Saturday, December 4, 2010

"A Season to Live Life to the Fullest"

"A Season to Live Life to the Fullest"

I have been experiencing an unusually high amount of clients who have lost children lately. Those kind of readings are the most difficult because it is against the "natural" order of how most of us experience death, oldest to youngest, not the other way around. It shakes something deep within our subconscious.

What was also unusual was to hear what these children had accomplished in their short lives. Many accomplished more than most of us would have in our lifetime. It makes you think of a Divine order to life.

My cousin died at 16 years old. He was an amazing person, a volunteer fire fighter, honor student, and received awards for band, arts and math. He was a very kind and loving human being. He touched so many people in his 16 years that people waited for hours in the cold, snowy weather to pay their respects when he passed. When I hear how brave these children were when they were facing their own mortality it can really give you a wake up call about what we complain about, worry about or just how we act each day to each other and ourselves.

What would the world be like if we knew we only had 6 months to live? What would we concentrate on - would we "sweat the small stuff" or would we finally realize its all small stuff in the big picture? Would we remember to say I love you more, forgive people easier and learn to appreciate each day as a gift that it is?

As we enter into the season of the holidays let's remember to be jolly instead of complaining. Let the aggressive driver cut in front of us without getting mad. May we remember that this is the season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, when we all have the opportunity to give Thanks to those we love and care about. Where we can practice unconditional love that the Master's have done. Jesus spoke of where we open up our hearts, help our fellow man, have an attitude of gratitude and not sweat the small stuff. Because of the big picture it's all small stuff.

I have never had a person who died come into a reading and said I wish I worked more or had more money, stature etc. I experience the opposite where they are sorry for all the times they could have spread love because they loved with conditions. They wished they lived a more balanced life, forgiving those who "hurt" them. It's not about the "things" we accumulate in life it's all about the feelings and experiences. Did they experience the feelings of love, happiness, joy, giving, laughter or peace? When they didn't see all the opportunities they were given to experience those feelings. They were too caught up with old programs and patterns of what life is "supposed" to be like.

It's never too late to change the way we view and engage with life. The wonderful thing about life is we always have a new path or opportunity to change. My guides show it to me as a new piece of paper, where we can create or "draw" a new image on.

So get creative and "draw" more love, laughter, happiness, gratitude and peace on your paper. Learn from those that died young to live life to its fullest. Love and forgive when it's not "easy" and live life as if you only have 3 - 6 - 9 months to live. Say please, thank you and most of all I Love you.

I Love You All,


PS - We miss your "physical" self Jimmy, I Love You.