Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Swimming in the Sea of Thought

Swimming in the Sea of Thoughtby Gillian MacBeth-Louthan============================We are nameless in form and formless in name. We stand on the edge of your future, scraping ourselves from your past delivering to you components of understanding that are exquisite in nature and birth themselves through you in concentric circles of transformation. We come though the nuances of your thoughts. The space in-between this moment and the next. We issue ourselves to you as fabric that becomes as skin, not something to wear or adorn yourselves with, but something that you are inherent within.The physical body flesh organ is now in the process of pro-creating a stream of axiatonal attuned molecules that will serve as a Teflon type coating to the physical body. This coating has been birthed through a singular cell that is inherent within the encoding of the DNA. This single-celled multi-universe divides and births, divides and births thus presenting you with a luminescent undercoating/over-coating that places itself around your flesh and inside the etheric energy field. This coating holds within it an antibiotic composition that announces to the germs that are created on your world - "Do not enter. Do not cross this threshold of biological being. Do not come forth and spew your venom of mutation upon me." And so it shall be.During this time you have opened neural pathways within your heart and your biological configuration. These pathways only re-introduce you to a sea of thought that lives dormant within your being. Any time that you feel under attack, whether it is another's thought, a germ, a government, etc. You have defense mechanisms inherently encoded within you. It is up to you to go through the files within your cranial cavity and activate encodings that will birth into awareness what it is you need to do in order to avoid these situations, biological or otherwise.It does not matter if it is a weather pattern, a radar frequency, microwaves from a cell tower or a next door neighbor. You are not on this earth to absorb the negativities and the creations of those that wish influence you body, mind or spirit. You have a divine right and divine instructions within you that will allow you to create a vibration to keep such events from entering and upsetting your peace of mind or peace of heart.When you are driving through dramatic weather patterns instead of focusing on the negative situation at hand, focus instead on the thought of a beautiful clear day. Hold over yourself a cosmically created umbrella repelling the disruptive weather pattern instead of magnetizing it. You spray yourselves with sprays that keep the germs and mosquitoes away. This is the same school of thought.Your have an internal natural healing pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day. Ask and have issued through your body any herb that repels, assists or heals. Your body is a biological laboratory that is awaiting your instructions and your directions on how to create. The Teflon coating that we have spoken of is just the first in a series of introductions into this knowledge. Once this thought is anchored on earth, it will become commonplace, and then it will be birthed.You each are gateways, vortexes and doorways that shift the vibration and the frequency of earth. You must be most careful in your pronunciation and your annunciation verbally for you are Gods no longer in swaddling clothes.If you find yourself in traffic congestion, as soon as you entertain that thought, it becomes anchored as your reality. If you would visualize extending your vehicle, as a field of energy that repels objects of steel you will find that no one wants to be close to you. (If this does not work see you vehicle as fluid and pour it into the ocean of traffic and blend with the vibration instead of bucking the system).By not holding the thought of how the limited event is transpiring you can shift the event on a cellular and molecular level into a situation that you would prefer. You will then see your life becoming easier and more fluid. When you are dealing with people that are confrontational and you become rock solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, holding your anger, holding your rightful position, then you become what you do not wish to be vibrationally. When you are around those that are angry, become water like, become fluid. See all structure in your body change to fluid and pour yourself into them. Pour yourself into them and quench the angry fire with a liquid softness. Thus you are not changing your cell vibration into solid rock and immovable functions of thought. You will know as a God without swaddling clothes when to repel and when to become AS.Use the inherent cosmic divine judgment, which lives, within every cell, which is no judgment at all. As you learn to become more fluid, you will understand earth and her cycles, as well as the cycles of other planets and the stars. Blend yourself into becoming one with a particular star and the fluid-ness of your consciousness poured into it. You are on the threshold of so many discoveries when you learn to become nameless in form and formless in name.Gillian MacBeth-Louthan PO box 217 Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 Spiritual Tools for Accelerated Transformation