Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keys to Staying Present and Centered - by DeAnne Hampton

Keys to Staying Present and Centered

The human body is an energy system. When the body is actually experienced as frequency and light, then activities such as telepathy, bi-location, shapeshifting, dematerialization and rematerialization become the expanded perimeter of what is possible as a human species. The most important discipline in staying present is mastery of the breath, then mastery of thought and feeling. As humanity deepens in the realization of its divine nature and continues to awaken to the reality of love, developing new disciplines of staying present and centered will become an increasing vital skill of self-mastery.

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The ability to manifest all that we need has always been at our fingertips. You hold the gift of creating, of transforming, of transmuting density into light in the palm of your hand and it glistens with the invitation to at long last BE, the highest expression of who you are. Imagine how you would feel to be in the presence of a Master, a holy One whom radiated Light that left you both humbled and inspired. Now imagine you are that Master…. how would you treat yourself differently? Because there is no distinction. It is simply a matter of belief, of perception and habit. The One living in
his/her mastery, in the joy of unlimited existence has simply made the decision to let the density go. The choices made by an ascended one reflect the highest disciplines of Self Love; loving care toward the physical body, choosing environments of creative purpose, loving kindness, community and non-attachment. Within this awareness is the remembrance that nothing is missing from your life in this moment, your reality merely reflects the habits and beliefs of the one choosing. Not who you are Eternally.

And yet, yours is a hand filled with Light. Your physical body and mind are vessels of the Light of all Creation. The new consciousness of a new earth and species is manifesting out of a lessening of density - it is making new choices, each day, to surround yourself with reflections of awakening while surrendering the habits of one still bound by separation, conformity and fear. Imagine Light radiating as magic from your hand, the power to create worlds. What would you envision in that image? What would you be willing to do and change and let go and allow for that power to be actualized in you now?

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