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Archangel Michael: The Awakening and the Awakened

Archangel Michael: The Awakening and the Awakened
Navigating the New Earth Fifth-dimensional Hologram
through Celia Fenn
February 2010

Beloved Family of Light, you are indeed living within a New Reality. This is the "New Earth" that we have spoken to you about over the years, and now you are living within this Reality. But yes, you are still within a Transitional Time, a period of ongoing Transformation and Change, where you must cope with the energies of the old way while living mostly in the New. We, here in the Spirit Realm, are aware of the difficulties that you face as you must exist within your physical bodies and cope with the two inter-linked physical realities that we call the Third Dimension and the Fifth Dimension. It was your choice as a Collective not to go through a massive destruction scenario in order to facilitate the changes, but you chose to do this as an exercise in a new way - Peaceful Change and Transform-ation. The Old Earth reality will not be destroyed, but it will fade away gradually as the New Earth gathers in energy and strength. There is no need to fear great catastrophes and loss of loved ones. You will continue to live in the "bridge" between the two realities until the New takes over. Those who are unable to fully awaken to the New will make their passage into the light at their due times and may return to the New Earth in a new form if they so choose.

We do wish to emphasize that this is a choice of Wisdom and Compassion. In the Higher Councils of Light it was decided that the Earth could not sustain such large scale trauma and loss of life as was originally planned, and that the new approach would be to allow the Transformation to be gradual and with minimum loss of life. Of course, as you voted for this option in the Councils of Light, you knew that it would be hard. For the first time you would have to carry the Transformation through Love and Peace, and not through the much quicker and more radical path of mass destruction and cleansing. And so it is, Beloved Ones, that you have worked so hard to Awaken to the Light within and to express and live your Divinity, and to Awaken others to this reality so that the Transformation and Evolution to a New Way of Life might begin. And so it has! But, in order for this Transition to continue into a New Paradigm of Higher Consciousness for All on the Planet, without mass destruction, it is necessary for those who are Awakened to continue to Hold the Light for those who are still Awakening, and to be the Bridge of Light for that crossing into the New Consciousness of Love and Divine Power that is the signature of an Awakened Human Angel with full connection to their Cosmic Higher Self energy. Many of the New Children, the Diamond Light Children, that are being born right now, are already in this state of full Cosmic Connection and Awakening, and are supporting this process, but we will speak more of them a little later in this message.

In the Old Energy Hologram of the Third Dimension, you lived in a very slow vibrational energy that allowed for the illusion of stability and fixity. It was based on concepts of "ego" and "self" and encouraged individuals to seek to fulfill their own material and emotional needs as a priority for success in their earthly lives. As you cross into the Fifth-Dimensional Reality, you release that belief system to move into an accelerated reality where energy flows more quickly and things change with great rapidity. In this reality, you are closer to the Flow of Creation and Manifestation, that place where Consciousness becomes Form in response to Intention and Desire. You are fully aware of the Collective nature of Consciousness and the Unity of All Life on the Planet. You are learning to seek the Highest Good of All Life Forms as a way of expressing and accessing your own Highest Good. You are learning to see the success of others as a measure of your own success and a demonstration of Love in Motion.

Beloved Ones, over the years we have urged you to learn to work with the Flow of Energy in this New Reality. In the Flow of Manifestation that you call Time, living in the Fifth Dimension requires the ability to live in the Present Moment of Now and to be centered in the Heart Space of Infinite Love and Peace. In this way, you are able to be the "center" of your creations and you are not pulled into the turbulent energies of other people's manifestations and creations that take place around you.

Beloveds, we know too, at this moment, as you begin to navigate this New Holographic Reality of New Earth, that it is not always easy to find that point of balance. Especially as many of you must still work to be the "Bridges of Light" between the old energy and the new. For indeed, the process of Awakening of Souls into the New Reality is an ongoing process. Many of you who are Lightworkers have "graduated" into the New Earth energies and are living lives in complete harmony with the New. That is your soul choice. But many of you who are more adventurous and brave have chosen the more difficult task of being the Human Angelic Light Bridge, the "Awakeners," and this means that you must continue to live your lives for a little longer at the interface between the old and the New Energies.

For those who have shifted into the New Earth frequency, the work will be to stay in the Heart center and manifest and create from that space. These Lightworkers will experiment in new forms of living, in new forms of community, and in creating the Seed Points or Sacred Spaces of the New Earth. They will be focussed on manifesting the Golden Age and the sustainable future that the Planet has chosen as her future path.

However, Beloved Family of Light, there are many among you who have chosen on the Soul level to exercise the Divine gift of Compassion, and to continue to be those who provide the energy of Awakening and the Path to the Inner Light for those who are still in the Awakening process. In 2010, this Awakening will be accelerated, and those that have chosen to be Awakeners of Souls into the New Earth frequencies will have much to do in their work. These ones will have the added challenge of keeping their balance and their Fifth-dimensional Light Body frequencies, and still crossing into the lower frequencies to be the Light and the Path for those still awakening.

Beloved Ones, we have said before that all on the Planet have made the choice to cross into the Fifth Dimension, and all are given the opportunity. The New Earth belongs to All who live on the Earth and the opportunity for the crossing process continues. Know that there is no difference in the work that you, as Family of Light are called to undertake, one way is not better than the other, you are all involved in this great and wonderful transformation of the Earth and you should indeed all work to support each other and to share with each other as much as possible. Now is not the time for judgments and separation, but for co-operation and community based on common goals and the desire to co-create the New Earth and a New Society. Nor is it useful to pass judgments on what is "old energy" and what is "new", for you do not always know the miraculous ways of Spirit and you cannot analyse this with your minds. Rather, focus on what you must do in your own work, be open and loving and willing to share as far as is possible, and trust that all will flow as it is meant to in the unfolding of the Divine Energies of New Earth.

In this year of 2010, as you work with the new incoming energies of the Crystal Rose of Peace, the focus will continue to be on creating Peace and Abundance through the energies of Love expressed from Soul and Spirit through the Heart. And, as the old illusions of security continue to fail, there will be much anxiety and stress among those who have not yet crossed the "Light Bridge" into the Higher Consciousness of the Flow of Infinite Love and Abundance. And, because you are "One" in Consciousness, you will need to be able to hold your center in Love and Peace, especially those of you who are the Bringers of Light and Awakening for others in this Transformational process.

For those of you who are the Light Bridgers, you will often feel as though you are coping with a world where nothing seems to fit or work as it should. That is because you are aligned already for the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness Flow at an accelerated pace, but you are still dealing with the slow disintegration of the old in this process of Transformation. Beloveds, know that you offered to serve in this way so that the Transformation might be Peaceful and Gentle as far as possible. We in the Spirit realm applaud your Courage and Perseverance, as you seek to achieve transformation through Peace and Love.

As you exist between these Time Phases of Transformation, you may experience physical symptoms of "motion sickness" such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue, rapid temperature changes and emotional mood swings. Your Higher Self and those in the Spirit Realms are working to assist you to maintain your balance and stability in this process.

The Children of the Light

At this time of Accelerated Change and Transformation, it is once again the Children who are playing an important role in holding the energies and providing a strong field of energy to assist the process. There are two groups that are specifically active right now.
The first group are the Crystal Children, but more specifically the Children of the Diamond Light, that have been born since April of 2009. These New Children are born fully aligned with the Cosmic Consciousness or the "Cosmic Rose," and we call them also "Children of the Sacred Rose." Their powerful energies are assisting many to Awaken and to find the Bridge of Light into the New Earth Consciousness.

In the course of the year of 2010, and through 2011, there will be a new wave of Diamond Light Children who will also carry the energy of the Platinum Ray in their personal holographic field. These children will also contribute powerfully to the energies of Transformation and will enable a further acceleration of consciousness, so that the Divine Light within Humanity might emerge more rapidly in the Collective as it rises into the Fifth Dimension of Light.

The Second important group will be those Indigo Crystal Beings who incarnated on the Planet as the First Wave of Indigos in the 1970s. These ones are now in their thirties, and are entering into mature adult life and activating the soul work and purposes for which they came to the Planet. Many of these are Powerful and Evolved Souls who will be the Leaders in building the new forms and structures of the New Earth. The most powerful among these will emerge as Teachers, Leaders and Thinkers in all fields of Human Life on Earth. They will begin to be perceived and experienced as a transformational force or energy on all levels. It is this generation, in their thirties, who will start to assume leadership roles in the creation of a new society. And, they will be guided by the "Elders of the Light," those who have gone before them and created the Path or Bridge of Light into the New Earth.

We ask that you honor the "Elders of Light" among you, for these brave souls are the true "Warriors of Light" whose courage and dedication to the Light over many years has made so much possible. Together, the Elders of the Light and the Indigo First Wave will be the powerful agents of transformation, and the Diamond Light Children will energize the Holographic Earth matrix with their powerful Light of Love. It is a Blessed and Radiant time into which you are now entering. We ask that you celebrate your success!

The Light and the Love

Beloved Family of Light, as the Light increases everything becomes clear and transparent, everything is revealed for what it is, beyond manipulation and falsehood. As the Light increases, that which you call time accelerates, and many of you must make adjustments to the new pulses of Cosmic Light that frame your New Reality and energize the Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Rose Grids. As this acceleration occurs, you will see more clearly that everthing that you experience is Holographic in nature, it is energy and light and it has no "real" substance. It is "dream" made manifest for a while to be experienced by you so that you may experience, enjoy and grow!

In this process, as you shift from the Third-Dimensional illusion of a stable "reality" into this world of manifest dream, you may feel anxious and insecure. Your sense of reality may be threatened, and you may feel vulnerable and unsupported in a sea of rapid changes. Beloved Ones, know that everything in your reality is Love and an expression of Love in some way. Know that this Love will always support you to expand and grow. If you can say to yourself "I am Love and everything I experience is Love", then you will find that center in Love and be supported by Love. And you will find Peace and Acceptance at all times. This indeed was taught by all your Teachers and Masters leading up to this time as they prepared for this transformation. They prepared you to see your Divinity and to know that you are indeed co-creating your Reality through the Manifestation of Dreams and Collective Dreams in this rapidly rebirthing energy called the "New Earth."

We wish you Joy, Peace and Abundance on your path!

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