Friday, August 19, 2011

Streaming Light into the Planet

Streaming Light into the Planet
August LightStreamings
by Carol Fitzpatrick

Here we are. August has arrived and many of us are knee deep in the work of parsing through the finer nuances of balancing and stabilizing our energy systems as we prepare to move through the now-open portal that calls us home.

The energies coming into the planet now are high, very high vibrational frequencies that are prompting us to clear patterns of separation. Fear that keeps us from fully trusting in the wisdom of the heart is to be transformed because where we are going, vibrationally, our bodies cannot withstand the polarity. Like the sound of frenetic static, we are diligently clearing the pervasive fear-based patterns that cause our light quotient to fluctuate, which hinders our ability to discern truth.

Getting through this portal requires us to fully let go of our fears and trust in the expansion of our energy as we anchor our higher awareness into a brand new energetic terrain.

Our progression through this portal can feel like the death of the old (old ways, habits, attachments to outcome and form). The flowing of these new energies into the earth plane create less polarized creations and have a more harmonizing affect on the whole.

As we move through this new energetic terrain, the relationship that we have to the whole of our human family is sacred and warrants our full and complete attention at this time, especially as we approach the time of the great shift or flip in mass consciousness.

To fully grasp the magnitude of the transformation in the making, we must feel and sense the way ahead with our heart. The mind will increasingly want to play tricks on us because that part of us that wants to believe that we are safe in the old when, in fact, we are not. We will want to believe that others care about our welfare but they do not, not in the old paradigm way, that is.

As a part of our human family, we have been programmed to see ourselves as broken, as someone or something in need of fixing. But there is nothing broken about us. Even as we reflect out into our world, the pieces or parts of the self that feel or seem that way are not that way at all. Separation (old paradigm) from the one is merely a perception, a trick of the mind.

We are in the midst of receiving a major blessing -- the safe passage through this portal -- and the only way to receive the gift is to drop deep into the heart and to be still inside.

Even as we are called to be still, that part of our emotional body that is still stuck in the old is being pushed to release the old way of perceiving life. Any perception of separation is making its way to the surface of our lives, and if we are paying attention to the real lesson, we will understand our learning as the blessing that it is and stop recreating the same old stories that keep us from fully gaining access to the portal.

We are perfect, whole and complete as we are. No one can stop us from fully opening to our joy, from realizing our soul's purpose for being here. We have only to remind ourselves to let go and trust in the flow of oneness. These spikes of fear, as we are spiraling upward toward the portal, try to keep us from being still and peaceful inside; but we have grown stronger than the fear. Fear no longer has a hold on us, even as we might even berate ourselves for all that we could have or should have done differently. Be careful, even, of the stories. Drop into a state of gratitude, and allow the flow of grace to guide you.

The old is tired and wants to let go and we just need to help that part of ourselves along a bit. Be gentle but firm. "No, no I'm not doing that any more," is a good reminder. "No, no one is responsible for my happiness, I am," is another.

In order to bring any persistent pattern to light, you might find you have re-created old familiar emotional patterns but this time around the characters in your drama are bigger than life villains, victims, or perhaps rescuers. If you have slipped back into drama at all, learn to see it as a gift of insight and move on.

Of course, we don't have to learn this way but it does help us to see more clearly. The human way of learning is rooted in pain. Pain teaches us what we don't want. Pain shows us a different reality. In this manner, pain propels us to drop deep inside and transform the perception that we even need to be healed at all. Ultimately, after we have tired of learning this way, pain points us in the direction of our greatest joy

If we are truly listening to those inner promptings of the heart and learn how to listen to the more subtle cues, we will learn to trust ourselves so completely that it will be the pattern that will catch our attention and not have us waiting until life falls down around our knees.

Once we reconnect with the energetic current that is most aligned with our soul's higher awareness, we feel the flow of grace because it is beyond measure. That is the clearest signal of this portal. Total stillness.

The lower river of consciousness of pain, doubt, fear, mistrust of self, judgment, regret, remorse, anger, depression . . . will always be there as a choice for learning even as the larger energetic body steeped in oneness continues to spiral upward.

The answer is to allow our inner knowing to guide us, and that is true empowerment of the individual. As we open to love even as we each decide our particular path (pain or joy, division or unity, complacency or collaboration) your pattern changes the entire grid of light. Choices abound.

Entrainment from one river or stream into another is the only way that each of us, in this ocean of One, will make it through this next portal: By fully opening and trusting in the flow of our very own heart. The potential of personal and global ascension is profound.

In Grace,
Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.

Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.

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