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The Star Elders: Anchoring Eternity

The Star Elders: Anchoring Eternity
Channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
(15 March, 2011 in Egypt)
April 30, 2011

The following is the 4th message that we received in Egypt. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Immortals, Horus, the Hathors, and other Star Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

In order to visit Philae, the Isis Temple, you have to take a small boat as it is on an island in the Nile. We arranged private time at Philae at just before sunrise. Just as the Temple became visible, we stopped the boat and cut the engines. Here we asked permission from the guardians of the Temple to enter their sacred space. There in the barely lit sky, we could see Venus gliding over the top of the Temple as we silently drifted down the Nile. It was an amazing and magical moment.

Once off the boat, as a group, we all walked into the Temple of Philae. We went to the core . . . the heart of the temple. For me it is always good to work with the temples as they were built . . . from the inside out. Here everyone got comfortably situated to feel the energies and to receive the messages. The musicians in our group pulled out their flute, harp, Tibetan bowls and bells and started to play. The rest of us joined in toning.

The message begins . . .

(Feeling lots of emotion, Aluna is practically in tears.) The beings that anchor this place are called "The Immortals." They appear to be androgynous but yet feel very feminine. The Immortals say that we have entered eternity. As soon as we walked in, we entered eternity. Inside of us, they are anchoring our new orientation point inside this eternity. This orientation point is the place where we will build a new world from. In Abu Simbel, they gave us the seed and a new orientation point (space) . . . but it was not anchored in "time." "The Immortals" are anchoring our new orientation point into eternity. Here, where they are anchoring us, there is no direction or time as we know it . . . There is no history . . . There is no future. It is the eternal "Now." It is only Here. So they are anchoring this orientation point, and they are linking it with the seed that they gave us in Abu Simbel. They are doing this because this is the foundation stone for our new emerging world.

Another beautiful thing that they told me is that this site has also been moved. The energy still holds true in the stone, but there was something a little off, because they moved it. You can still feel the original energy in the Lake where they moved the temple from. They say that by us coming here, we have re-centered this temple to the heart stone . . . the seed of this Temple right here. I think this has to do with the new orientation point within ourselves that we received at Abu Simbel. So we brought a gift from "The Keepers" to the "The Immortals."

When we come to these sacred places, they do us; we don't do them. We are conduits for energy from one day to the next. We come here humbly because we know that we have much to learn. They said that because of our strong and true hearts, and because we are Masters at listening to the heart over anything else, that we have anchored the center, the new orientation point, back to where it rightfully belongs. The archaeologists, they knew unconsciously that this site was spiritually important. So they didn't let it flood when they built the dam. It is the same with Abu Simbel. They moved the stone, but they didn't know how to bring the energy. Even though, maybe 80 to 85% of the energy was already here, there was a little bit missing. It is sort of an analogy of where we are as the human race right now. We have almost arrived, almost awakened, but something is still missing. Something new is being born inside of us.

I am blown away at the thought that we could actually have helped bring that center back. After all, we are human beings having a spiritual experience. The immortals are honoring us and loving us for this transition of energy. Now with your permission, the immortals would like to activate/attune us to the energy here. You must give them permission to do so. This attunement will anchor your new seed in time and space, and will give you a beginning place to build a new you and to build a new world.

I feel a weight coming down on us. It feels like we are sinking into the floor. They said that they are giving us new wisdom, and that physically may feel like a heaviness at first, because the immensity of it. But it is beautiful. They are filling us up with this new wisdom. They are also stretching us so we can hold more energy and wisdom. They are making us bigger, stronger, wiser, more impeccable, and able to be of greater service, because each person in this temple (and those reading this) does not live for themselves. They live for the whole. We live for the betterment of this planet, and humanity. It is why we came here. We all felt the enormous greeting coming up in the boat. But when we reached the front door, the energy and the love was something that there was no definition for. There is no describing its immensity. We are going to have to grow bigger.

The immortals are having me look inside us now. There are things that they are doing that we don't have words for. So I am just going to do my best to describe this. There is like a spiraling energy going through all of our hearts . . . like little threads of light. It is spiraling down into our centers, and it is also going down into this seed stone, this cornerstone/heart stone, of Philae. As this energy is going through our hearts, it is picking up all the pieces of when you were here as one of the Immortals. It was a time when we were completely and totally awake. Many of us remember this. We know that we have been here before. We are picking up this memory, and it is being put back here from our hearts and into the seed stone/heart stone. This is not taking our memory away from us, but it is gifting this memory back to the temple. So when others come, they will feel this memory also.

My chest just feels like it is going to explode. The immortals say that we are doing this; not them. Usually they help us, guide us and do things that help us wake up. But at this time, this download is coming to us because of our own power and heart space, because our hearts are connected; because we had the courage to answer the call. Oh . . . they say that this is an insanely special time in these sacred sites, and only people that passed major tests could be here. And so you can see what happened. A couple of hundred thousand tourists left Egypt overnight. An entire country has been cleared for a hand full of spiritual groups!

The Immortals came to me even before we departed for Egypt. I had to tell them to "Be quiet. Leave me alone . . . not yet." I wanted them to wait to share their message until we all got here. They were so excited that we were coming. What they were showing me is how important we are (and those reading this) . . . beyond anything that I have ever felt. So inside I asked them "How can you show us this, and how do we stay humble at the same time?" Because we need to stay humble. And at the same time, we have to honor and accept who we truly are. What is happening now at this time, we have all been waiting for our whole life. I have been taking journeys for over twenty years. It is been a long wait for me and for you. Most of us have been waiting since we were children, and the idea that the time has arrived, and that it is here upon us now, is overwhelming and mind-boggling. This is a time that helps us all realize who we really, really are. The balance that we will learn is to stay humble in this realization, because this is our job. Everybody in the world has a job. This is our job. It makes us no more special than anyone else on the planet. It is just our job. It is just that we have been waiting a darn long time for this. The wait is over.

Okay, I am looking again . . . I can see the spiraling energy going down, with this memory of awakened ones, The Immortals, that knew how to master time, space and eternity; ones that knew how to stay anchored in peace and harmony, but with a great element of neutrality. When we stay in our neutrality, we can stay connected to everything.

The Immortals are anchoring the memory of our hearts, because we passed the test of fear. We came here during a most frightening scenario, to a country in revolution. Yet we all felt at peace with it. The Immortals are going to begin to send this fearlessness and peace to every searching heart on the planet, because as the transformation of this dimension continues, they are going to feel the fear, and get past it . . . just like we did. The Immortals are helping us send a message to all life on Earth that says "It is going to be okay. Hang in there. It is going to be okay." It is not a message that any of us here needed to hear. We already knew this. We have always known that it is going to be okay. But we have taken this journey with everybody on this planet. We have felt every bump along with them. We have felt the losses and the victories. We have felt the fear and the love. We have felt the pain and the liberation. But deep down inside of all of us, in our hearts, we have never lost sight that it was and is going to be okay.

The immortals are telling me now that you have been here in this energy before. You have done this work before. You have helped bridge ages from one world to another. All the work that we have done has evolved to this point in time. They say that we are all great Masters at doing this work. It is not something that we think about doing with our heads. It is just something that we simply activate by just being. Because of this fact, some of us haven't felt quite at home here; nor would we feel quite at home where The Immortals are. We are the ones who work in between dimensions. We are the ones that anchor the core, the heart, at the center. We are the new ones that know how to live in a body and embrace eternity at the same time. We were the brave ones that were willing to take on physical density and all the challenges that go with it, and hold the memory of eternity at the same time. That is not an easy job.

The immortals can see that some of us don't feel like we are strong enough or wise enough for this immense job, but with your permission, they say that they want to strip that lack of confidence away from you. They want to erase all those insecurities. They want to hush that nagging little voice in your head that says "Who do you think you are?" So, with your permission . . . and if you are ready to step into the totality of who you really are, they will strip your insecurities away. All those little feelings where you don't think you are good enough, or you think that you have not studied all the right books, or have not meditated enough, or ate the right diet . . . all that . . . just throw it out. This gift does come with a great responsibility, but I think everyone here (and those reading this) would not be at this place (or reading this) if they were not ready for it.

Earlier, when we were toning and singing, inside the words came into my head "I could die right here, and it would be beautiful." And the Immortals said that we are going to die and be re-born. I realize now that it is the death of the density that we had to take on to be able to be here. We had to take on 3-D density. We had to come in a little bit asleep just to be able to tolerate the density. And now that we are finding soul family, and community, people are starting to wake up all over the world. We are able to embrace more and more of our true selves. This global awakening makes the density more bearable. Yet the lighter we get, the more we realize how much work there is to be done. The Immortals are saying. . . (P.S. Worry is not in their language), the best word I can come up with is "Don't worry about the immensity of this work." They say that we are entering into a wave of energy that we have been building across the planet for a long time. This work cannot be stopped, yet it doesn't take any effort. The immortals say that all it takes is for us to "Just Be" ourselves. It is no effort to get the job done. It is a work that simply comes from the awakened heart. Nothing needs to be done except just "Be" who we are, and let it out to play.

The Star Elders have shown me how brilliant we all are over the years, and I have accepted it to a point. But The Immortals, these goddess-like beings that are timeless and ageless, show us a grander vision, and with it comes the challenge to really absorb and accept this light of who we truly are. Raphael and I went to the Grand Canyon one year. It is so big, so vast and so amazing that when you are sitting on one side, you swear that the other side is just a movie set. It is so fast and beautiful, that you cannot absorb it in its entirety. Do you know what I am saying? The energy that they want us to feel inside of ourselves is like the Grand Canyon. They are going to stretch us so we can contain how immense we actually are.

So why did we have to go through all this dense energy to do this job? We had to be in physical form. We had to be born physically. The Immortals, The Keepers, etc never have to go through this physical/human cycle. They were Star Beings/semi human. We needed to be birthed physically so we could contain in human form who we are truly are. We needed to be Star beings in human form to be able to build a physical bridge to a new world. Being in human form also kept us humble. When you are in eternity, you don't have to think about being humble, because you just are and there is no ego.

But this time the test/challenge is to awaken and shift in the human body. It is the first time that the Earth is going to shift where the awakened ones will not leave in spaceships, or go into the mountains, or into underground golden cities like in Peru, or go back to the stars. We are going to evolve in a physical body. We need to keep our humbleness, so we could also have the compassion to feel what everyone is going through during this time. That is what makes us healers. So we have to stretch to hold the immensity of the brilliance of who we are while being human. When we do this, it will affect the collective, and everyone can do the same. Each person on this planet, if they realize it or not, is here for a divine purpose. That is why the planet is so crowded right now. It is a huge experience for the soul to be able to make this transition in a physical body.

OK . . . The Immortals had me look back at us again. It looks like our heart energies have gone everywhere . . . through the oceans, mountains, trees, any living thing that has a spirit. It has washed across the planet now. I see it merging with other people doing work in other sites and other uncountable places.

OK . . . Have you noticed that it is getting a little easier to contain the energy now? It is not so heavy now. That it is not quite so overwhelming? I feel like I can breathe. So we are stretching quickly. We are containing the immensity of all this now. It is lightening up, but also the sky is starting to lighten up for sunrise. It is like we are not only entering a new day, but a new world. (A gecko chirped). Even the geckos are waking up.

We entered the Temple under the Stars and exited under a fresh, new sun. We all felt exceptionally light, and our hearts were full.

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