Friday, March 19, 2010

Online Messages March 17, 2010

Online Messages March 17, 2010
from Dr. Meg:

March 16, 2010

Greetings Everyone!

Wow what a time we live in! The energies have been spectacularly
strange, up and down, and I am hearing how they are affecting everyone
in many ways.
Reports vary from complete apathy, not being able to get motivated, in
fact, sitting on the couch and not getting up in many cases. Others
report lively dreams that are often on the verge of nightmares, or are
active and seemingly nonsensical. These dreams are powerful mechanisms
for us to address our issues and to work through them in our
Others are awakening to realities that are new and different for them.
This is not unusual since the energies we are experiencing are more
those of the beginnings of creation that we have experienced
I have noticed that manifestation has been easy lately but the results
have been kind of up and down. A reality manifests then back off then
manifests and backs off again. We have to be very strong in our
beliefs of what we mean to create and not doubt them for a minute or
even a split second!
We are also continuing to see great changes in our lives. In this we
must remember that we constantly strive for greater and grander life
experiences. The changes serve to bring that to us. I ask you to
consider that when you request changes from creation that resistance
to the very changes you have created does not serve you!
There has been a lot of body stuff with these intense energies as
well. General stiffness, mild to moderate headaches and even some
joint pain. Sleep is often interrupted over and over again and brain
fog has been rampant lately. In fact, yesterday, after the time change
here in the USA, nearly everyone I spoke with could not remember the
words they wanted to say, names of people they were referring to and
generally got stuck trying to communicate. Brain fog is commonplace
with intensely changing energies!
Others have talked with me about intensely real events of astral
travel, shared dreams, living other realities, times, places and with
other people in dream time that shakes their sense of reality to the
core. As we move toward a common consciousness these kinds of
experiences will escalate. They are very real and nothing to worry
As the same time that we are reacting as conscious beings, so is our
planet. Earthquake activity has been often and immense in many cases.
Because of this, there are also weather events that are increased in
intensity. Weather patterns in general are changing. We must realize
that we and our planet are created of pure energy and that when that
energy escalates there must be releases. Hence, the earthquakes as our
planet shift and change too. We all knew this was coming. The point is
that we are the consciousness within the organism of the living one
and we have the power to create and affect any kinds of changes we
desire. Instead of sitting back and being awed by it we must remember
that we have the power to shift and change these things.
Our trip to Peru was phenomenal. We had the ceremony to reignite the
solar disk and holy cow all I can say is that no one who was there
went home unchanged. We experienced more of Peru in a couple of weeks
that I can say. We immersed ourselves with each of the major peoples
there and their traditions, ceremonies, foods and even slept in their
homes. It was beautiful beyond words. I don’t know of too many places
in the world where we show up where the native people say to us
“welcome home”. They do in Peru. I have noticed that the heart of the
feminine has blossomed in Peru like nowhere else in our world. The
balance that is occurring there is sweet, gentle and extremely
powerful but in a way that is easy to shift to on our inside. Peru, we
will be back next year with our hearts open and our arms waiting to
embrace you again.
There is a huge amount of flood damage there. While the major
earthquakes are getting most of the attention we witnessed entire
villages that had been washed away in the flooding, their belongings
nothing but tattered rubble where the water flowed. The people are
literally living under tarps in the middle of their winter. I remember
these villages from last year. They were beautiful little communities
that were thriving. Now, they are nothing but desperate people. We
must remember that everywhere in our world people need basic things.
Food, water, shelter, clothing. I have a huge need to convey this.
What I really want is a global coalition that helps this happen. I am
willing. Is anyone else?
My next big trip is to Egypt where we will travel to many of the great
initiation temples such as the temples at Abydos and Dendera, and the
great pyramids where I am arranging private time for my group to
experience the King’s chamber. We will be floating down the Nile and
riding either Arabian horses or camels in the dessert. There are less
than 6 months left to register and get paid for this trip. The company
that is arranging this for me has a payment plan that may make it
easier. I do know that this trip is more expensive than my other ones.
This is due to the flight costs and many admissions that are involved.
I have to have a minimum number of people to make this one work so if
you are interested, please contact us soon! Here is the link for
details and info
I would love to meet you there. I know many of us have memories of
being in Egypt and it is important to both experience and carry the
energy of this magical and mystical place across the world as we move
toward 2012.
I am currently working on the Living Light Cards, with the symbols you
have been seeing in my newsletters the past couple of years. I am
almost finished with them and hope to have them to you in the near
future. So many of you have requested more info and ways to use the
symbols that I felt this would be the best way to share them. So far
they are gorgeous and I am really pleased with them!
Remember that you are only as perfect as you believe you are…
As always, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and
love in everything that you do.
Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.