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Energy Forecast - Full Throttle

Energy Forecast - Full Throttle
by Emmanuel Dagher
May 9, 2011

Hi my amazing friend, Have you noticed how amplified the energies are right now both in our immediate space and around the world? Monumental changes that used to take years to manifest themselves into physical form are now showing up on a daily basis. There's no doubt that we are moving and shaking quicker than ever. Whether it's a personal realization that completely transforms our personal paradigm, instant manifestation of our thoughts, or global events that shift the collective consciousness, change is showing up faster and more palpable than ever.

For those who are sensitive to energy, describing the current energy climate as being similar to a pressure cooker is an understatement. With such intensity right now, many of us might find ourselves wanting to hide or take some time off from our surroundings. This feeling is absolutely normal and it's important to honor it. Although it can be quite exciting to witness so many significant daily shifts, if we're feeling a nudge to take some time to relax, it's important to do so especially since the current energies of rapid change could get a bit wearing and uncomfortable on the body and psyche. This nudge is a good indicator for us to use the present moment to self nurture and refill our own metaphorical cup so that when we are back out in the world, we are operating from a place of joy and ease.

If we are someone who is feeling tired or are experiencing an imbalance in the body, we are just being gifted with feedback to nurture and take even better care of ourselves holistically. Many of us will find that when we listen to what our body and energy is trying to share with us and decide to make ourselves and our well-being a priority, our chi level rises and our bodies become balanced again.

Free Floating Thoughts

During times of heightened energy shifts, many people still have a tendency to go into panic or fear mode. For those of us who are quite sensitive, our previous roles seemed to entail taking on dense energies from others and making them our own so that we could transmute them into higher vibrations. For the most part this was done on the unconscious level. Of course, along the way we began to internalize and buy into the fear based energies we were transmuting as being real and as our own. We went through this process until we learned the lessons we needed to learn from these experiences. So, our next step was spending years learning how to detach and clear ourselves from the fear patterns. What came after that for many of us was to enter an amazing space where we could completely surrender to the flow of life. From this space of surrender, we began having an innate knowing that life is always for us and never against us.

After all of the personal shifting that happens in our process of letting go of fear, ever so often we might notice ourselves reattaching back to them. When this happens, the first question that we can always ask ourselves is "What lesson do I still need to learn from this experience?"

However, if we are someone who has invested a great deal of time and energy shifting ourselves out of energies that feel heavy to us and are noticing that they still keep coming up more often than we'd like, it could just be that we are picking up on what are known to be free floating thought forms. A Free floating thought form is energy that is projected into our collective consciousness. Because everything is energy, those of us who are quite energy sensitive might sense or feel into some of these floating thoughts a bit easier than others. With this realization, we can quickly begin to step out of our previous tendency to internalize and react to these thought forms. By doing this, we can step back and be the observer instead of the reactor, which allows the free floating thoughts to move right through and out of our energy field with ease and grace without attaching ourselves to them.

Alchemizing Fear Into Breakthroughs

During times of great change, there is a tendency to be an energy of fear that circulates. Whenever a fear comes up within us for any reason, 99% of the time the fear is a powerful indicator that a huge breakthrough is waiting for us just around the corner. For example, if a person has a fear of public speaking, more than likely when they choose to put their hang ups aside and walk through their fears by choosing to speak in front of an audience, a major expansion of sorts begins to happen. The fear that the person used to have begins to dissolve and amazing opportunities begin to show up in that person's life. These opportunities could lead a person to pursue a career as a speaker that inspires and motivates the world with their message. At the very least it could lead to having more confidence in one's ability to speak and interact in front of others. So, from this new understanding, there really is no such thing as fear, only opportunities we walk through that can assist us in expanding into our greatest selves. Imagine if, as a collective group, we all shifted our outlook on fear and began realizing they are just indicators that amazing breakthroughs are just on the side of that fear, unity and peace would achieved in an instant!


At this time, it's absolutely imperative we use discernment with all messages we receive on a daily basis, especially through media outlets. If ever unsure about knowing what is right or true for you, simply go within. If what you hear or see makes you feel light in your body and mind, then it's in alignment with you and your personal truth. If you feel heavy in your body and mind, then it's not in alignment with you and your personal truth. This simple system makes it easy to bypass the distractions. Speaking of distractions, there is and will continue to be a great deal of distraction created for just a little while longer.

Using discernment doesn't mean we have to fight, preach, or be aggressive towards what we might not resonate with. However, it does mean we can see right through the illusions keeping us from standing firm in our personal power and truth. The greatest and quickest way to shift out the old dense systems and into a more harmonious world is to unite on our intention to choose love & compassion for every-thing and every-One without judgment.

The Seeds Blossom

Right now, the energy is ripe in the cosmos for materializing our highest visions from the invisible to the visible. The seeds we've planted have the potential to blossom rapidly if we allow them. Whether it's seeds we've planted in our relationships, creative outlets, career, finances, expansion process, and in our overall journey; the environment is perfect for these seeds to reveal themselves as part of our physical experience. Sometimes, our desired manifestations may show up much different than we thought they would appear. The key is to open ourselves up to infinite possibilities without being attached to specific outcomes. This allows us to continuously live in the wonder and overflow of a Universe that blesses us with experiences far more miraculous than we could have ever dreamed of!

Till next time,
Miraculously yours,

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