Monday, August 8, 2011

Uriel's Message -- The Blessings of Dis-Illusionment

Uriel's Message -- The Blessings of Dis-Illusionment

Those things which get your attention are created through tension and resistance. The flow of energy is interrupted in the presence of fear and this becomes a point of transformation. Will you choose the fear or something beyond it? The fear has been a constant presence and companion and the path beyond it is unknown. The tension which you feel as dis-ease, dis-comfort, and dis-illusionment are blessings which show you that your reality is not in alignment with your energetic vibrations.

As you raise your vibrations and allow new energies to become integrated into your being, tension is created wherever they conflict with your existing vibration. The illusion you are living through is no longer resonating with you and you can no longer support that illusion. Other choices, beliefs and thoughts are now required to support the new reality you wish for yourself, which then creates a new illusion. All life is an illusion, a paradigm that you create through your energetic vibrations. Being dis-illusioned simply means that you can no longer support your current illusion.

Every illusion requires a constant flow of energy to support it. The illusion that is supported by fear, pain and drama is created when you are in those energies. The moment you feel that your illusion no longer works for you is the moment in which you have disconnected from your illusion and your soul is calling to you to connect to higher energies, expand your vision for your life, to resonate with a new vibration and be willing to allow more light into your being. You can see the dis-illusionment as a failure or as a divine blessing.

What you see as a problem is simply a process of disconnection so you can reconnect to something else. All life is a flow of energy that must continue to ascend into higher vibrations. Where your illusion has grounded you in a particular path is where you will feel tension and when you disconnect and allow your energy to expand, through setting an intention for a new course for your path, you create tension whose purpose is to show you where disconnection needs to occur and reconnection can happen. Embrace this with joy as it is confirmation of your transformation, then choose your new path and allow new levels of illusion to become your reality.

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