Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Changing of the Guards By Kerrie O'Connor

Changing of the Guards

We all are standing in the doorway of a New Earth, a New Life. There's a changing of the guards at that "doorway" going on right now that everyone on Earth is experiencing in one way or another. To put it in simple terms, we are being guided to let our "guards" down, stop being our EGO's and allow our spirit, our essence to become the new guards at the door to the celestial realms. You can create Heaven on Earth for yourself NOW.

It takes discipline and practice. It's a re-membering, an allowing of the ancient memory of who you really are, come to the surface and then guide and guard you into entering the celestial realms. It's our own frequencies that allows access. If we are being driven by our egos it creates a lot of static within our energy fields as if we are "saying" I'd rather stay in separation and fear then trust" rather than allowing and letting go of all the things we THINK our lives should be like.....

When we truly change the "guards" our energy fields become calmer. We are guided by our hearts not our heads. We trust in our spirit and become FREE to step beyond the grip of the EGO. The EGO/Veil doesn't want to let us go. It's been the driving force or guard for eons. You can break free, there are holes in the "veil". When you re-member (become a member again) awaken to your essence, you break free from the EGO's grip of control. It's a process and daily practice. It's a way of living truly FREE to BE-COME the God Force within you.

Come join, re-member, re-align and re-joice in the FEELING of BEING connected with ALL THAT IS. We are starting the Mentorship program and it will give you the keys to start letting your spirit drive your life force. For anyone that joins I will be sending you

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This is over $100 worth of products and services that will help support you during the program.

NOW is the time to change the "guard" only you can do it, then you're free to live a truly empowered life.

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