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The Falcon and Crocodile Order for Healing Duality

The Falcon and Crocodile Order for Healing Duality
Kom Ombo, Temple of Horus and Sobek, Egypt.
Through Aluna Joy - March 16, 2011

The following is the 5th message that we received in Egypt. You can find other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Immortals, Horus, the Hathors, and other Star Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

(We arrived at Kom Ombo in the early morning. Once again, the site was empty with the exception of some local vendors. This Temple is dedicated to 2 deities/gods. The first is Horus (the falcon), the son of Isis and Osiris, and the supreme victor over darkness. The second is Sobek (the alligator God) who had the ability to undo evil and cure ills. There are 2 entrances and chambers in this Temple. Half of our group went into one chamber and the other half went in the other. In each chamber there is a seed / heart stone. Once entering the core section of the Temple, you can see a wall, separating the two chambers is a niche wide enough to stand in. From this niche to the rear of the Temple, there is an underground channel connecting the two chambers. On either side of this channel, there are two, large granite heart stones about chest high. Each person in our group followed their intuition and surrounded the stone that called to them. Several people also found the center section to be the place that resonated with them, and thus they held space there.)

The message begins . . .

This place is about honoring and healing the duality inside of us . . . The light and the dark . . . The good and the bad . . . All our opposite sides. We have two seed / heart stones in this Temple. It is the only place that I know that has two heart stones. This site honored duality, but it also was a site that helped to bring duality back into unity and harmony. The temple was built with a doorway that connected the two heart chambers. This way we can honor both sides of ourselves and bring them back into harmony. In the center, there is a tunnel that goes up in the wall between these two chambers. It is this center part that brings energy from the sky, down to earth, bringing this temple into perfect alignment. This energy circulates in an infinity pattern . . . like the number eight (8). So the Temple, all by itself, brings harmony to duality.

Here the falcon people and the alligator people would also come into harmony. They would come together and work together with the stones, and they would bring everything back into harmony. It felt like it was the United Nations for bringing people back together. It was the harmony between different types of people. But it also brought harmony back inside of us. This place is also considered a healing temple as it carries a lot of Sobek energy. It can heal within you the things that are out of balance. We can work with one side or the other. Then, by working in the center part of temple, it bring everything back into balance again.

So we asked the guides, guardians and Angels of light that work with this temple, and the higher selves within us, to bring all things that are out of sync with nature and harmony inside of us back into balance. We ask that all the things that we struggle with, all the negative egos we wrestle with, to be brought back into alignment with our higher selves (with your permission as always). I can actually see energy coming from these two stones, coming up through the center and going up this tunnel of light up into the sky.

I was called to ask a question . . . "If we wanted to bring things back into balance, why wasn't there a way to touch both stones at the same time?" I thought that it was odd that they didn't do it that way, because in my mind, you would think that you would want to be able to touch both stones. But they said we needed to honor each side separately, because if we could touch both at the same time, we would probably ignore some of the things that we needed to heal on one side or the other. Does that make sense? It is really hard to face our dark sides. It is also hard to accept our light too. So the two heart stones represent the duality, and it does not matter which stone you work with . . . just use your heart. This site is about honoring and really facing the monsters inside of you, or the perceived illnesses and conflicts inside of you, and bringing them back into balance.

Now they are showing me that alchemists used to come here also and work on balancing the Earth and the heavens. In the past, there was a point in time where they had to work really hard to keep Earth alive as it was going through its dark cycles. They were keeping the planet alive until we could wake up in this new age that we are coming into. We have grown into the light and the power of who we are. Their work is done now. Now the work to be done is about working on holding the energy within ourselves . . . within our hearts. We do this because we are the cornerstones for a new world; our hearts are becoming cornerstones of light right now.

The alchemists, the ones that worked with balancing the light, had to keep planet alive. It was a big job. But now at this time it is about bringing this alignment . . . the two halves of the heart, the two lungs, the two ears, the two eyes, the two halves of the brain . . . down into the center of our hearts and holding this cornerstone within us. They say that we have moved beyond a small core of awakened beings that have been holding the light on the planet, and keeping the planet from total destruction. Now masses of light workers are holding this vision and balance. The weight is being lifted off of those that had to carry this heavy burden for so long. Now instead of a few hundred or maybe a few thousand holding the balance, there are millions on the planet holding the higher vision of unity for this planet. We are seeing Paradise returned. We are holding this vision.

Here they honored the dark and the light, but in the center, there is a center point of neutrality. Remember they told us about this yesterday. This neutrality is a place of non-judgment. This is the place where we don't try to fix things, but assume that all is well. Hold a vision that all is well. Because when we try to fix things, we break them by the power of our own perceptions. Things have radically changed. We are the creators now. So when we see something broken, we actually create this, and break it further before we can fix it. Does that make sense?

It is our job, now as humanity is waking up, to just hold a higher vision, because when we hold the higher vision, the universe has to comply. The universe will only give us what we hold in our hearts and what we believe and what our belief system is. If our belief system is negative, we will create more of this negative. If we keep holding a higher vision in our hearts, this "Will" come to pass. It has to. Example . . We are all here in Egypt. We held the higher vision to be here. The outer world made it look like we might not be able to come, but our inner world never gave up the vision. Every one of us held that vision. So you see anything is possible. We have already had a divine confirmation inside of our hearts. Our DNA is morphing around this new law of nature . . . that as long as we hold the vision, we can have paradise again. The universe is bound by natural law to morph around us. The universe is only acting upon our reaction and motivation. So the more we hold peace, joy, love and honor of our processes, it gives everybody on this planet permission to do exactly the same thing.

The guardians say that there are a few in the group (and those reading this) that they are helping to bring back into alignment that which has been out of balance because of abuse, brutality and betrayal that we have felt in this life. They are bringing back the core center inside of our hearts, perfectly centered and balanced.

It looks like we are all breathing at the same pace. It is interesting. We are breathing one breath. We are harmonized. Our heart beats are the same. They are sharing with me that there is a fine-tuning going on. A really precise, fine-tuning going on to line us up so the following days will be very productive.

These guardians have been with us. They are watching over us. They have been helping us walk through these places and our lives like we are climbing up a pyramid of evolution. Every day we take another step. So today Kom Ombo hits us right in the solar plexus. It is a turning point on this pilgrimage. We store a lot of (what?) in the solar plexus. We are just bringing our solar plexus back into alignment.

This site honors the whole being; not just the spiritual side, but also the human side as well. So it is okay that you don't feel good, or that you are happy. It does not matter because we are neutral, unified and harmonized. This is the part that we tend to struggle with, because we have worked so hard to be connected, and are so attached to our spiritual side, that when the human side comes roaring up and does something ridiculous, we get critical of ourselves saying, "We knew better . . . we could have done better." This site honors both of these sides. So what these messengers are telling us is to honor all the places inside of us. To honor the places where we don't feel so good about ourselves, and the places we feel absolutely brilliant about. Because when we honor and acknowledge all sides, it allows us to find our center. It brings us back into balance. This is a human journey of being from the sky, but being in a human body too. Living on the Earth at this time of great transformation is an honor and a gift. We are at the place where 10,000 years ago most of us had to escape or flee, or not make it altogether. We are going to have a different outcome this time. This time they say we are victorious. We are. We have learned. We have evolved.

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