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The Group: Re-minders from Home

The Group: Re-minders from Home
Channeled by Steve Rother
August 2011

From Steve:

The energy was very high in the room today, as somehow everyone felt that it was going to be something special. The anticipation was high as I began the channel, and there were several important points that the group offered us in this message. The main focus is that we are changing our vibrational pattern. They compared it to the Earth's vibrational pattern that has changed twice in recent history. The rotation of the Earth changed first due to the Chilean earthquake and then to the one in Japan, so our planet became like a spinning top. The Earth's rapid spinning was in effect throwing out a new vibration into the Universe around it, as it creates a new reality.

Changing to a new vibrational pattern is something that we all want to become aware of, because each one of us will experience it at some point in the near future. Our own little worlds will go through a rhythm pattern change. In this message the group says that our Circadian rhythm, which is our daily cycle that affects all the other cycles, is beginning to change. It's more than just our sense of night and day, for it reaches into our lives very deeply. The group reminded us of the triad of sleep where we will be sleeping for three hours, waking for two, and then sleeping for three more. They also explained that many of us will be having strange things happen in our sleep and that new possibilities will unfold as a result; the Pineal gland and recent changes to it are responsible for this shift.

Seems it's all just a question of balance.

Big hugs

Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups oversight for clarity in this format.

Greeting from Home

There is a change in your vibrational status, dear ones. We have said this before and have watched as humanity has risen to a new level, then worked very hard to acclimate to that level only to become comfortable for a moment and take another step. We have seen the struggles, the challenges, the emotions that many of you have gone through as you have acclimated into these new energies. We wish to share with you what to look for especially in the remainder of this year, for there is much energy which is on schedule to change now.

If you have a big rope, fashion a whip out of it and strike the air, it creates a wave that in turn creates a larger wave that goes out into the universe. There are highs and lows of that wave, but that is necessary to bring the new energy in. Many times you feel lost here on Earth. When you arrive from Home, you cannot re-member who you are, because it seems as if everything has been taken from you. You have to begin looking at who you really are, instead of who you were pretending to be. Almost every person walking on this planet has a level of integrity that they have adhered to. Sometimes, you adhere too much to your integrity because you are constantly trying to be the same person you were before. We tell you, dear ones, this stops and blocks your change, because it does not allow you to outside of the norm, or be flexible and fluid.

Matching Earth's New Vibration

We ask you to take a deep breath with us now. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. This is what we call an Earth breath, for you are breathing the Earth into your physical body and then breathing it out. When we had you do that just now, you harmonized with us. You noticed that we have already changed the tempo of our talk; you have changed the tempo of your reception. You have changed your own cadence and rhythm, and this is happening throughout all of humanity more than you have ever known before. A while back, we pointed to two very important triggers on this planet. One was the earthquake that took place in Chile, and the other was the earthquake that took place in Japan. Both of them have altered the rotation and the spin of this Earth. That, on a larger scale, means there is a new vibrational pattern that began only a short time ago with Earth. In other words, Earth is now creating a new cadence, a new rhythm throughout all that is and finding her place in the new energy as well. When you think about your evolution you can look into your own past - the last three or four years for most of you - and you can see huge movement and evolution If you look at the Earth, you think of her as being pretty much the same as she always has been. But we tell you that she is evolving just as quickly as you are, for it is actually all one evolution that is happening at an incredible rate.

Because of the new rhythm pattern of Earth, humans are now evaluating their rhythm patterns as well. Yes, we know that many of you think you do not have rhythm and that you cannot even keep a beat, but that is not the type of rhythm we are talking about. We wish to go very deep into your inner levels of humanity and talk about something you call circadian rhythms, a word has been used several times in this room already today.

Inner Rhythms now Shifting

There are evolutionary parts of your physical body that are starting to evolve and attach to the higher levels of the new vibration. From day one the pineal gland itself is the piece that is changing the most. It is the part that is becoming crystalline in nature, allowing you to have connections that you never thought were connecting before. The pineal gland has also been responsible for what you call circadian rhythms.

Although they are well-known on planet Earth as your sleep patterns, they also include your sex drive. Aha! We got your attention with that one. They also include your sense of your position in the universe, sleep patterns, physical evolution, and your emotional patterns which normally go up and down. The challenge for you is the change. As a result of the Earth changing her basic rhythm pattern, humanity will be harmonizing to that new pattern. This is part of the reason you are feeling a sense of eerie quietness right now, as if it is the calm before the storm. Many of you felt the changes of the new energy coming in and so you were re-positioned into a new life so that it opened up wide for you. Others have felt completely lost, because even though you have been putting one foot in front of the other, all of a sudden the destination you have been going toward is no longer there. It is almost as if you missed a 90-degree turn and you are looking for that piece where you can put purpose back into your rhythm and your step.

We tell you this is easier than you imagined, so let us explain. When the 10-10-10 wave of energy hit this planet, it was you who created it. You are the ones that created a larger wave than most people were expecting; you created a wave of change. That rope went very, very high and you were all enjoying and dancing in the light and ready to move into it, but you were not ready for the next level that went way down. At this point, throughout history, never has there been such a time on planet Earth, It has only been during the last eight months, because that rope made it possible for you as creators. What happens when god doubts him or herself? What happens when creators doubt themselves? They create doubt. That is what has been happening on this planet for some time. It is the reason that you are seeing such over reactions in politics and experiencing economic struggles throughout the world, as it is starting to harmonize this to the new rhythm of planet Earth.

You are evolving as well and that is part of the piece that we will talk about here. The pineal gland is starting to change and adapt to the larger, new cycles and rhythm of planet Earth. That is what is putting you in harmony, the same way as when we took a breath a moment ago we all harmonized. You will use very simple techniques to harmonize, but now you will notice it in your own life in different ways. Many of the things that used to be incredibly important to you may no longer feel as important, so we ask you to re-evaluate your life on a daily basis now. Step one foot after the other, all the while knowing that this was the path you used to be on but it may not suffice in the future or bring you the joy to put the pieces together. We will give you some very simple pieces to is ahead, and some tools to help work with as you go forward.

Sleep Triad

As you start going through these pieces, one of the things you will experience is a change in your sleep patterns. That alone is enough to make a creator doubt themselves, because that will change your entire energy field and your physiology if you do not rejuvenate through the sleep period. Sleep on planet Earth is changing anyway. You are moving toward a triad of sleep: three parts instead of one part. You used to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning and that was pretty simple. Now you are waking up in the middle of the night. Many of you thought it was just your nerves, but we tell you that it is an evolutionary process that is beginning to happen to every human. It is not that they have to get up and do things, but many times, you are moving toward a triad of sleep where you will begin sleeping for roughly two or three hours, then waking for two hours then sleeping for three more. That is happening to many people on the planet now and as the new rhythm equates into our physiology, we will start doing more of that. The two hours in the middle of the night we will caution you about, because you are in a hyper creative state. Every thought that you have during that time will manifest in your life in some way. What is the number one thought that you are having right now? You think, "Oh, I'm going to be tired tomorrow." When you wake up, you are exhausted and you think it is because you missed two hours of sleep in the middle of the night. It is not. It is because you told yourself you were going to be tired tomorrow. We need to re-evaluate your physiology because it is changing very rapidly. Your connection to the planet is growing closer and more intense, and because of that harmonizing to the new rhythm patterns of planet Earth will become critical to every person as we walk forward into the higher energies of the new vibrations.

The 11-11-11

We also will tell you that you are ready to start a new wave. Yes, the 11-11-11 is a wave of conscious energy that is made by humans intentionally to create the next level of existence for you, for you to exist as empowered humans on this planet. You have tasted it, you have found little pieces of it and now it is about to become a reality. We tell you it will be happening over the next two to three years with no problem for every single person, yet there are those of you who want to be at the front of the wave help to create this wave. We wish to tell you what is in store and what will take place.

You are in a period right now where the rope from 10-10-10 and the wave have settled back to normal. It is part of the reason you are feeling a bit of eerie comfort right now. It is kind of feeling comfortable, but you do not know if you should trust it because you do not know if it is going to continue. So, we tell you that as this moves forward what will occur are some very common things with everyone. Try to imagine it as if a big wave coming in, and right now is the pull back. It is where the water is receding and everything is getting quiet; it is where everything is starting to get eerily gray outside and you can smell the electricity in the air, but nothing is happening yet. This is the perfect time to find your new harmonies, because when the wave comes in, it is much more difficult for you to harmonize with something that seems to be taking you over. Every time you look into someone's face and smile, there is a mirror bringing your energy back to you. Look at those mirrors. Start becoming aware of where you are and what your greatest dreams are. This is the time of dreams. You have asked to move into full empowerment and you are being given that right now. You are returning to your own capabilities as spirits in heaven while being on Earth. We tell you that you are not quite there yet. You are not at that point where all of humanity can take that leap, but you are getting closer every moment. With every tragic event you are also seeing a heart bonding that is making you harmonize, that is allowing you to energetically harmonize with everything and everyone on the planet. That is bringing a level of love and trust to planet Earth that has never been here before.

These are great days in front of you, dear ones. You have earned, requested and have always known that they would be coming. An now, here they are. You were not quite ready for the way they presented themselves but it has been effective. There are a couple of more waves coming but we will take one at a time. Instead of being overwhelmed at the last minute you can actually get on the very top of the energy and ride the wave in.

Many humans are going through physiological changes as well as emotional changes. You are starting to see new patterns emerge in many different areas. And, we also tell you, there have been healing modalities which have been blocked on this planet. Many of them that were brought forward do not work the same in this energy. You have all assumed that the rise of vibration in humanity and the evolutions of humanity are what caused the change and we tell you that some of them have been consciously blocked by you. Much of the information that was originally brought in from Nicolai Tesla was blocked - plain and simple. Much of where he was going when he died was blocked and it is all coming back now. It is not just the work of Tesla, there are huge evolutionary technology drops now being integrated into the work of many on this planet which are about to break loose. You are going to see many of your larger problems like pollution resolved through much of the same means that created it. Much of your technology that has created some of your pollution will also start to clean it up and will allow you to have more control over your planet. This will give you more ability to be the caregivers of earth. For the longest time on planet earth, you did not trust yourselves to be the guardian and the cetaceans, the whales and dolphins, who have held that role for so long have now given that power back to you. You hold it.

Empowerment = Free Choice

There are no predeterminations to where you are going and that is where some of the challenge is for many of you. You are accustomed to looking for the path, now the path is not created until your foot almost hits the ground. Your own expectations are now going to create new opportunities for you. All we ask is that you play. Step into it. Play with it. Harmonize with it. Figure out a way to express your passion through it in some way. You will see alignment of a the little pieces that have driven you crazy in the past. You will feel the doors magically open because the time is right.

Even if Nicolai Tesla's work would have evolved from the day that he left, it would not have been accepted amongst humanity. It is not the leaders in technology that are making this difference, it is every single one of you and you are doing it in your own heart. You are opening the possibilities and we are here not to show you the way, but to help you re-member who you are and to take that opportunity to make a huge difference in your life. Every day you will be faced with new opportunities for harmony. Embrace them and know that your rhythms will be changing as a result.

As previously mentioned, when releasing your body templates, it may have the opposite effect on your body weight in the beginning. That is a natural physiological reaction to any shift of energy. The same is true with the sleep patterns and even though you will be sleeping less in the very beginning you might find the opposite happening. This is all part of the natural evolution that you are going through as humans. Even though we have been talking about many of these pieces as if they would be happening at some distant future, they are happening right now. This is taking place. All these pieces that we have been talking to you about for the last 15 years are starting to trigger right now. This place is getting very exciting. You have moved more energy than you will ever know.

We know most of you have doubts about yourself, wondering if you are on the right path. If we could only pull that veil aside for a second, we would show you the great beings that you are. You would not be in a physical form if you were not one of the highest vibrational beings available to this planet. That means that you have the greatest opportunities of all those beings trying to come into planet earth right now. Many of you wanted to be there at exactly the right point to watch the miracle happen. It is happening. It is taking place right now. Do not even wait for the 12-12-12. Open that door and watch this evolution take place. Make it your own. Create it your way. Set your rhythm to something that is comfortable to you. Set your pace and if at any point you are not happy with that rhythm and that pace, dare to change it.

Sex and Pretending to Be a Human

You are stretching out as beings pretending to be a human. That physical body will now allow you to do some incredible things that were blocked from you before. When we said the word, block, a while back, there were some fears. Let us address those. You were the ones that blocked information from this planet - no one else. You are the ones that have decided how far you will go. You are the ones that have set into motion the greatest changes on any planet that has ever happened anywhere. We are watching you as you put one foot in front of the other making it happen. Find the passion. Find that piece, that puzzle part that you brought from home that nobody else can carry. No one else can express the way you do. Make it your own. Do not forget to have fun. It is a huge part of pretending to be a human.

One final piece we will tell you. As many of the rhythms change in your physical body, you will also find that your sex drive is on a changing rhythm as well. We have talked much about sexual energy, even given a course on it, as most humans are afraid of their own sexual energy. The planets history of keeping sex hidden has caused many problems. Now is a time to channel it and use it the beautiful way it was meant to used. You are seeing a different change in your own physical sex drives. There are some who for a variety of reasons have turned the switch off. You may find it coming back all by itself. It is a natural reaction for humans think of sexuality as being a base energy of the animalistic nature. We tell you that is not the case. Sexual energy is light coming in from home being shared through a body. As you make these evolutions, your own sexual connections will come to life. It is simply more of spirit being infused into your body. That is the basis of sexual energy. Watch for these things. Play with them. Find a way that you can use these intentionally instead of being overwhelmed by them. Know that every step you take is a new path and you are being watched throughout the universe. Even many of the races that came here originally to help you form these physical bodies are watching in the most incredible amazement. You are doing it. Nice work. Nice work.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a beautiful game you are playing and play well together.

The Group

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