Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Archangel Michael: Kisses from The Compassionate Heart

Archangel Michael: Kisses from The Compassionate Heart
of the Crystalline Rose Children
Transmitted Through Elanthra
13 December * 2010

Greetings One and All. It is I, Archangel Michael, and today I come to you after the momentous opening of 12:12:10 to bid you blessings first and foremost, and secondly to commend you on your recent spiritual soul-searching endeavors. Many of you have been working diligently to connect to your Higher Selves and all aspects of yourself, and have been dealing with all kind of emotional issues and healing them, and just incorporating enlightenment and wisdom and opening your hearts; and on that note I'd like to inform you that we have indeed reached another level of Ascension. The 'Grand Feather' at the entrance of The Portal of the Compassionate Heart, guarded by 'The Great Falcon,' has parted, and today we can celebrate the further dawning of 'The Compassionate Heart.' With me today are the Crystalline Rose/Crystalyte Children, and they have come in today to anchor the energies of The Crystalline Rose and of Compassion and Divine Love ~ Sacred Love ~ Sacred Light ~ Sacred Flow.

I'd like to speak on the issue of Compassion today, and I'd just like to say that if you thought of the heart as garden that blooms and springs eternal, compassion would be allowing for that flow and anchoring and housing the energy of Divine Love. And if you thought of Love as a flower that springs out Bliss and Glee, and was just set free to move in any direction that it wanted to, and allowed itself to express it's energy in the moment unconditionally... that would be Love. Love would be THAT THAT WAS AND IS, irrespective of conditions surrounding it, that was borne from Acceptance and Freedom and Expression and Joy and Peace and Playfulness and Magic. To me compassion would be non-judgment that would just allow All That Is to be free in every moment, and that would allow others to just be who they were and to delve along the path and make the choices and decisions and take the options that they felt they needed to make in that moment.

Sometimes we would not agree with their choices, or their choices would not resonate with us, or on many occasions might irk us, but if we stopped and exercised The Compassionate Heart, we would realize that they were just expressing who they needed to be in that Moment of Divinity.

Today we invite you all to open up and to walk on the Rolling Paths that have come in and have been coming in in the last week or so, and let this be a celebration of just Unity ~ Unity Consciousness and accepting ourselves as WE ARE, seeing it all from the Higher Eye ~ The All-Seeing Eye ~ The All-Knowing Eye ~ The All-Accepting Eye and Heart and Mind of God ~ All That Is. We ask you to connect to your Higher Selves and in this moment love every aspect of your Being for who YOU ARE, and know that there is no choice that you could possibly make that could possibly be 'wrong.' And know that for every path that you take it is the right one for that moment, and it will lead you back to the One ~ All That Is ~ You in all of your glory.

I AM the Archangel Michael, and we ask you to continue loving each other, accepting each other and yourselves. For everytime that YOU ARE LOVE it re-turns back to you manyfold, as per The Law of Attraction and The Law of Karma. We bless you all today, and I will let my comrades that are with me today speak, The Crystalline Rose Children from the Land of the Crystalytes. Be gentle with each other, and we encourage you to continue to keep your hearts open, to walk The Golden Path with Golden, Loving Open Hearts.

Blessings in Crystalline Light today and always. Call on me and my legions, for I AM always available at your beck and call.

In loving light, always,
I AM The Archangel Michael