Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Light Blast: Needing Nothing

Weekly Light Blast: Needing Nothing
by Jayme Price
August 18, 2011

The state of balance on Earth has inclusion built into it. As we integrate, we balance. When we avoid or separate in a fear-based manner, we polarize. Inclusion naturally leads to understanding. Understanding is the point of separation, for discernment and separation are functions of choice, and choice is a requirement of Love (at least on Earth). Thus the Free Will environment offers us the choice to Love. Not only Love, and yet only Love. Love is inclusion, for it is the binding thread, the Living Source that is intrinsic in our Universe. Love is how opposites attract. Love is how like attracts like. Love is how continual Flow perpetuates. Love is Needing Nothing, for within Love, you already have everything.

But I need oxygen to survive. I need, I want, I hurt, I hunger, I won, I lost.these are all valid and real. Love can include all of that. It is the activation of Love within the experiences that challenge or seem wrong that right them. Right and wrong exist, and yet they are not truly separate. What is wrong for one or wrong for a moment, is right for another. They are avenues of growth, expansion and inclusion. From this perspective of balance, wrong isn't wrong, it's right, and vice versa. Yet they exist. Inclusion is the reflection of separation; they must both be present within the world of form. It is inclusion that holds separation together into form. Thus it becomes not wrong or right, but wrong and right. Separation and Unity. The Whole Truth.

How do we get to Needing Nothing when we do have needs? We include it with having everything. Death? It has Life. Look at the system, it's obvious. Any form of death feeds Life. It need not be avoided on any level. Sorrow is to be felt when it is present, what a gift of honoring Life. But as we expand to include All, we need not fear, resist or even experience. All is Well. From this balanced state, the negatives become integrated into Love rather than resisted. Then we need not avoid them. Death is included in the continuation of Life.

One would then ask, isn't Love a polarization toward the Love side of the spectrum? Yes and no. ;o) Love that really is more about need is polarizing. I need to feel good about myself, so 'I love you' because you are sexy, smart, successful, subservient, etc. I need to feel safe so 'I love you' when you are controllable, loyal, following certain tenets, agreeing with me, etc. I need to experience only pleasant things so 'I love you' when you behave this way or when I don't see the unpleasant. I'm sure many of you have experienced people that are not grounded in reality and think they are only experiencing love, when really they are avoiding or suppressing. Remember to include it with everything and Love them as they are, for they are opening at the pace and path that best serves them. True Love has no fear, no need. And yet if we do not include choice within that, we are not fully in Love. I have a choice as to whether I will agree to share relationship with someone that is manipulative, for example. Do I have to hate them for it? That's the difference. I can choose to end the relationship while still remaining in a balanced state. That balanced state may contain moments of anger, hatred, sorrow or fear. All of those beautiful emotions serve a purpose that expands Love. As I honor my anger, I begin to see it from a personal perspective of the power to maintain my boundaries rather than wallowing indefinitely in blame, hatred, sorrow or fear; which disempowers me. Thus the perpetrator becomes an Angel that helped teach me my power. Try hating your way to that same kind of resolution! Love is the key.

As we sit to Blast Needing Nothing, we are opening to the inclusion of All Life as valuable and right. We are utilizing our choice to integrate wrongs into a beautiful gift of righteous honoring of All Life. We are understanding that unity contains separation and Love is the binding force of Life. We are perceiving All Life through the lens of Love, allowing choice to right the wrongs and wrong the rights as Life continues. We are becoming Whole within ourselves, united with all, unique and enjoying the Flow of Life. Needing Nothing, for All is Well and choice is the catalyst for Love. Blast on!

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