Monday, March 22, 2010

Preparing the Way March 18, 2010

Preparing the Way

March 18, 2010

Dearest Beloved Ones,

Blessings, love and light to you at this momentous time on the Earth.
The greatest influx of divine light that has ever reached the Earth is
about to unfold, and the Realms of Light stand ready to assist you in
fulfilling your part of God's holy plan.

When greater frequencies of light manifest on the Earth, this
catalyzes a process of purification for individuals and for the Earth
herself. At the present time there is a large scale momentum of light
building which is releasing energies of negativity and darkness that
have been lodged within the Earth herself.

This process of purification is also intensifying the emotional and
spiritual healing process of everyone on the Earth. Those who have
felt lost and long separated from themselves and from God are
beginning to be found. Those who have lived for a very long time out
of harmony with their divine plan are being assisted to refocus
themselves on their true heart's desire. Those who have long wished to
serve God are being prepared to do so. Those who do not wish to move
forward into this new phase on the Earth are being assisted to
transition to a new phase of their own development.

Beloved ones, now more than ever, faith is needed as old structures
both within and without begin to crumble and fall. Just as the natural
world has its cycles of day and night, winter and spring, so does the
Earth's larger spiritual plan have its own natural rhythm. Now is the
time for the consciousness of separation on the Earth to be
transformed into the living, breathing knowing of Unity and Oneness.

Becoming One does not mean becoming the same as all others, nor does
it mean giving up your freedom or your free will. Rather, it is the
experience of being Home and of feeling yourself completely whole.
From this wholeness, there is no need to project onto others or to
live in fear.

From this place of One, all can live in their divine unique
individuality in peace and harmony with others and with life. The
Earth has long suffered under the limitations of separated
consciousness, and she has patiently borne the brunt of humanity's
lack of awareness which has led to such long standing imbalance and
disruption. She has done this out of love, and now she is ready to
move into a new vibration which is her divine appointed destiny.

You can help by fulfilling your part of God's divine plan for your
life. Your divine plan is known to your soul and was the purpose for
which you entered Earthly life. If you do not consciously know your
divine plan, your heart and soul does. Look at the choices you make of
how you spend your time, who you choose to be with, and the activities
you pursue that give you the most satisfaction. Here lies the divine
spark of light and life that you were born with, that seeks
fulfillment not only for yourself but for all of humanity.

By fulfilling your part of God's divine plan, you bless others and the
Earth with the light of your being. We stand ready to assist all who
are traveling towards the light and are available at all times. With
all love and blessings, Amen.