Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Astrology Weather - Carol Barbeau

Hello and Welcome to your weekly astrology weather
forecast. IF you enjoy what you read, please feel free
to pass it along, and if you wish to be deleted, that Option
is at the end of this report.

I don’t know about you but I really felt that New
Moon on Monday and would like you all
To remember, please We are asked with this
Pisces New Moon to fly low to the ground with
NO Visibility, and at the same time to know
We are safe and protected and to
TRUST AND TO BELIEVE all will be well:

What we believe is very likely to be created over
This next 2 weeks, so choose your thoughts carefully.

NO FEAR, only knowing that divinely you are plugged
Into the center of all things…and maybe even you are
the center of all things, but don't let others know that..Lol

Whatever is going on around all of us right now
is a part of this and designed
To reconnect us more and more to source and to
Trusting and believing in what is real.
(What is real? ) is it the economy, or healthcare,
or is it love, work that makes us happy, laughter,
friendships, our health and our creativity

It's never so bad that it can't get good.
-- Alan Cohen

No fear…begin to FEEL what you want your life to be,

How do you want Work, relationships and more to feel and
Begin to co create with the energy of change which
Is being supersized on the last day of March 2010
As Jupiter (supersizing) and Uranus (change)(join
And come within 10 degrees of each other for the
First time in Pisces in hundreds of years.

The symbol of Pisces is 2 fishes swimming in opposite
Directions. I often show this picture in class, the Symbol
Of Pisces which looks much like an H cannot have a right
Or wrong way to turn it, just as the fishes, upside down looks
rightside up, and rightside up looks rightside up. Pisces
is symbolized by our inner Life moving to the outer world (the
bottom fish) and our outer world Much more strongly influencing our
inner world.(top fish) and which is the right way up?

We are now asked to really be co creators of
The next step and this is WHY YOU CAME HERE:
You came in answer to a call which only you can answer
a service or gift which only you have and often we do
not even recognize this in ourselves..

Roll up your sleeves and DREAM the vision and help
Make these changes work for everyone. Pisces does say
That we are all one, right? So, if I screw someone else
Over, I screw myself over… and visa versa…. And
Won’t that be a different world when we all figure that
One out? AND YES:::I do NOT have my head up my
fanny….I KNOW we have a way to go to get there…

Now: On with the show in the sky for this next week::::


Colors are just energetic suggestions as are the stones,
When you are pulled to use a color or stone or scent..
BY ALL MEANS please listen to yourself. I am doing
A general forecast and NOBODY knows you better than
You do they?

V/c is when the moon times out and makes an
Aspect before it enters the next sign and often
Things do not turn out as expected. I will let you
Know when it is an ok v/c but the general rule for
Astrology is not to schedule a surgery, major purchase,
Or sign a contract during v/c (HOW do you know when
The v/c are? GET AN ASTROLOGY calendar…

Or contact me and do the $30 deal and get your
Calendar and your full and new moons and major
Stuff for the next year for only $30…Pay pal on my
Website is all set up …A cd and more and you get a
really great deal. About 11 calendars left


My advice to all of you over the next 2 weeks is to avoid
Negativity in all forms, TV , movies, news reports, political
Debates, and to instead how about you envision what you
WANT to happen
And what you know COULD happen
when people join and
Merge and recognize that we truly all want the same things.
"The Mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but
a reality to be experienced."
Moon in Aries or the first house
I am courageous. I am whole.
I stand in my power
Tuesday March 16, 2010

The moon in Fiery Aries Urges us to GO FOR IT
And of course a trine or aspect of ease in the early am
Hours with Mars (action) in Leo, (recently moving forward after months
Of being stuck in reverse) hypes us up and…

2:55am a does of reality comes with Saturn in Libra making
an opposition to the moon... this aspect is
Asking if we can take care of others responsibly ...and recognize
with the moon in Aries, saying ""ME FIRST, I have to get
The oxygen down and be breathing before I can help you""
Can i balance both is the job of an opposition..

Oppositions call for balance so expect today will for
Sure challenge you. At 9:54am a square to Pluto
Says we are accountable for others and today cannot
Just be about what I WANT: (FOOEY)

Then at 11:08pm tonight the moon touches VENUS
And we are again ready to go for love, passion, adventure
And move forward. (NICE)

11:51pm as the SUN (the light) (ONCE YEARLY)
Makes its Touch down on URANUS (change)
We see the light and maybe can find ways to serve self
And others. (all in all this is a challenging GOOD DAY)

Leave early for work, drive slowly and recognize that
Jupiter is SUPERSIZING our day. Whatever Is going on today
Will seem like MORE than it is, so wait until tomorrow and see
If it is worth going to war over.
- BELIEVE in order to create growth
- Color today purple for royalty & for connection to
You treating others and yourself royally today
- Oil or incense of Patchouli to reestablish equilibrium
while quieting emotions and energizing the mind
- Amber for all of the above OR agate
- Kiss think positive and act the same way, and BREATHE
DEEPLY, it does not all have to happen today does it?
'Our purpose in life is find our gift, perfect it and
give it back to others.' And maybe for some of us our
gift is just to make folks feel better, or make them smile,
we are not all here to find the cure for cancer but we are
all here to make the planet better or worse, by our actions
and our thoughts…because our thoughts motivate our actions.

and isn't that maybe better than the cure for Cancer?
Not one of us knows what effect his life produces,
and what he gives to others; that is hidden from us
and must remain so, though we are often allowed to see
some little fraction of it, so that we may not lose courage.
The way in which power works is a mystery.
--Albert Schweitzer (01/14/1875-1965)
Did you know:?? The first Official Saint Patrick's Festival in
Ireland was held on 17 March, 1996. Though St Patrick
Died 17 March, 461….and Festivals were held and recorded
Since the early 1600’s it took until 1996 for the Irish
Government to begin huge celebrations to showcase
Ireland and its products and peoples. (AND make it really legal)

The color for This day used to be blue but was changed
to Green because St Patrick used the shamrock to explain
the Trinity to Pagans who he was converting… …

By using the green leaves to explain the
father, son and Holy Ghost.. St Patrick helped to make
This a sacred symbol.Now this day is the day for the Wearing Of the green
for most countries …

Few know That the theme of moving all the snakes out of Ireland
Was a symbol for bringing in a more Churchly view of sex.

The snake was long a church symbol
For sin and sex. So, because St Patrick preached against
Sex before marriage and preached fidelity to pagans
The snake reference was begun to kind of clean up the story.
Crediting this Saint for bringing fidelity and stopping many
Pagan celebrations… We now celebrate this day in ways
That would have poor St Paddy spinning I think..
Wednesday March 17, 2010 St Patrick’s Day

WOW: with the moon working hard in Aries today
We should be feeling that rush of LETS GET GOING: to add
To that energy we have at 9:12am Mercury the energy
Of ideas and communications entering the sign of Aries.

Happy St Patty day and SLOW DOWN IS OUR
Kiss and theme for today… 4:330m Mercury (ideas)
And Mars (action) create a trine or aspect of ease,
meaning that Your Mouth could work faster than
your brain. (SLOW DOWN)

THE MOONS energy really does push and pull us forwards and
backwards each month.

Knowing when, and what is upcoming
is a great assistance for using this wonderful energy to manifest
what you want and ARIES IS ABOUT self and a
very bold sign, so make sure and play nice today
and tonight and BE SAFE and Have a good time.
- Kiss for today, sweet like honey, should be words to
others today and tomorrow
- Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearing
- Color today white for purity of vision for yourself
- Use pearls for wisdom or abalone or a water energy today
to assist you to slow down and FEEL what is going on …
Feeling is a good thing. FEEL the Fire and passion of this
Aries and Mars Fire energy and then let it pass through you
and transmute the feeling if it is negative.

BUDDHIST practices say that only by FEELING life can we
truly think what we need to do next. Think about it, doesn’t the
mind lead you on a merry chase sometimes? AND yet, when
you get quiet, breathe and BRAVELY (ARIES) or any of
the fire signs (LEO) or (Sagittarius) go into whatever is going
on you really do get the answers don’t you?
FROM THE DAILY OM, sign up (for free) and get on this
List please, I promise it will start your day in a better way:
March 15, 2010
Finding Your Joy
Be Happy Every Single Day
Being happy doesn’t come naturally
to everybody. It is your birthright to be happy,
choose happiness everyday.

Our lives are rich with potential sources of happiness,
but sometimes we become victims of negative thinking
because we believe that focusing on all that has gone
wrong will provide us with the motivation we need to
face the challenges of survival.

When we choose to focus on what makes us happy,
however, a shift occurs in the fabric of our existence.
Finding something to be happy about every single day
can help this shift take place. (MORE ideas with the
rest of the article)
Thursday March 18, 2010

And the urge to speak our mind is strong….and today
At 4:04am Mercury makes an opposition to Saturn
Meaning…. Control …. Issues… could be strong today
And the urge to speak harshly …Mars is still in the
Shadow though direct pushing us with LEO energy..

Now Mercury in Aries, and Venus (what we want)
In Aries, today is fire all the way until we have a
v/c at 4:23am with that Opposition to Saturn which
sometimes can be a kind of dread, or cold blanket
tossed on a low fire energy……...

Meaning that a
very harsh aspect of communication leads our way into
our waking hours. At 4:23am Neptune steps in sprinkling
fairy dust on everything and nothing is quite as it seems.

GREAT dream, meditation and inward searching energy
Today …But…….. poor negotiations I would think…

At 9:29am The moons usual happy move into Taurus
gets a dash of Cold or is it HOT water as it
(the moon) (Emotions) Meets a square with MARS
(anger, or just energy) moving happily forward in
DAMN THE TORPEDOS, full steam ahead energy…

The moon in Taurus likes it peaceful and quiet and
Today has little of that. But by 7:34pm as a good Pluto
Aspect slides in we could just be saying. AHHHH now
I know what that anger was about, or what that stubbornness
Was about.

SOUL SEARCHING works wonderful today
But Hollering at others is pretty much a sure fire disaster

- KISS BE NICE: (again) tomorrow is a great day…
- Color today something peaceful please…Green is good
- Oil of peace and calming for some, FOR SURE SAGE
For me
- The stones I would pick for today would be something
Which negates negative energy…. Golden Citrine for me.
Citrine in ancient times was carried as a protection against
Snake venom and evil thoughts. This is known as a “Success”
Stone because it dissipates negative energy and never
Requires cleansing or clearing.

Optimism and abundance
Is a part of this stone… and I think it opens us to intuition
In a JOYFUL way… (I do have some earrings and necklaces
make out of this that I sell if you are interested, sorry no
Like everything else in life…take with a grain
Of salt ..but I thought you might be interested
In the Celtic Animals and trees for those of you
Born March 18th to April 14th
Celtic tree energy… Alder - The Trailblazer
March 18 – April 14 If you are an Alder sign within
the Celtic tree astrology system, you are a natural-born

You’re a mover and a shaker, and will blaze a trail with
fiery passion often gaining loyal followers to your cause.
You are charming, gregarious and mingle easily with a
broad mix of personalities. In other words, Alder signs get
along with everybody and everybody loves to hang around
with you.

This might be because Alder’s are easily confident and
have a strong self-faith. This self-assurances is infectious
and other people recognize this quality in you instantly.

Alder Celtic tree astrology signs are very focused and dislike waste.
Consequently, they can see through superficialities and will not
tolerate fluff.

Alder people place high value on their time, and
feel that wasting time is insufferable. They are motivated by action
and results. Alder’s pair well with Hawthorns, Oaks or even Birch signs.
Hawthorn - The Illusionist May 13 – June 9
Oak - The Stabilizer June 10 – July 7
Birch - The Achiever December 24 – January 20
Fox March 18 – April 14
The fox sign is amazingly cunning and knows how to work
a room with sly, sexy humor. Full of guile, vigor and bright
intelligence the fox is an untamable force.

This Celtic animal sign is the one to take with you on
exotic vacations, they will wind your ways into amazing
adventures. They have a knack for story telling, and
every experience is fodder for their tales. They are tender-hearted,
although they don’t show that soft side too often because they’re
too busy playing and cracking jokes.

However, they aren’t shy about showing their loyalty; if you
are the friend of the fox, you have a friend for life. Highly
energetic and courageous, the fox has an indomitable spirit.
Friday March 19, 2010

Today the moon in Taurus is a much happier camper,
Things are winding down a bit unless the pot got stirred
So much the last 2 days that it is still bubbling?

But if you kept low and close to the ground this could
Be the beginning of a wonderful weekend and a celebration
Of the coming of spring tomorrow with the Spring Equinox.

Generosity, open heartedness and a calm energy is a gift
Of the sky today should you choose to partake. Make sure
And recognize the difference in energy in the sky and
PEOPLE;;;; one you get to use and the other you just
Get to watch…
- Oil of Jasmine or Rose for love and happy feelings
Oil of lemon if you need cheering
- Kiss for today is BELIEVE be willing to do the work
and make it happen and honor others beliefs even
if you do not agree
- I would use rose quartz or something simple today
Kiss is KISS Keep it simple today and be happy
"The seasons of life are not meant to be frenetic, just full.
Blessed is the woman who knows her own limits."–
Sarah Ban Breathnach (OR MAN)

"If you can attain repose and calm, believe that
you have seized happiness."–
Julie–Jeanne–Eleonore de Lespinasse, French author
It doesn't matter how much you want.
What really matters is how much you want it.
-- Ralph Marston (hold tight to your dreams)
v/c is the time when the moon makes NO ASPECTS
before it enters another sign and often (ALMOST always)
things do not turn out as expected. I read another astrologer
recently who suggested this was a great time to do something
you DID NOT THINK Would turn out well. Isn’t that a
great idea turn around?
March 20, Spring Equinox 10:32am PDT (AS THE SUN
International Astrology Day (IAD) is an annual observance/holiday
celebrated by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. It is held on the
spring equinox, the day the Sun enters Aries, which is the first sign of
the Tropical Zodiac, and has long been considered the astrological
new year. (I never really think my year begins until today)
On a day of the equinox, the centre of the Sun spends a roughly
equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location
on the Earth, night and day being of roughly the same length.

The word equinox derives from the Latin words aequus (equal)
and nox (night); Want to know more?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox if you are interested
Saturday March 20, 2010

Today is an extremely busy astrological day. We begin
The early am hours with a rough Mercury (ideas) aspect
asking us to make some mental changes.

Then at 10:32am the sun moves from Mutable Pisces
To Cardinal Aries (Cardinal energy begins seasons and
Are much about ACTION…Aries perhaps being the most
Energetic of the Fire and Cardinal Signs.

Now the urge for action and to get going and
Impatience comes in even stronger. Recognize please that
Mars in Fiery Leo is still in its retrograde shadow and it is
not a bad time to do things. JUST NOT A GOOD TIME TO

Words weigh heavily now and people are remembering
and feeling things strongly. At 12:42pm we have a ROUGH
aspect leading us into v/c with Neptune. This rough aspect
could be a great one for meditating, a walk in nature, or
getting into your own motivations. (not good for financial
Decisions or rushing into something rash)

The moon in Stable Taurus moves v/c with this aspect at
12:42pm until it enters Gemini at 5:28pm. To say that
today carries the BEST OF aspects and some of the worst
would be appropriate.

Think of today like an auto, and
drive carefully, use turn signals, and be polite and you will
surely have a wonderful day.

Moon in Gemini Mantra is : I know that I have the power
of thought and speech to create a new life for myself and a
better world for others…or do the opposite….(it is my choice)

7:57pm a trine (aspect of ease)
from the moon to Saturn could put your nose
to the grindstone and have you working on repairing old
relationships or creating new ones…and working on seeing
new options and ideas...we have some GREAT energy after this
time for doing the necessary work needed.
- Color today Rainbows for what you need to dream
- Use the stone which most resonates with you
- Oil of Tranquil™: Tranquil Essential Oil Roll-On is
a proprietary blend of lavender, cedarwood, and Roman
chamomile essential oils formulated to calm and relax
the body and mind.
- Kiss for today is create the type of day you want
by what you say and think (That could be everyday
couldn’t it?)
"It is impossible to go through life without trust:
That is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself."
-- Graham Greene, The Ministry of Fear
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Sunday March 21, 2010

Well, Spring is officially here and we are in our first
FULL Day with the moon in Gemini, the Sun, Mercury, and
Venus in Fiery Aries, kind of bringing some extra
Oomph to that Gemini Moon.

Today we have some good aspects until
5;37pm then the sun in Aries makes an exact opposition
To Saturn moving backwards in Libra. Oppositions
Ask for balance.

Aries is self, Saturn backwards in Libra is about
Our duty and obligations to others…

To me this is an easy one to call. How to take care of
Self and also be in relationships which are rewarding and
Not draining is what this aspect wants of us.

Which means That this will be difficult for some of you
who are caregivers And into giving more than you take.
(or the opposite)

Yesterday and today are busy astrological days which
Means often that things feel a bit off, unsure and
Well, haven’t we gotten used to that the last 2 years?
So…another day on planet earth…

Then at 8:33pm the moon squares or makes a rough aspect
With Jupiter. What do you believe? Who do you trust?

Jupiter in Pisces asks that we take the leap of faith
And we have a 48 hour window here where the leap
Seems very necessary. Like a building is burning and
We have to trust..(my best guess is this is something with the
Government coming tomorrow. )

So, this aspect hits at 8:33pm tonight and the
Moon squares Uranus at 5:49pm tomorrow. (PDT) Meaning
That there is a bit of energy really pushing our take a leap
Of faith buttons.

The moon in Gemini wants options, choices and it
Feels like some of those are gone right now. But maybe
Sometimes that is the only way to get things done…I
Could not learn to swim until I got into the deep end of
The pool…so…some of us learn best this way…and
Others not…

Today and tomorrow. HOLD YOUR NOSE AND
JUMP IN…and…aren’t we all in this together no matter
What our personal beliefs are?
- Kiss for today…I will allow myself to rest here
between what I want and what I have knowing that
THERE IS A PLAN and the plan is moving me ONWARDS
and upwards towards my destiny
- Color today all the colors of the rainbow
- TONIGHT I will use Peridot to connect me to slowing down,
listening to inner voice and all those other guides and angels
and what not that seem so much louder now than normal….
- Ruta (young living oil) It improves the attitude,
helps relieve depression and modulates the brain function,
aches and pains of all kinds, (like a source of a modern aspirin),
to reverse stickiness of the blood platelets.

Ruta comes from the Greek word meaning
"To set free" freeing people from disease.”
To be enlightened is simply to be absolutely, unconditionally intimate
with this moment. No more. No less. – Scott Morrison
Sharon Brigance - Ind. Distributor ID#329602
Young Living Essential Oils
and this came from Bonnie Strehlow and her
healing newsletter: I love this and cannot print it enough.
If you wish to be on this healing letter please contact
Bonnie At bonnie@inner-resources.net

Tale of Two Wolves
A Native American Tale

A grandfather was telling his grandson, "There is a conflict
inside of me and in every one of us.

Two wolves live within me. One wolf is jealous, angry,
covetous, rude, disrespectful, lazy, unkind, resentful.

The other wolf is kind, loving,
grateful, compassionate, happy, helpful. They are battling
within each of us"

The grandson asks, "Which one will win?"
The grandfather thoughtfully answers, "The one you feed."
Monday March 22, 2010

What wolf are you feeding today? The moon in intellectually
Curious Gemini makes some good aspects today but we
Are still in the Square from yesterday being asked to
TRUST and feed the kind and loving energy within ourselves.

At 5:49pm The moon squares URANUS (Change) and it
Is upon us, ready or not and then at 6:49pm a trine or aspect
Of Ease to Pluto says, Transformation is here …be open to
Use all being the best we can be.

Pluto is in Capricorn for 15 years…the last time Pluto
Was in this sign we had the American revolution to
Give us freedom and at this time there seems to be a
Revolution. Mars at 8;55pm comes into the picture
And makes a sextile or aspect of help with Saturn.

Mars in Leo asks us to go to OUR HEART AND NOT
OUR FEARS: Saturn in Libra asks us to do what is
RIGHT FOR EVERYONE: not just for ourselves.
And … I think we are in times which will be written
In history books…and how we respond is what will be

History is made by the people working for the
PEOPLE and that is what Capricorn wants, what is
Best for the whole… interesting news tonight I bet?

At 6:49pm the moon times out after making a great
Aspect with Neptune (intuition or illusion) and enters
Cancer the 4th sign of the zodiac at 11:16pm.

Magical dream energy is here… The Moon moving
into Cancer crossing the center point of the Sacred
Hoop and the Galactic Cross. : CANCER MOON
energy connects us with source and ancestors:

Moon in Cancer or the 4th house I honor my intuition.
I accept my path. I am healing: Body,Mind and spirit

- Kiss for today: Unpredictable events could open us
to compassion and A greater understanding today.
Or you just could be open to miracles, expect them
and know challenges are nothing But roadblocks to show
you how far along the road you Have come.
- I shall use brown to center and ground me
- And agates or obsidian to help with the same
- I have been using Valor at night and it is helping with
Muscles spasms and I SLEEP LOTS BETTER:
And I have found the most wonderful product which
Is Liquid magnesium…if you have muscle spasms
E mail me and I will send you the add and where I got
"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the
praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile."
-- Sir Wilfred Grenfell
If your love for another depends on their love for you,
your love is not love. -- Alan Cohen
Intuition will tell the thinking
mind where to look next.-- Jonas Salk ( A SCIENTIST)
Hope you paid and get in for the party Tomorrow night?
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Tuesday March 23, 2010

The moon in Cancer today makes what is called a first
Quarter Square with the sun. We are today ½ the way
Between the new moon on the 15th and the full moon
On the 28th of this month.

Now is the time we examine plans and go back to the
Drawing board and make changes. The sun in Aries wants
Us to bravely move forward but today that more cautious
Cancerian moon wins out. Squares are the them today
And if you read my stuff you will know..

(A square is a rough astrological aspect which in order
To resolve you have to make shifts in perception to see
What is really going on) Nothing more and today we
1. 1:20am the sun in Aries Squaring Saturn in Libra
(More of that self and others stuff)
2. 4:00am the sun in Aries squares the moon , our
Emotions want one thing while the movement
Forward into our future wants another…(Safety
Vs. brave new beginnings)
3 8:37am the moon opposes Pluto, more of that
Scary change stuff… or exciting change stuff?
It is all in the way you look at it isn’t it?
4 9:55pm the moon squares Mercury (not the night
For contracts, or major discussions) who wins?
(Likely that everyone loses tonight if you engage
In aggressive communications of any kind)
Kiss for today: IF you were calm and cool and slowed
Down and avoided confrontation it was an good day.
If not, it was a good day also because you for sure learned
Something didn’t you?
Today Seeing the problem is easy at this time, solutions
comes later. A too quick fix will be superficial and can inhibit
the flow of growing understanding. (BE patient please)
- Color today blue for clarity and peace
- Use Amethyst to eliminate toxins, mental and physical and
remove negativity around you
- Oil of release for the same
A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should
be done for the first time. - Alfred E. Wiggam
See you in Kent tonight? PARTY TIME, I will be recording
this group and those of you who cannot come please contact
me and I will send you a cd for $20 if you wish...We will be
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ritual...then opened up again....
Wednesday March 24 2010

This is a very magical night with the moon in Cancer
and as the moon touches the SOUTH NODE
(past life connection) we gather for an update evening.

We had some wonderful energy early this morning
on trust and faith as we slept, how were your dreams?
The energy of Cancer can bring up security issues but it
is your wise and ancient soul which tried to speak with you during
dreams last night.

That energy carries through today until 9:39pm tonight
when the moon moves v/c until 2:39am tomorrow morning
as the moon enters Fiery Leo.

Today only had one rough aspect at 12:14pm as the moon
made a square with Venus, someone slowing us down and
asking us to take care? Well, how about that someone be
me telling you that by careful planning today you can really
find out some things about your own secret desires.

Not the day to rush forward, but a wonderous day to
gently ease into connection with your guides and angels.
- Color today Orange for creativity and passioon
- Use cinnamon or spice to cheer you up
- Gold or a bright shiny metal and stone today to celebrate
the dawning of a new and happy energy today
- Kiss for today is OPEN TO NEW RELATIONSHIPS with yourself
and maybe reconnect with the you inside yourself with the moon in
Cancer, LOVE is in the air, breathe it in...take deep breaths
and allow it to flow through you and LOVE YOU first please

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other
all along." Maulana Jalalu'ddin Rumi (I LOVE THIS Saying)
and you can reach out in dreamtime and meet your true love
and connect with intention on those strong dream nights if
you choose? OR? Anytime you sit and let it happen...
"Looking back, you realize that a very special person
passed briefly through your life, and that person was you.
It is not too late to become that person again."Robert Brault

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish
them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to
wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.

Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength."August Wilson
We are constantly invited to be who we are. Thoreau, Henry David

All evil vanishes for he who keeps the sun
in his heart. -- Hindu proverb
Some good Stones for this time are Amber,
Topaz and Peridot which Are all stones to assist to
bring Joy and Bliss to your life.

Since all these stones carry an electrical charge and bring
energy to your mind and physical body, expect some wonderful
ideas and plans to come from inner guidance this month.

And these are stones which conduct electrical energy
Very well and are lovely… BE HAPPY: WE have right
Now and to quote Dr Max Waldron again..

We have just a minute
Didn’t see it, didn’t choose it, but we suffer
If we abuse it, give account if we lose it, just
A minute but eternity can be in it… TAKE A
FEEL THE SHIFT xoxoxo HUGS to you all

and most of you know that I do private clients in person
or on Skype or by telephone. All readings are done and recorded
with copies of charts, numerology, astocartography maps and more
sent to you. Please visit my website for services and products
and I have pay pal and lots more information there on what I do...

and............LOTS OF FREE ARTICLES and full and new moons
and much more....

I do what I can for free, but with so many
thousand of you reading this now, please recognize I just cannot be
answering questions for everyone...

I am so sorry, but I get at least 50 questions a
week and do have a $30 question option on my website...the writing
is free,

for this service, it helps keep me UP and going since it does cost
to send this to you through a service.

Visit my website to change your e mail address and if you wish
to be removed this option is below. HAPPY MARCH and welcome
to URANUS and JUPITER MERGING for an interesting few months.
We go into 2011 with this energy and NOW we will really begin to
see things happening.. ACTION TIME IS HERE, what is your next step?

Move? Job change? Friendships? Groups? Love? We from the 20th
of this month onwards will feel much more pushed than ever in our lives.
OPEN TO JOY and get going...I am on your team and there are lots of other
people there also if you will just be open to TRUST AND BELIEVE

Carol Barbeau