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The Potent & Practical Energies of March

The Potent & Practical Energies of March

The Touch-Down

I am pretty sure I don't have to tell you that the magnitude of recent
energetic and global events has caused quite a stir on the planet
while her people scurry about trying to recover from the lingering
shifts in consciousness and altered states of reality.

In one fell swoop, the earth was fiercely jolted out of an old groove,
lifted to a higher vibration and pushed forward into the league of
galactic citizens....which, in the words of our star brethren means
that the earth is now officially a participating star nation in the
upward spiral of universal and galactic evolution.

The result down here in the trenches was nothing short of catastrophic
for many, however, this much needed shift set the stage for a
monumental physical change.

With the noticeable increase in earth calamities, it is getting easier
to see that these energies we have consciously been wielding for the
purpose of our planet's evolution are now starting to touch-down in
the physical realms in increasingly more violent ways.

Just as those in the process of releasing their expired contracts in
service as divining rods and grid anchors are on the cusp of major
life renovations, so too is the earth undergoing a radical makeover in
the form of a vibrational upgrade to match the new and higher
frequencies. During this necessary physical detoxification process,
or healing crisis, the planet will continue to steadily creak and
moan, shift and crack, in an attempt to "shake off the fleas" which
will result in the full physical birth of a new world.

Where are we Now?

1) Recovering from the jolt.
2) Finding our new footing.
3) Healing/shifting/regenerating on a cellular level.

Even for those who are not particularly conscious of, or sensitive to
these energies, there is suddenly much to tend to in our personal
lives and much that is in need of reparation.

The relentless challenges we are and have been experiencing are no
doubt requiring us to fully tap into our mastery... to align with our
sovereignty by surrendering to the discomfort of what is, and while
refusing the temptation to fall off our path in hopeless despair.
Luckily, our fortitude stems from our inner connection to truth, that
which always manages somehow to give us the strength to persevere...
even when we are up against great resistance and opposition to the
creation of our new lives.

But our success will come. Each time we rise above the hardships and
continue on in faith of our higher plan, greater awareness and new
options flood in and wash out the debris of our past mis-created
destruction. And this is definitely not a time to settle for less than
our desires... contrarily, it is a time to hold tight to them, white
knuckles and all, remembering that during the parts of the journey
that flow, our dreams feel inevitable... and during the parts of the
journey that ebb, our dreams feel impossible...but that mastery is in
staying connected to our truth thru it all.

The energies of March

I have been hearing that March is going to be offering us some potent,
yet practical energies to support us in gathering, finalizing, and

This month we will be meticulously molded to match our sacred and
divine blueprints as we ground more of our soul energy into form, and
this will require a new set of potentials and opportunties to work
with as we engage in a higher spectrum of light. This new set of
potentials that we will be gifted with will provide us with the new
stage, set, actors, props, and script that we have been writing for
ourselves over the last 7 years of intense spiritual initiation.

As these three energies begin to swirl about us during the
month...especially around mid-month... we may notice that things seem
out of control, chaotic at best, with so much to do and be done. A
sense of hurry, or rushing may be felt as there is suddenly so much to
accomplish in so little time. This feeling of hurriedness or
quickening will be the result of clashing energies...the energy of
forward movement with many new endeavors and projects that we will
finally be supported to implement...while at the same time, the energy
of completion for the remaining unresolved issues needing to be
finalized in order for us to move forward into the new and true. This
will be a bit of the "foot in both worlds" scenario that we are so
accustomed to, but only until we can complete all the unfinished
business from our past.


The gathering phase was actually initiated in February and has
therefore already begun for many. This energy is here to assist us in
gathering information, concepts, inspired ideas, personal and
professional connections, and most of what we need to begin the
astrological new year on the right foot. This phase is also
introducing us to many new talents and hidden gifts that we didn't
previously know we awakening of dormant potential that we
will find very useful in the coming days, months and years.

This is also a time to organize our thoughts and plans about what we
desire to achieve in our new lives while giving us the opportunity to
start building the framing for our new earth structures now that our
foundation is solidly laid. In other words, the fun stuff is about to

Laying the foundation was the hardest and most monotonous part....we
had to first break thru the existing foundation, excavate and dig out
some rather large boulders that were blocking our ability to properly
ground, and we had to be sure that we dug deep enough and wide enough
to support our very large framework which will encompass the many
great things we will be able to accomplish in our new lives...only
this time we are using better, stronger and more sustainable


As mentioned, March will also be a time of finalizing many details,
tying up loose ends and resolving many lingering issues that were
keeping us bound in limitation. These completions will come in many
forms, but most of them will offer us the opportunity to come unstuck,
to shake ourselves loose, and to steadily move forward into our
vibrational destination. As we finalize these details of our past,
each of us will be catapulted to the next level of creation on our
personal journey into oneness and freed to explore the many new
realities that await our active participation.

These new realities have been maturing for many years and now that the
time has come for the physical creations of wayshowers to blossom in
the new light, many will be freed from financial burdens as well. The
release from economic hardship for this group of souls will begin a
series of life altering changes that derive from the unobstructed flow
of Source and will assist to balance out the bio-field and free up the
vital life force to complete the reconnection and restoration of the
physical form.


All of the gathering, finalizing and completing this month is well
preparing us for the coming equinox on the 20-21st... a time of
merging, integrating and balancing our physical and spiritual
selves...which is in itself a preparation for our rebirth/resurrection
during this sacred passage into the astrological new year (sun in
Aries). During this major portal we have the ability to combine our
feminine intuition with our masculine logic to consciously determine
our own realities. This time of preparation is about receiving all
the facts, and applying our hard earned wisdom to create the life of
our dreams...on our terms. This will amount to fully releasing that
which is done and complete while simultaneously opening to higher ways
of creation...with both feet on the ground ...and while moving quickly
into new (unchartered) territory.

Physical/Emotional Symptoms

The extreme pushing and pulling of energies lately has been pretty
grueling and certainly worth a mention...mostly the relentless lower
back pain/aching from all the grounding, grounding, grounding. The
spine in general must be coddled during these intense upgrades and
downloads as it can be sore from the top of the neck all the way to
the tip of the tailbone. Not a good time. Sinus pain/pressure/
headaches, dizziness & vertigo are also common as well as buzzing/
vibrating all over and extreme fatigue, bloating/water retention,
intestinal discomfort, achy/rickety joints, skin redness/rashes, itchy
crown, chills & heat flashes, an inability to get warm, ravenous
hunger alternating with loss of appetite, insomnia coupled with deep
sleeps and creepy vivid dreams, anxiety/restlessness, tension in the
neck and shoulders, depression etc. Also during the massive quake in
Chile, you may have noticed an unbearable burning pain in the pit of
your chest disguised as heartburn, or in the middle of your back
between the shoulder blades. This was the result of another massive
heart opening that seemed to linger on for days.

As always, these symptoms subside with time, and are mostly the result
of cellular cleansing and detoxification as our bodies adjust to and
stabilize in the new frequencies.

So yes... we are still teetering in and out of the new, cleaning up
old business and entertaining the concept of our wildest dreams come
true. Stabilizing is a definite priority right now so don't be
dismayed if your body requires a ton of rest for a bit longer.
Overall, I am hearing that from the equinox to the June solstice it
will be a downhill ride into our greatly expanded realities. It may
take some adjusting and tweaking to get it all right, but in
comparison to what we've all been thru, it will seem like we "died and
went to heaven".

Wishing you a happy and productive March (in or out of bed ; ))

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