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Ascension Insights: See the Divine, Deal with the Human

Ascension Insights: See the Divine, Deal with the Human
By Jennifer Hoffman
December 7, 2010

Hi everyone,

Occasionally I receive negative feedback from a reader and I appreciate their taking the time to write. Although I read and respond to their emails, my response reflects my belief that every teacher has an audience and they may not be part of mine. I must admit that receiving criticism was a little shocking early in my writing career, but of the millions who read my newsletters and messages each week, there are bound to be a few people who do not like something and who will voice their displeasure.

That said, the negative comments about the recent "My Way or the Highway" message I received from a reader this week were a little surprising, especially since hers was the only critical comment. But she did make some interesting points about negativity, seeing people as divine, looking for the best in people, all of which we should do. However, I have learned, as have many of you, that no matter how much I want to connect with the divine in everyone, I have to deal with the human and I ignore that aspect of them at my peril.

The writer criticized me for being too negative and insensitive to others' feelings and not giving everyone the benefit of seeing them in their divinity. I disagreed with her because I do that with everyone, but I also know that I also have to pay attention to the reality of what they are doing and saying, no matter how much I want to hear and see something else.

When we see people in their highest light we give them the gift of unconditional love and acceptance and that is a wonderful gift. But whether they take the gift and use it to change who they are or how they behave is another thing. And we have to be realistic. When someone slaps you in the face you can turn the other cheek or you can walk away. I spent years of my life turning the other cheek until I discovered that it was easier and safer to love some people at a distance. And when I learned to love and respect myself enough to know that it didn't matter how nice, loving and accommodating I was with someone, if they could not receive that gift and express the divine side of themselves with love, support and consideration, there was the potential for me to endure a lot of heartache.

I have been blessed with some wonderful relationships, friends and connections in my life. I have also been blessed with some cruel, mean, vindictive people who were hell bent on creating drama, chaos and pain until I learned to connect with their divinity up close but maintain my distance from the human. While they were all equally divine, their human expression was very different. Yes, I did attract these teachers and continued to do that until I learned to see them as they were, not as I wish they could be, which has been one of my biggest lessons.

And I think that is particularly difficult for those who can energetically read people and are aware of their different aspects. Sometimes we forget that while an energy is within someone, they do not always choose to use it. While everyone has the potential to be good, loving and kind, they do not always express that side of themselves and that is their choice. I have to honor that in them or I will experience the consequences.

As the writer who criticized the article wrote, "Life is really not all about struggles, getting through torturous shifts, and problems. Life can be bliss". And she is right, it can be bliss but we have bliss once we know how to get beyond the human side, which is about struggle, getting through torturous shifts and problems. Some people choose that for their lives and we have no power over their choice. One of our most challenging lessons is to accept others as they are and then make our own choices accordingly.

Everyone is divine, we all have the same source connection and we are all connected to each other. But each of us expresses the balance of human and divine in different ways. Seeing someone as divine and ignoring what their human aspect is doing is, to be honest, just silly. And those who insist that the world is full of sweetness and light and everything else can be ignored are not living in reality.

The world is a wonderful place and there is so much good in people. But there are those who will be a challenge and we have to decide how much pain and drama we will allow in our lives and go from there. Give everyone the gift of knowing that they are divine but remember to pay attention to what the human is doing. As my friend Rhonda Smith of the Awakening Center says, 'tell the truth and learn to duck.'

Keep the faith, we're all in this together and time is moving quickly. Become the observer in your life as you stay focused on your path.

In these interesting and transformational times, we can be overwhelmed by what is happening in our lives but there are always other solutions. Here are a few things to help you get through the difficult moments in your life:

Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.

Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.

Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.

Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,
Jennifer Hoffman

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