Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SaLuSa: What You Focus On Eventually Manifests

SaLuSa: What You Focus On Eventually Manifests
December 15, 2010

There is no doubt that people within the chaos that is taking place are seeing the opportunity of change, to bring in something a lot different to what you have experienced previously. The culprits that have caused it are becoming identified, and they have little to offer to make matters more acceptable to you. More of the same is no answer as the problems are world wide, yet those who can see what is required are often lone voices amongst you. It is the people that are pressing for changes that remove the old unsatisfactory ways, and eventually souls will come forward that have the right approach and understanding.

Now as always it is what you focus on that eventually manifests, and in that respect we are leading you to think ambitiously as nothing is impossible at times like now. We certainly do not want you to feel that you are doomed to everlasting chaos, as that is not the future you are destined to experience. The script has been written, and with divine authority we are here to ensure that all proceeds as planned. Where others seek or believe in another reality, that is their freewill in operation to choose as they desire. However, as the Ascension process continues to become apparent, there will be more souls that are able to allow and welcome the inevitable. It is all connected with your growing levels of consciousness, that are enabling you to see more clearly where everything is leading.

If we described this present period as critical it would not be an exaggeration, but you have no need to worry as what is required to get everything on track is in place. As always we monitor all aspects of your lives, as you are a new emerging civilization that is to actively join the Galactic Federation. Your progress will be rapid once the initial steps can be taken to introduce us into your lives. It is necessary that you take the important decision to accept us, and by and large we find that you are much more open to the idea of our presence along side of you. The end of duality is to be a wonderful occasion when all your dreams are fulfilled, and what you may have thought was impossible will come into your lives. Peace is foremost in your minds, as you now realize that for centuries you have been used as pawns in the war games that have ruined your lives. These times are now consigned to the past never to return again.

As much as you will come to despise those who have led you into your current situation, please remember that duality has allowed all expressions of individual desires. It has been a period of challenge, when the dark Ones have had the same opportunities as everyone else. Long, long ago you were less conscious of your divine heritage, and were led into falsely believing in the need to honor your own groups instead of becoming at one with each other. Separation became more prevalent, and the domination and suppression of other groups was the way of life for that period. It has taken an immense toll on life and it is only in recent times as a result of World Wars, that you have awakened to the idea that there are more satisfactory ways of living together.

The old ways have proved very lucrative and beneficial to the elite few who have held command over you. Now their intentions have become known their ambition to extend their rule over you has effectively been ended. As you try to pick up the pieces, you realize that they cannot be restored in accordance with the old paradigm. It no longer serves your needs, and certainly cannot provide the basis for the new one that is emerging now. The next steps forward will give you hope for the future that has been carefully planned. We know that you need to see some proof that can show the way forward, and that will come with disclosure. It will release many souls of Light who can at last safely come forward, and we shall be behind them to ensure their protection. Then you shall see a whole series of events lined up that will enable you to surge ahead towards the New Age.

All of your needs are known and every provision has already been made to ensure you lifted up out of the last vestiges of duality. Power will be accorded to those who will use it wisely and in the best interests of everyone, and not the few. The acquirement of wealth will eventually be an unnecessary goal as it will be fairly spread around, and you shall not experience lack where your needs are concerned. There is and always has been sufficient for everyone to enjoy a high standard of life. You have been led to think otherwise, as you have been manipulated to satisfy the desires of the Illuminati to control every aspect of your lives. Their aim to keep you dependent on them has worked for a long time, but they are now being seen for what they really are.

It is you the people who now have the power to decide your own future, and you are willing participants in the end game that is now being played out. Realize that subconsciously you have always known that there would be a successful conclusion to this cycle. It was planned eons of time ago, and because of it you have been protected from outside interference that would have led to your demise. The Earth is a beautiful planet that stands out amongst the many that surround you, and when it is restored you shall see it in its full glory. It will be fitting that you and Mother Earth will ascend together in the Light that will accompany you. You will be quite different to what you are now, having risen up to much higher levels of consciousness. It may seem you have such a short time to prepare for Ascension, but the Creator's plan is immaculate and will carry you forward to the higher dimensions of absolute joy and happiness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that what awaits you is almost beyond words, because you have little to compare it with. Heavenly may be appropriate but your ideas of it are probably very limited by comparison. To be truthful there is really little resemblance to what you have been experiencing on Earth. We are talking about comparing a physical existence to one which is godly, and is blazing with Love and Light. You will feel this energy all around you, and everything responds to it by giving out peaceful and gentle vibrations, so that all is in harmony.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey