Friday, March 23, 2007

The Circumference of Confusion

The Circumference of ConfusionBy Gillian MacBeth-Louthan============================We come to walk you into the highways and byways of self, of soul, of purpose, and of understanding. We come to take you out of the stall, the place that has encompassed you, the place that has surrounded you, the energy that has kept you from moving forward into higher aspects of self, into higher aspects of knowing, into higher aspects of life. You have allowed yourselves to be bridled, to be saddled, to be ridden in a direction that is energetically created through a mass consciousness. It is this mass consciousness that keeps you turning down the wrong road. You are continually turning to the left of self instead of turning to the right of self. And thus you come back over and over again to your original point. You are chasing the tail of your own stubbornness trying to pin it on every one else.In these energies, you are finding much confusion. It is as a circumcision of the soul. As coverings the coverings of limitation are lifted you still refuse to look at what is. the higher your Truth, the higher your Light, and the higher you Abilities to transcend your humanness into a point of knowing; the more circumference of confusion there is that surrounds you. As you move through the dimensional frequencies of knowing and remembering, understand that in each beginning thought there is an ending thought and who is joined by another beginning thought. There is never a place of complete knowing or complete remembering.You as humans feel that there should be a point of knowing that is beyond all else. A point where you will be comfortable in this truth and you Won't need to strive again. in the concept of creation there are no fences. You cannot place perimeters or fences around Divine Truths for they are continually evolving and birthing themselves moment by moment. Humans have the need to determine perimeters around this ultimate knowing. Each new step that you take into Truth and each new step that you take into the Theory of Creation can only be birthed through the expanded thinking of your own essence.Within your cellular structure are Universes upon Universes; and within those Universes are worlds upon worlds; that circle themselves into a place of nothingness. There are trillions upon trillions of projections of the Father /Mother God. These projections are in the format of humans, blades of grass, granules of sand, and stars in the heavens. Each one of these divine holographic projections can be diced and spliced down to nano particles; and within these particles there will still be more existence. In other words you continue forever. You are a continuation of Creation. Life is a movement forward, and a movement backward that will eventually meet themselves, look at one another, smile, and start the dance again.Many come to a point of great frustration. They do not see the edge of the ocean; the edge of the forest; nor the edge of truth. People need an edge. They yearn for a time limit when it is going to stop or go away a point of completion. We as the Pleiadians hear many cries in the skies from people that feel they have no edge and want to get off the world. "Make it Stop. Make it go away. I want to get off of this ride. I want to leave. I want to undo. I do not want to clear or process anymore. I do not want to Become anymore. I don't want to remember anymore." We assure you that this is not a ride that you can get off. It is as a runaway train of livingness that seeks to know itself. Hang on and enjoy the ride it can be no other way.Gillian MacBeth-Louthan PO box 217 Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 Spiritual Tools for Accelerated Transformation