Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mayan Messages: Life Experiences

Mayan Messages: Life Experiences
As Received by Theresa Crabtree
May 20, 2011

Greetings, I am Ben, accompanied on this day with the energies of Tone 1. Together we wish to thank you for your desire to better your time and space existence on Earth. It is humans like you who are conscious and ready to make changes that will do just that, make changes. The changes we speak of start within and ripple outward on the fabric of what you call time and space. For any change to begin, there first must be a thought. These thoughtforms develop in ways that you cannot fully understand at this time. They are indeed not of this world.

All thoughts originate from the source of your beginnings. Be it known that you are fully connected with the original Source. You are never alone, although it may seem that way at times due to the imposed amnesia that one must endure in order to experience this Realm that you have chosen to be a part of.

In order to make any changes in your life, you must first be conscious that you want to make a change. Things happen each day of your existence. Some are remarkable and rewarding while others are low density and ones you prefer not to experience again. From these events, you decide to make changes. As a child, if you put your hand in the fire and got burnt, it is likely that you will choose not to experience that again and so you choose not to put your hand in the fire again. That is how you make changes in your life.

Through observation, you make choices of what you want to experience and which you would prefer to avoid. Perhaps you witnessed a friend falling off a bicycle and getting badly injured. You may decide at that time that you never want to ride a bicycle because you don't want to take the risk of falling off and getting hurt. This is a fear-based decision.

Perhaps you witnessed the bicycle injury and noted what the rider had done that caused the fall. Maybe he was showing off and riding with no hands while watching a cute girl. You may decide that bicycle riding is something you wish to do, but choose to always keep your hands on the handlebars and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. In this case, you have made a decision based on another's experience.

Maybe you would like to experience what it feels like to have the wind blow in your face or you want to join your friends who like to ride bicycles. In this case, you are making your choice from observation and the desire of the experience itself. This could also include the ease of getting from one place to another. In this case, you may still have some fear of injury, but the benefits of riding helps you overcome your fear enough to learn to ride.

This is how you come about making changes in your life, through observation of what others have done and consciously choosing things you want to experience. It is important to understand that if you want to live a full life and have many experiences, you may have to work through some fears and belief codes first.

It is important to bless the antics of others. It is their experiences that help you make your choices. Each of you is on a different path and will have a multitude of experiences along the way. Each event you participate in will benefit yourself and all others. In the end, you will take all these experiences back to Source.

In the meantime, each of you stores your experiences within your bodies, making you a living library. All events and emotions involved are also stored in the Akashic Records, the greatest library of information related to your universe. At any time, others can visit the library and choose an experience that interests them. This may seem strange to you, but others not of this Realm can visit the library and experience the world through you. That is how special each of your experiences are. Bless every event that you witness and experience. Choose those that lead you to joy and have fun along the way.

Whenever you choose an experience, at anytime you can choose another. You may want to tweak an experience to make it more enjoyable for yourself. Perhaps you will choose to walk away from an experience. You may want to tell others of an experience you had so they can make an informed decision regarding whether they want to have the experience themselves.

When you decide to make a decision based on another's experience, take into account that the other person is sharing from his or her unique experience. When you share your experiences with others, speak with integrity. Do not be afraid to share the true emotions you felt. When you can share your emotions with others, this is truth. There is no better story than one that can make you cry, laugh or feel like you are experiencing it firsthand.

Ask any person who has excelled at something in their life which part of the experience excited them the most. It is generally the excitement of the unknown or the pushing of oneself to go beyond their endurance level that creates the excitement. Some are motivated to win a prize or the approval of others. Some choose to be a role model for others. Those who push themselves because they want to go beyond what they have experienced before are likely to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

We say this to let you know that comparisons or judging others can taint the enjoyment you get out of an activity. Your society is heavily aimed at competition and the goal of rewards. Thus, many times people will not participate in an experience because they feel it is useless or they might be condemned if they do not perfect the skill. This is hogwash and these thoughts must be set aside so you can fully enjoy the experience at the level you choose.

No one has perfected everything they have attempted to do. Those who have mastered specific events become your greatest teachers when they can honestly share the full range of emotions they experienced along the way. Many try to gloss over these emotions because they are embarrassed or not able to share their vulnerable moments of fear, regret, etc.

The point of humanity and life on Earth is to experience Not-Love moments. The Source from which you sprang originally had only love. We encourage you to experience those Not-Love moments with joy and gratitude. Those who wish to experience only Love are in the wrong Realm. I say this to jar you a little and get your thinking tabs going.

Many of your teachers for eons have taught that humans are here to experience only love. On one level, this is true. However, you have been taught that love is equal to perfection, when all things are flowing smoothly. We say this is not true. In its truest sense, love is perfection. However, when a human equates perfection as an act that has a perfect outcome, there is always going to be disappointment at the end. The journey is as perfect as the destination. Whenever you reach a destination, there is still more to experience. When you understand this, then we can be in agreement that love is equal to perfection.

Another teaching that has become corrupted is to say that living life is love. If that is true, then does that mean that death is lesser than love? Be it known that your life on Earth is just a blink of an eye when it comes to the length that your soul is alive in its separation from Source. All are equal, whether your life is currently being played out on Earth, on other physical planets or in Realms that have no matter. Your energy is a cloud and like a cloud, it wisps in and out of visuality, mingles and separates from other clouds. There is no judgment among the clouds, they simply are, flowing freely throughout your sky.

You have also misunderstood that love is happening only when your life is going smoothly. Again, we say hogwash to that notion. When you can feel love and gratitude for every experience, you will have a better understanding of what Source love is like.

Coal has little worth, except for a few moments of heat. However, take that same lump of coal and place it under extreme pressure and you will alchemically produce a diamond. Now, take that diamond and cut it here and there and it becomes more valuable in the eyes of the beholder. Your life is such. Each and every experience has value. It is up to you to decide what you want to experience and whether or not your journey will be filled with joy or despair. Why not experience both joy and despair? This does not mean you have to dwell for long in either place. How much richer will your life be when you allow yourself to experience both along the way? If nothing else, it makes for a great story to share with others!

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