Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Universal Mind: Leaving the Door Ajar

Universal Mind: Leaving the Door Ajar
Channeled by Alec Christos Gabbitas
May 23. 2011

Mesmerising are these times that we are so blessed to be in, as we nurture the loving support that is invoked not only through our beloved Mother Earth, yet also from the heavens above. The whole universe it seems is weaning and swaying forth with unfolding energies that cascade through the ethers, and us, as we bask in these gifts that are ripe upon this blessed planet at these now times. Potent and powerful are they as we have never before received such an insatiable appetiser of pristine energy that are gifted and transported in the Photonic and adamantine particles. They, in the abundant dances of divinity, are further emdroidering the great tapestries of life, in their ever wondrous roles of vibrant expression.

Potent are they that issue forth through our energy fields and heighten and whiten our light bodies as we breathe them into our crystalline golden white heart spaces, and in totality incorporate our multi-body systems with our mighty I Am Presences in fine balance and alignment. As above so below, as below so above! And the three fold flame dances potently, flaming forth in vibrant yellow, sapphire blue, and divine pink flames, all vibrantly spilling through our bodies. Two crystalline pyramids of light, one from above and one from below merging and melding into our holy diamond white heart centres, forming a six pointed star of balance and harmonising into the twelve. Dancing the dance of life in these rays and days of such opportune moments of grand expansion and ascending opportunities.

Much has and will be realised as the energies of change, and ever yet more change, flow across the planet in powerful precision, and Hu-man kind has now indeed been seen to have taken a stance, and from the hearts and very souls have stamped their signatures upon this sacred dance of life. Here will it be seen to inject, infuse and invoke the energies that be in the co-creation of a future more befitting to a democratic way of life, loosening free from the despots of old, as they are urged to step down from their sinking ships, thus affording an opportunity for a far greater cause of human-kind to be slowly but surely introduced and recreated.

Perilous it seems at these stages of these mighty transitions and mighty are they who donate their very lives to validate this supreme gesture and fighting for freedom. A gift indeed that comes only from those sure of heart and bold as the mightiest eagle that soars heavenwards in majestic splendor; likened to a phoenix rising through the storms of life into the ever changing rainbow of wonderment and rays of God Itself. These roles were handpicked prior to birth and the straws were chosen by those in line for such definitive work to lay down their lives and their all in such times as those apparent now. The door is best left open or ajar, as these 'first wavers' of the light warriors may well have need of like minded resusitation if greater become the needs maybe for added support.

The 'Commander-in-Chief,' Barack Obama, gives voice these days on what may be the need to be forthcoming in the days ahead, to coax and coerce the leaders of nations that may have greater cause to approach and repair those things that might have been attained via unfair means, and that might well be repaired and readjusted by good intent. The world of Human-kind is slowly yet surely beginning to 'retake,' review and reassess the causes and conditions that were responsible for land parameters that trespass an others domain. As greater awareness is beginning to surely surface, there are many whom are looking at that which has kept an individual's pot boiling, probably at the risk and expense of an others misadventure and misfortune.

The leaders around the world are beginning to look at the truer picture of the 'real reality' and to measure the cloth accordingly, with perhaps a fairer style or cut in future fittings, so to speak. There have already been examples by a few in the position of control, of extreme greed and wealth, to now begin to 'share' a little out of the wealth pot, appeasing the multitudes that they have for so long deprived and abused continually. Times are changing as other leaders are watching with interest as the winds of change blow hard in their faces, and the times of reparation is nearing, and the realisation that perhaps they that have for so long been misused and suppressed, have surely a right to his/her share of the monetary pot and far consumate life conditions.

Much has been achieved in these last few years and it was the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the USA that brought the 'scales of justice' a little closer towards balance and order. There has been and will be, no doubt, fierce opposition from the 'dark hats,' whose prominence is still obvious but whose identities are becoming ever more apparent! There is still a worldly mutual indication that there is need for greater communication between one and all. There is still an understanding that is growing slowly but ever surely, that the need to look at the equality of people as a major factor to address. There is still a major issue within the ruling covert manipulators whose real identities are beginning to come into the non too pleasing limelight, there to be publicly viewed and speculated. The hand of domino's begin to tumble down, one by one, slowly yet so surely, there is now only the one way to go, to enlightenment!

Many issues that have reared up into this current stage of understanding have perhaps been appropriately tinctured to be of one realisation, whilst another reality is nearer the whole truth. It matters not, only that the end result is just one of acceptance and encouraged to be most beneficial to one and all. Unity and progressiveness, harmony and mutual respect, kinship and outstretched hands in love. Allowing all to become nearer to a oneness in life, aspiring to the same goal and not necessarily the same incidentals in life. Unifying and collectively bridging the multitude of cultural differences that when measured one by one are purely incidental and totally insignificant and quite irrelevant!

Life's dreams are still held clearly in the collective minds eye; all manner of points of view, all manner of preferences, all kinds of like or dislikes, yet only ever one ultimate goal. And it is this that is the cement or glue that holds the whole wide world, and even the whole universe together, and it is ever simply Love and Light!

Be still and know that I Am God, be God and know that I Am still! Be the light that for ever shines forth, blessing and caressing all and everyone. Shalom.

(c)2011 Channeled by Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share, giving full credit to the source of these messages * Email: * Also to Lady Isis and The Light Circle Ezine) * "Be Still and Know that I Am God and Know That I Am Still!" *