gathering into Soul Families and eventually making the whole human population into one great Spiritual Soul Family! The nature of ego is for every individual to think they are the wisest and to experience and project conflict unto others. The Soul Nature is to rest in Inner Harmony, Wholeness and Bliss open to natural Divine Creativity emerging each moment and to let It Flow and Build in Soul Families! The money is finally becoming available to begin to co-create these Shambhala Communities.


ZSL on 5-19-2008 said, “Spiritual Soul Family is real power. DNA is corrected and activated by the healing action of unified groups. Nurture is stronger than Nature as DNA is a Blueprint created by Spiritual Agencies.


“The dark powers claiming to control/own the world have been destroying families for over 5000 years. A tribe on the steppes of ancient Russia or in the jungles of Brazil has a high likelihood of being a single or extended Spiritual Soul Family. A Spiritual Soul Family working together in Unity of Consciousness is more powerful than any kingdom or nation of divided families.

“Rome destroyed families in conquered lands by slaughter and slavery. All the ancient empires slaughtered the tribes upon the land and created cities of mutual defense preventing families from assembling freely. To kings and emperors the main enemy dwelt within the walls of the cities. The pagans or rural workers, having some measure of freedom, had to be enslaved to petty despots who sold the children beyond their gates preventing their natural assemblage. Nearly ½ of the Roman citizens were slaves and thus were prevented from coming together. The Roman nobility with greater freedom to assemble their Spiritual Soul Families were trapped in a decadent society that tore at the roots of proper relationships.

“When Rome conquered Britain it destroyed the wisdom of Spiritual Soul Families. When Rome conquered Palestine it swept the Essenes from the desert and sent huge armies to slaughter and enslave the rebel families of Masada. The hundreds of men, women and children represented more of a threat to Roman Hegemony than the armies of Babylon.

“Mothers and fathers naturally give birth to sons and daughters from their own Spiritual Soul Family. That is where the greatest Love is. Spiritual Soul Families have always tried to reassemble in groups in the flesh in order to feel the Cohesive Love of like minds joined in heartfelt Love.

“The Spiritual Soul Family is the Holy Grail. The Grail legends all point to the power of Soul Family. In the family strength is found. The Round Table of equality is based on family relationships. The wise ones are those who bring families together. The powerful derive their energies from the Spiritual Source based on the Family (or line of Gurus) and not in artificial parasitic hierarchies outside the family.