Friday, December 10, 2010

Like Never Before

Like Never Before
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
December 2, 2010

Never before has there been such opportunity to bring to the light all that is in the deepest vaults or darkest dungeon, as now, where all is open to selective attention and the willingness to awaken, accept, work upon, bless and finally release. There is only positivity in every manner of such actions for that which is now allowed to bubble up out of the world's great big melting pot, has and is, the container of perhaps the greatest dietary feast to befall the lightworkers and starseed of this current now millennium.

Everything is being regurgitated and brought back into the public's gaze, whether it be in politics - and that one is the biggy, or in everyday working situations, drug abuse via pharmaceuticals, GE crops, galactic visitors, and also money laundering in it's ultra various deceptions in all areas of a vast spectrum. No man is an island and there are multitudes of interested parties only too willing to throw light into the many dark abyss's and/or to hurl the proverbial spanner into the works! What pops up to the light of day is set for a thorough wash and brush up!

Every man woman and child has an opportunity to shift lots of outdated debris and the beauty of it now, truly is, that everything is being viewed with clearer sight and impeccable vision so that the finished object is 'AI' and ever better. Looking at self is something we have gotten used to, and in the risk of saying it all over again,we now know that as we do focus on that rather beautiful soul looking back at us in that mirror of life, then the future in like manner is really beginning to look pretty darned good! Look at self and see the future mirrored before us, projecting clearly the journey ahead will be one that we are equal to and well within our capability. Here shines the light which will brighten all vistas and invite a horizon that is attractive, positive, and assuredly welcome.

Facing and embracing these inviting possibilities that are awakening within our hearts and souls are a monumental achievement for the trust that was at one time, 'failing' a little with all absurd obscurities painted of a future which was in rather dour and unwelcome imagery.This instilled only fear, distrust, trepidation and lack of self worth! Now that the Lighter Light is affording us a promise of a brighter future that can be one WE CO-CREATE OURSELVES. This enlightens us to seek and secure that which we choose, and this indeed is the almighty and simplistic altruism, the wisdom of this whole equation!

What we create will we surely attract to ourselves and the universe will only be too pleased to assist us, it being totally unbiased and within such clarity, quality, and equality. Hence 'as you sow so shall you reap.' Let us assure you that there has been shrewd and mindful planting of the many quality seeds, and these new shoots which are beginning to force passage up through the soil surface and into the light. Things are looking grand, strong and healthy, a wealth of vitality; a fine crop indeed is thus expected and forecast as there are now only positive pursuits with indeed positive resulting enlightenment!

The whole area of vibrant galactic and universal dwellers are all, in their own various stars and galaxies, testing the waters, feeling the way, allowing in the changes that are not only with this universe, but within the entire Omniverse and sectors of life, of Being. This is indeed a magnificent manifestation in a vast and eternally potent 'Alpha-Omega-Alpha' being of multi creation in multi universal and omniversal expression, around a nucleus of pure impeccable perfection and of mystical magic and imagery.You are an all important part of this vast expansive and extensive expression and you would also do well to remember that 'life' would not be complete without your own personal, special and unique presence.That who YOU ARE is an integral part of THE WHOLE.

The complete picture is only complete because YOU ARE A PART OF IT, and a very important part indeed. No one else can play your role for you, for your uniqueness is indeed unique! You are a piece of the Universal Jigsaw and of the bigger picture, and it is only a Oneness when you are part of it, so making it complete! You are needed, you are an important needed part of the mighty magnificent whole; please value 'you' for you ARE valued. Please be assured that you are truly a magnificent being and an equal part of All That Is, it is so. You see yourselves not as we are blessed so to see you, you will be amazed at the wondrous beauty you truly are, even if you think your role is maybe not so grand as anothers, THIS IS NOT SO. Can you not accept that the role you see another in at these moments of now time, have you also so experienced similarly in a previous incarnation or experience?

God moves in mysterious ways his/her wonders to perform and the wonders are performed through 'Yours Truly,' YOU, most every time, then why is that? You, we are all a reflection or an extension of All That Is and it becomes then quite clear if / when you put yourselves down, remember whom you are,God. Likened to a flower that blooms in such colour, vibrancy, and near perfection in the springtime, showing it's beauty and 'greater self,' remember it then also pales and withdraws as the winter approaches, making use of this time to go within, and stopping to smell the roses, to contemplate, to be still in the One.

Accept, if you will, the need and opportunity to see always the best in another even though at times they hurt or pained you, blessing only which he or she has perpetrated against you with seeming intent. These are indeed wonderful opportunities to rise above these restraints that we place upon ourselves. See only the 'up' side and the transition will take precedence and the effect will be realised. This is no wondrous new teaching, we know, yet we would humbly suggest to you that in these now times of greatly magnified expansion and ever greater opportunities can be beneficially achieved by one and all.The energies are such that when one focuses in good intent, after being scathed or hurt etc., then only far greater good will be realised, and exceedingly so, as one retaliates only with LOVE. Alternatively when focusing on revenge or retaliation, that itself will be increasingly heightened and create further lower energy of likewise de-magnification.The opportunities are wondrous here, as you return the anger/ hurt with only energy of forgiveness and loving restraint.

Take care of all your thoughts and desires for these too can be not so much a blessing as you might think. As all is truly magnified now with the increased power of multi-energies now prevalent, it follows with reiteration, that it is a duty more so than ever to be true unto self. Check those wayward thoughts, and they might not be yours that you are picking up on, but another's. Take it into your control and simply observe it, love it. send it on, yet wrapped in the flames of the violet ray with all it's chohan' s and arch angels in attendance. So, if you are harassed, bothered or picking up someone's trash - wrap it in love and send it off into the ethers with the violet flame. And so it is!

Be ever assured that your pathway here IS paved with gold and it's the gold from the golden Christ ray that is encapsulating you with such a loving, warm embrace, affording you the benefit of All That God Is and preparing you for the coming abundances that will soon be manifested in your hearts and minds as you continue with your pathways, in pristine and pure intent. There is a wealth of abundance and all associated spin offs as you place yourselves into that position of acceptancy and flooding also your good selves with worthiness and thus allowing things to come to you. Expect a miracle and it will surely be. This is a simple truth and one that you will hold in your hearts and minds with positive and purposeful effect.

Nothing and no thing is out of your reach and as you allow these magical and mystical occurrences to come in, without reservation or unworthiness, you will be amazed just how many miracles can be happening around and within you in these ensuing days of linear time. There is nought that is debarred to you only that which you choose not to believe - is blocked from your experiences, yet it is only you that is still at times, not realising your own divine self worth.

"All these things that I do, shall you do and yet even more," thus spoke the one Jesus, the Nazarene, Jeshua ben Joseph, or Sananda as you might choose. He would NOT have said such a thing if he did not mean it, or there was very good reason of likelihood that you and I shall, as we allow ourselves to take off the brake and allow the 'roller coaster' to run again! Try it and see! Amen!

In the very heart of All That Good Is and in the midst of the Heavenly Bodies of Light and radiant love do we draw to an end this evenings sacred commune one with another.It has been indeed an honour and a joy that we have shared this space together. We love you, love yourself. We honour you,honour your self. We thank you, thank yourself. For in you is vested great things, so it is!

Selemat Cojan
Wak'n'tanka Iichi
God Bless You so.

(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom * Please copy and share all in it's entirity, giving due credit to the source. * Where there is love there is light. Where there is light there is always a way.