Friday, March 23, 2007

Archangel Michael 3/17/07

Archangel MichaelMarch 17, 2007======================I am impressed that so many answered my call as I thought that you my light workers had forgotten me and this time to advance peace in the world and the cleansing of your physical for preparation into the next level of advancement.I can see now that you and so many more are finally beginning to awaken to the solemness of this time. I say solemness as this is the moment of change that cannot be turned back. The forces of the cosmos have begun towards liberating the souls on this planet from the forces of control and domination.It is the human mind that will allow you to move forward. It is the mind and the thought process that will allow you to see into the dimensions. There are some of my light workers who can already see into the next dimension very clearly, some intuitively and some not at all.By the end of this year, all must see into the next dimension, and very clearly, as the energies that are coming this year will build the new Adam Kadman and this month in particular will lay the foundation. The foundation is in clearing all the past emotional debris that have been attached to the physical body by means of the subtle body that layers around the physical.It you are not prepared in this manner, you will not be able to cross over the divide which is the line between two dimensions. The dimensions of which I speak are a divide of energy that you call vibration. So this divide is a vibrational divide and it will not be crossed unless the physical is ready to cross.What is in the physical debris is stuck energy from your present lifetime, your many past lifetimes and those forefathers of yours that held the DNA originally that you have inherited. This DNA is a reservoir of emotions also, some positive and some negative.This experience set up by the Elohim, co-creator Gods for this planetary system and galactic spiral that some call your galaxy. If you have read my Earth History, Past Present and Future, you are aware that the game of confrontation from those who are in direct opposition to the light was not intended for this beautiful planet.Part of the game was the interaction between the light and dark and was intended, though we wish to explain that the light and the dark in my terms means those who serve self to advance and those who serve others to advance. Those as we said who are in direct opposition to the light were not intended to live on this surface. My book will tell you that these individuals were in the process of destroying their own planet and were given the opportunity to live here in the belief that they would change their thought process and in turn their actions. This worked for a short period and then they turned towards their warlike actions again.It then became necessary to divide the dimensions so that there can be a wall of separation between the forces that would control and dominate and those who are willing to advance through the weaving of patterns of light and dark. The dark of which I speak are those who serve the light but in a method of value of color printing to form the tapestry of life. They are not your enemies, but rather offer dimension and detail to the creative thrust that was envisioned by the Prime Creator. That part of the plan came from Prime Creator in the center of the Cosmos. Those who are in direct opposition to that path are those of which we speak who will try and usurp the laws of creation and the souls of the Creator. This aberration is in the lower levels of life and is not found in the higher levels of life. The path of spiritual evolution was interfered with by angels who had great power as they could search not only their memory banks, but had access to the manner of creation. I speak here of the methods. In that ability they were able to attempt to harness creation, and fortunately, the spiritual hierarchy were able to keep this great mistake in the lower realms as a check point. We have not been able to eradicate this error; therefore we separate the two forces of intent. Know that your work to be completed will require much effort. There are those who tell you that there is nothing to do other than to be, and I say to you in my authority as Archangel Michael that there is something to do, and that is to clear the physical body and purge all the elements of negativity from it.Unless you do this, you cannot move on to the next dimension as there is a Divine Universal Law in effect that there can be no error created on a lower layer of life to be taken to a higher level of life. No one, and that means even those who reside beyond your planetary sphere, can advance until all their errors on the lower rungs of their experience is corrected.It is of great concern to me because I made a promise to all of my light workers when you followed me into this part of the galaxy to start this new experiment that I would awaken you when it was time to advance beyond this experiment. You probably are aware that this is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. When I led you to this dimension, I was aware of the energy that would come here at this time. I mentioned to you that this is the energy from the super nova that exploded and the early remnants and the sight of the explosion reached your planet in 1987. This though, is the time of the vast spray of this energy upon the planet and upon your physical body.This was the time foretold whereby the Eye of Isis would bring forth this energy for the very use of your advancement at this time and in this place. I have mentioned to you earlier that these three months March, April and May is of prime importance to you. This month of March may have seemed difficult for some of my followers in the manner of clearing, but I say to you be patient, this is the beginning of a great advancement for you.I stand here with my sword of truth. Peer into the silence of this dimension and see if you can see either me or my energy. This is an important discipline for you to do now and whenever you can practice this.Presently my warrior angels are accompanied by the Queen of Heaven herself, and Mother Mary along with Mary the Magdala are serving you in a very special manner this moment. They, along with the cherubs that serve them, are presently working with you to help clear your physical body.All that is necessary is for you is to desire to have your physical body cleared of all the past thoughts that were of a negative nature: thoughts such as anger, intolerance; pride, hatred. This is a long list and it is the result of distorted thinking that was prevalent at the time. Suffering of all types must be cleared from your body and the remnants of that suffering must be rooted out also.We begin here. If you later need more work done to complete this, we will ask for another conference call the end of the month. This is important work and we ask you to set aside the time to complete this. This work of clearing the physical is more important than any pursuit of pleasure that you might become involved with. This has to do with your future and I mean that literally.We serve because we love you and we serve because it is the fulfillment of our promise to you. **During the meditation that I will lead after this message, the clearing will begin. This energy is the energy of clearing the physical and it is available to you this month. This will be the easiest time to accomplish this clearing, but we say that for those who haven't done this clearing in this month it will be possible to do this later, but you might need an energy worker who can do this for you. The end result is that you will feel much lighter as there is actually energy that is leaving the cells within your physical body and it has been a burden that you have carried for many years. Know that we are also working on your ancestors that are tied to you through the generic time of your DNA. Call them in to you at this moment so that all might clear and become whole and free of anything that is not of the God light which is a magnificent bright white and golden hues of a brushed gold that shimmers as a heavenly golden lightening.Next month the energies will be different and we will send out information on the purpose for those energies. Let us concentrate on one month at a time. Open your heart to us and know that you are loved as all of you are sparks from All-There-Is and we are dedicated to Source as if our lives depend upon it, as it does. Source is the beginning of all life yours and mine. I have not had my memory banks cut as you have and I remember when I came from the hand of Source. Eventually you will attain this ability yourself, or shall I say, regain your memory. It is a beautiful thing to not only remember but to relive your creation as a soul. I live for that moment when you my light workers can regain this memory. It will be soon as the end of the cycle is upon us all. For me it means moving to another galaxy and I wish for you to remember so that you can go with me.I work for all of you. After these three months of changing energies for the physical body, I will begin a study of instructions for you as to how to work with the new electrons that you will face in the upper reaches of the higher dimensions. The electrons there are similar to what you experience where you are, but they are definitely different. Blessings and honor to you my charges. I took the responsibility for you when we came here, and as one who always keeps their word, I thank you for coming and becoming a part of this.Now take a deep breath and rest in your heart center and feel only joy and love and we will move into the second phase.**I do not have a copy of the meditation it was not included with this you had to be on the conference call to receive it. - IsisReceived by Carolyn EversCarolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. She has written six books and a course, Journey To The Other Side. Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. Her work can be found at * * and her contact address is * * She also works with the Cherubim Angels and reads from the Universal Akashic Records. She has two radio shows with BBS Radio, The Message and The Messenger. Call in for healings and readings from the Akashic Records * 1-877-876-5227