Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Are In The Midst Of A Great Cleansing

St. Germain: Only a few years remaining of this cycle -You are in the midst of a great cleansing==============================================The Earth is small and in some ways insignificant, yet it attracts the attention of so many different groups. Some are from outside of your Galaxy, and you may wonder how they know of you and the grand events that are soon to take place. To use your terminology, good news travels fast and because of the uniqueness of what is to occur with the coming of Ascension, they desire to witness such a wonderful event. It is not just the "seeing" but also the feeling of the energies as they grow and rise up in vibration.Of course your Earth and Solar System can be observed from the outside, and the "lifting up" which will happen in the twinkling of an eye, will be a wonderful spectacle. On the ships that carry those Beings who are interested, they have computers that will record the manner of the energy changes. It is normal to record all happenings so that they can be seen, analysed and permanently recorded for future reference. There are also what you would call Master Computers of immense capacity and advanced technology, which in their own way are of an ultra- superconsciousness. However, as everything exists in the Now, when you reach a certain stage of advancement you will have access to all knowledge. It is only the Supreme Creator that holds all knowledge of What Is, Was and Will Be.At your present level some of you are able to link into higher sources, and this occurs through a connection to your Higher Self. Until your body is restored to a 13 Chakra System, you will not become One with Superconsciousness. You will achieve this level through the changes connected with the Photon Belt energies, that are already moving through your Solar System. You are moving up to a level where you will have become Beings of Light. You will still have form, but be able to change it according to how you wish to be perceived.Your physical body with all of its wonders and drawbacks, particularly in older age has taught you an understanding of Spirit in Matter. As you increase your vibrations, the imperfections will commence to disappear. It does however require a positive approach by you, as you are developing the creative power to determine the condition of your body. In other words, the message that you give to it as regards to its condition will determine how it shall be. Do not invite old age by accepting the traditional idea that there will be a lessening of your abilities due to your age. Believe and confirm that your body is in perfect condition and health, by not accepting or acknowledging its expected deficiencies. There will come a time before the end of this cycle, when you will have this degree of control and creativity.Believe in your developing powers, and place no limitation upon your ability. With full intent your creations will manifest even if the result is delayed. This is very much in line with other abilities that are returning to you. Ones that have largely remained dormant, and will return as you become more in alignment with your true Self. After all, you are much more than you perceive yourself to be at present; it is just that you have forgotten your higher status and the abilities you commanded. They are returning, and you should now begin to notice the changes within Self.My Dear Ones, you are meant to return to the higher realms where you belong, and you will have thoroughly earnt this opportunity after having served your time experiencing duality. You will carry with you the benefits and lessons you have learnt and will be all the greater for it. Your evolution has proceeded at a tremendous pace, and you knew it would be so before you undertook this venture. In the grand scheme of things you are to be congratulated in having moved beyond duality.Every single one of you was a soul that made a decision way back in the mists of time, to experience the lower vibrations knowing that it would take your evolution forward in a way that no other experience could do. However, there is no necessity to retain the details of your journey, as it is the spiritual progress that has resulted from it that is meaningful and will serve you well. There are only a few years remaining of this cycle, and already the negativity and its ability to affect you is diminishing. The dark are being contained to limit the damage to the environment, and are held in check until they can be removed. They know of our existence, and have met us on a number of occasions and rejected our approaches. They cannot however override or alter the dictates of the Creator and the Brotherhoods of Light, and the many Councils that carry out the Creator's bidding. You cry out for help and it is not far away, and soon through the action of the Galactic Federation there shall be immense changes. They will be far reaching, and bring results that will be well beyond your present expectations. All that holds you back and takes away your rights will be removed, and Humanity will be given back its freedom. The erosion of your rights will be halted, and we see great opposition against those who are responsible. You are in the midst of a great cleansing, and of necessity the negativity must be brought out into the open. The result is that you seem to be plunged into chaos, but it will not last too long. Those dark souls who refuse to respect the sovereignty of others will have no place here, and by their choice will leave this Earth in due course of time. There is no question of reprisal or punishment, and they will go their way with blessings of love and understanding. It would be as well if you were also able to support this way of being, by recognising that you are all One. I am St. Germain come again to open up your understanding, and appeal to you to acknowledge the Divine Light in all Souls. Become now the Great Beings you are already, and begin to see life from a higher point of view. Help all others in whatever way you can, and know that any expressions or actions of love are the greatest service you can give to another. Thank you St.Germain! Mike Quinsey