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SaLuSa: Look Beyond Your present World Problems

SaLuSa: Look Beyond Your present World Problems
August 3, 2011

Let no one take away your belief in the future of which there are various versions. Hold on to the one that resonates with your understanding, and very soon you will find events taking place that will indicate the path that your civilization is to take. Do not nevertheless be too rigid and when you can, accept changes that are in accordance with your understanding and make allowances for them. All will become clear in the not too distant future, and will bring a coming together of people of a like mind. The alternative to Ascension will leave some people in limbo, and is likely to lead to a condition to be avoided that instills fear in their mind. Whatever way you perceive the end times, it is important to have a goal to work towards. The unavoidable conclusion at present is that your civilization is breaking apart, and your leaders cannot see or desire to contemplate the major changes that are needed to put things right. Some politicians are to be applauded for their insight, but they are too few to be able to sway the masses that toe the party line regardless of the situation.

However, we are well aware of those souls who are dedicated to bringing about changes for the good of all, and their sincere intent will eventually bring them to the forefront. They incarnated precisely for this particular time, and their abilities and spiritual desire to bring out the best for humanity will not be wasted. They bide their time and know intuitively that it will not be long before they are called into action. Dear Ones, you are all here at this time because it is an important time in your evolution, but you are not all key players for the final run in to Ascension. Most of you are in fact here to simply be of the Light and spread that around you wherever you go. When you wonder what you can do to help, that is all you need to do and it will help lift the vibrations upon Earth. Follow your intuition and if it is your place to serve in a different capacity, then you may be sure that you will be made aware of it. Be a calming influence when others exhibit fear, and help them to share your assurance that all will be well.

Naturally when we of the Galactic Federation are officially recognized, that on its own will help raise people's hopes. It will become clear as to why we are drawing close to you, and a great upliftment will take place when it is realized we come to bring you world peace. That of course is just the start, as we have a lot to do in respect of the preparations to cleanse the Earth. It is also going to be a busy time ensuring that each soul understands the significance of the end times. However, that is a task well within our ability, and there will be regular programs to give full details of the options open to you. We understand that your freewill is to honored and that you are sovereign Beings, and the facts will be laid before you for your information. The final choice will always be yours where your spiritual evolution is concerned.

Look beyond your present world problems as they are only temporary, and will give way to the New Age that will propel you into the higher dimensions. It is a natural form of progression, as all is ever heading towards the Source of All That Is. As you must realize by now, it is your Universe that is ascending and your Earth cannot hold back the inevitable and desired upliftment. It is divinely decreed and nothing will halt its progress except that the Creator should make a new decree. The wonders of evolution are truly amazing, although you may not be able to grasp the magnitude of what is taking place. There are great Beings of immense power involved in what is about to occur, and it is impossible to put it into words you would fully understand.

Those who are not of the Light but lean towards the dark side are in fear as they see the world falling apart, unlike you of the Light who have everything to look forward to. They are likely to drop further into the mire, seeking solace in drink and drugs. Hopefully when the truth about us and the coming Ascension is known, many can be encouraged to look to the Light for a path back to normality. They may not do enough to sufficiently raise their vibrations to ascend, but any progress made now will be of value when they start their next cycle. There is no question of any soul losing any gains made in raising their consciousness levels. As long as you are progressing, you will never be looked upon as a failure as it can be as slow or fast as you decide.

With the end times rapidly drawing so near, may souls have elected to take on all remaining karmic experiences. For many it is therefore a hectic time, particularly at a personal level. When you ascend karma will have been cleared by you or "written off" through the Law of Grace. Because you will be in a much higher vibrational level where there is balance and harmony, there is virtually nothing that will cause you to incur karma again. At that level, your thoughts and actions will naturally flow with the higher vibrations, and the lesser thought forms will have been cleared from your consciousness. It is a return to your normal state of being, as you were before dropping into the 3rd dimension.

In fact, you are already beginning to shed those unwanted, and unnecessary thought forms as you absorb more Light, because they are not compatible. It does therefore become easier to deal with such problems, the further you travel along the Ascension path. You will start 2012 with an uplifted vibration resulting from 11.11.11, and the changes will come thick and fast thereafter. It will clearly be a most memorable year, and you will be well informed about activities in your Solar System, as we will share information with you. We keep no secrets and want you to be able to fully enjoy the occasion with us. Currently you are still kept in the dark where many matters are concerned, but that will soon change. The dark Ones are sometimes naïve and do not seem to understand that nothing can be hidden from us. If necessary we can go back in time to prove a point, as may be necessary where your history is concerned. You have truly been seriously mislead, and we will ensure you know all before you ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that more of you are experiencing time speeding up, and you seem to have less time to get through your daily needs. It has its consolation, as the weeks and months are also streaming by at breakneck speed. Before you know where you are, Ascension will be in sight.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation. *