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February/March Energy Update - Matt Kahn

February/March Energy Update
by Matt Kahn
February acted as an energetic crescendo for what has been months of rigorous and exhausting preparation. During these past 10-12 months, the waves of exhaustion and upheavals represented the dissolving of 3rd dimensional carbon-based DNA strands, as well as the simultaneous birth of 5th dimensional crystalline energy DNA structures. During this massive DNA shift, it may have seemed as if life was completely falling apart, perhaps even the experience of fatigue or illness to allow the body to have the space to undergo this transition, or just a sense of living in "limbo land" where the old doesn't work, but the new has yet to be revealed. No matter how these past 10-12 months have seemed, February signifies the conclusion of what has been the emergence of the soul into physical form. For many of you, the month of February was intended to push buttons and dissolve boundaries, simply as a way of revealing any attachment to ego consciousness, which allowed every unconscious reaction, frustrating experiences, or expressions of difficulty to help sweep out of your field any lingering debris from the old 3rd dimensional hologram. This process can be made even more difficult if you're under the impression of there being a certain spiritual way to be in all of this.

I assure you such drastic changes that occur in your energy field do not require you to position or hold yourself in any particular way. Instead, this stage of initiation is completed simply by surviving it. This means, as of this moment, you can take a deep breath and pat yourself and everyone else on the back for a job well done. After all, if you're here, you've made it through to the other side, despite your thoughts, feelings, and choices - with nothing but a perfect score for the journey you've traveled.  

So what was February preparing you for anyway? You can literally think of March as a march into the new 5th dimensional paradigm. For some of you, the openings have already occurred, and for most, March will signify a parting of the emotional clouds, with more opportunities coming your way, along with signs of synchronicity to confirm the arrival of a new reality. As we march into a brand-new 5th dimensional paradigm, I invite you to honor this new flow of energy with a life of brand-new choices. As always, I invite you to allow such choices to be inspired by the innocence of your heart, versus from the fear-based pressure of outdated 3rd dimensional mindsets. This means to no longer motivate yourself by imagining, "I must change or else..." Instead, March ushers in energies to remind you that you're only ready to change when brand-new choices inspire feelings of joy and excitement. This is a time to be bold, creative, and inspired. Now is the time to put all of your faith into allowing life to bring you all the resources you require by focusing on the purity of excitement and heartfelt appreciation. 

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "I've been doing that and nothing new has shown up." If this has been your experience, it is because the inner trust you've been guided to follow is how the new paradigm is navigated, and yet, your external reality cannot change until the reconfiguration of DNA into a brand-new crystalline structure is complete. March 2013 signifies the completion of this process, where the work you've done to surf the energetic waves of life's greatest leap in consciousness begins to pay off. 

The month of March will act as an orientation into 5D reality, much like a living tour of a brand-new campus of experience. It may just feel like a time when anything becomes immediately possible, which is often the initial sign of being oriented into the 5th dimension.

Whether we celebrate this exciting new chapter together in retreat, session, or however life brings us together, I invite you to place your attention on taking immaculate care of yourself and letting go of all worries and concerns for the world around you. I say this, simply because the old 3rd dimensional mindset has conditioned you to match the unconsciousness of the collective and not radiate higher vibrations of light until the world in view changed first.

Now, in the 5th dimension, we see the world in view as a vibrational reflection of the old paradigm, where the choices we make today create the energetic alignments the world will reflect back to you in the days to come. This means how you treat yourself or others today becomes how the world begins to perceive you in upcoming scenes of interaction. Equally so, how willing you are to focus on loving, nurturing, honoring, and appreciating yourself manifests a world that acts as a reflection of your most inspired heartfelt choices. 

ascension doorwayIf, in fact, life in the 5th dimension is an energetic game of "follow the leader", then I invite you to step forward with confidence and joy by demonstrating to the world the most conscious choices to copy. I assure you that letting go of all worries and concerns for the world is not arrogant or selfish at all. It is actually a bold step through the doorway of heart-centered empowerment that allows you to be released from the bondage of victimhood, and merge into the grace of becoming the hero of your life's journey. As this occurs, you will be led to ignite the spark in the hearts of all around you, so everyone has the chance to experience this heroic shift, as the appearance of your outer world matches the vibration of your newly configured 5th dimensional energy field.

On behalf of the galactic council, your highest self, as well as lightworkers and starseeds from all corners of the universe, I congratulate you on a job well done. As always, the end of this chapter of preparation celebrates the arrival of an exciting new beginning. Now is where the fun really begins.   

Many blessings to One and all.  

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