Monday, March 26, 2007

Entering the Portal of Consciousness Expansion

Entering the Portal of Consciousness ExpansionOne of the greatest problems on the Earth plane is limited vision. Itis often as if one is trying to navigate a car through a heavyblizzard where there is little or no visibility. There is a reasonfor this. The true lessons of life are understandings gained throughuniting the conscious and subconscious minds. In other words, when asituation occurs in your outer world, you go within to find answers. So in the case of the "blizzard," of low visibility in the outerworld, you turn inward and surrender the steering wheel to your higherself, which safely steers you along the highway of your destiny,easily navigating border crossings to parallel realities, otherdimensions and perceptions beyond the time/space continuum.This form of internal navigation requires an expanded and flexiblevision for what is possible. The most difficult hurdle for those whoare heavily vested on the Earth plane is to expand what they see aspossible for themselves. Understand that whatever you see foryourself is true. If you see yourself as an impoverished victim, thatbecomes your reality. If you see yourself as an infinitely joyful andexpansive work in progress, this becomes your reality. Which realitywould you choose? The pictures you see in your mind become the moviesof your life. We can tell you that every person who is incarnate, however wise oraware, has a vision for their life that can be expanded. Some peopleadopt the pictures they are given in childhood. These are thecollective visions of their family and others in their environment. Some never move beyond these pictures. They may feel this to be veryrestrictive but don't know how to change it, or they may take comfortin knowing what the world expects of them. Others may have difficultyadopting any picture at all. They come into this life and, regardlessof the pictures offered them, they feel they don't fit in. Early inlife, this is seen as a kind of curse or judgment. It is possible,however, that these "square pegs" receive the blessing of being ableto choose their own pictures of what is possible for their life. Itmay be necessary to travel back into the past and heal the wounds ofpast rejection in order to move forward with a new and expanded visionfor the life. While time travel may stretch the envelope of yourcurrent field of possibilities, it is easily within the reach of anopen mind. An open and flexible mind is a prerequisite toconsciousness expansion. All persons at all times are capable ofchoosing new pictures. What we see in your world is there often needs to be a reason or amotivating event for a person to discard old pictures and adopt newones. A person's ability to expand into new pictures is based uponfactors of flexibility. It is the degree to which a person holdstight to these old pictures that they are held back from adopting newand more expanded pictures. This "holding tight" is the spiritualequivalent of physical constipation and with similar results: blocked,restricted flow and a lessening of life force energy leadingeventually toward disease and physical death. Sometimes a person'shigher self and guides help them to bring into a situation thatcreates a motivating factor for change. This change might be in theform of an accident or divorce or illness. This is a way of changingthe perception of the life. The severity of the motivating situationdepends upon the flexibility of the individual and their willingnessto accept change and expansion.The key to being able to perceive a broader range of possibilities isto learn to step into an altered state of reality. We're not talkingabout ingesting substances. These may initially offer a small windowon new possibility, but in the long run, they deaden the senses andcreate barriers to achieving the glimpses they offer. What we'retalking about is entering an altered perspective. There are many waysto do this. It can be as simple as writing a poem, taking time fromyour day to create a work of art or an enhanced living space, goingfor a long walk in nature, making love, traveling to a new place(internally or externally), a day of solitude, a fast where you allowthe body to empty itself of food, camping in nature, attending aworkshop or retreat, spending an entire day in meditation, or going oncreative outings with no goal in mind except to see the world aroundyou from a creative perspective. The entryways or portals to alteredstates are unlimited. They can span an hour, a day, a weekend, orlonger. You might call these "mini vision quests."Once you learn how, you can begin to shift your consciousness at willto an altered state. Within a given moment, you can look at asituation that is before you and see a greater range of possibilities.Inside this altered space, your guides are better able to gentlyguide you to new insights. It may take some practice to learn toshift into this alternate reality, but once you become adept at it,you will be able to shift quickly to examine the broader scope of anysituation that is before you. Each time you travel into alternaterealities, you create greater resonance between alternate realitiesand your daily consciousness. In time, your everyday consciousnesswill become enlightened by this alternate reality to the extent thatyou will not even notice the shift taking place. It will becomeautomatic.It is this adopting of new pictures that is at the root of allprofound change. You cannot step into a reality you don't see yourselfin. It is also why many attempts to force outer change in your worlddo not work. This is why rehabilitation does not take place inprisons. It is a shortsighted vision of a society that removes anindividual from the general population without taking the further stepto assist the person in adopting a new picture for their life. Thisis the true sign of a compassionate society, one that is able to takean awakened approach to dealing with those whose worldview is somehowdistorted, who adopted faulty pictures at some point in life, eitherthrough their environment or as a way of coping with a traumaticsituation. An example of this might be the child who is molested andgoes on to become a predator himself. A compassionate society assistseach person in creating a wholistic vision for their life regardlessof their past circumstances. A visionary society provides thisassistance before it is needed. The key to helping a person change their life lies in offering themnew pictures of what is possible, thereby assisting them in expandingtheir mind. This is true redemption.Once a new picture or vision is in place, it can be expanded byworking with kundalini energy. Practice visualizing unleashing thepowerful energy that rests at the base of the spine. See it travelingup the spine and out through the third eye. Use this powerful energyto enlighten the situation that is before you. Allow yourpossibilities to play on the screen of your inner mind like a movie.Imbue this movie with kundalini, which will brighten and expand it.Always remember to shut off the flow of kundalini energy, move it backdown the spine and lock it in place when you are finished working with it.To further assist you in expanding your field of possibility, we offera glimpse of some capabilities you can choose to access and expand. These are energy healing by going into your own body or another's tosee what is creating a health situation (thoughts and feelings) andremoving them; astral traveling to a natural disaster site to assisttraumatized souls and helping the newly disincarnate find their way;traveling in consciousness to visit a friend on the other side of theworld or in another dimension; creating peace and harmony with anotherthrough dream states; conversing with the spirit of any entity,incarnate or disincarnate; harnessing the forces of the universe forcreation; change the shape, outlook or focus of your earthlyexistence; communicate in consciousness with past life selves, travelto your past to release any strings that are binding you there; travelto your future to discover new portals within the present moment;identify and work with your essential or sacred wound in thislifetime; decode your purpose for this lifetime and receive steps totake in fulfilling it; attune to your past travels between lifetimes;transmute energy that is around you; harmonize your conscious andsubconscious minds and draw to you a partner who represents this innerunion; draw to you anything you desire; read every relationship inyour life to understand and read the energy, including past lifeassociations; recognize and revise soul contracts for this lifetime;travel to the akashic records to read the story of the overall arc oflifetimes and the remaining understandings needed for completion. Youcan ask for and receive high-level guides, and even attend the sessionwith your guides where you were working out the plan for thislifetime. This is only the tip of the iceberg, the first tier ofpossibilities you begin to experience when you learn to expand youreveryday consciousness by accessing alternate realities.Your vision for your life determines everything that happens in yourlife. To expand your possibility and transcend perceived limitations,enter the Portal of Consciousness Expansion by opening the door toyour mind and welcoming the universe of new possibilities that waitson the other side.For more information, contact