Friday, March 26, 2010

Archangel Michael: Shades of Light

Archangel Michael: Shades of Light
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

My beloved brothers and sisters of the sacred Creator aspect, it is a deep and meaningful pleasure to bring forth my energies to you today, sharing them with you so openly and easily. I, Archangel Michael, am the overseer of the Wisdom of the Light community, protecting both the channel and arranging for the most appropriate light beings to step forward guided by the will of the Creator to share essential consciousness with humanity. Today I have been guided by the Creator to bring my own light forward more prominently in order to remind you of insights that you already hold but may have temporarily forgotten. As I speak with you I stand behind you and wrap my energy around you, emanating the purest of angelic unconditional love into your being. I am creating a barrier of protection around you with my energy of love with the purpose of maintaining your balance, high vibrations of energy and ensuring your safety at all time. Take a moment to imagine, sense or acknowledge my presence and protection around you and open your heart to my love.

With my energy flowing deep into your being I will allow my consciousness to activate the energy and process of enlightenment.

The Earth is changing so rapidly when your view point is from the inner planes but when you exist on the Earth these changes are not so apparent because of the solid feeling and manifestation of the Creator's light. The Creator's light is pouring abundantly into the Earth due to the greater focus of humanity and their concentration of their alignment with the Creator. As we experience the Creator's energy flowing into the vibrations and energy levels of the Earth and humanity we are able to embark on a valuable development of learning and discovery. We are guided to understand the energy, influence and manifestation of light, we begin to accept that there is not only one vibration of light and one quality of the Creator's soul but there are numerous. It is akin to believing that there is only one sound or note of music when there is a magnitude of sounds, vibrations and harmonies that can be expressed individually or a united sound. When we become accustomed to anchoring light into our beings and reality we are then able to grasp the magnified, variety and expansiveness of the Creator, similar to experiencing the largest musical choir and orchestra that you could imagine, offering your ears so much to explore, understand, accept and become familiar with. We realise that there are many shades to the light of the Creator which allow us to follow a path that is abundant in insights and enlightenment. It is your purpose and mission to hold the entire light of the Creator within your being but this will take time and will activate a process of evaluation. The more light that you anchor into your being the more qualities of the Creator you will discover, as you anchor light you are blending your energies with the Creator's soul. In many ways it is simply not enough to hold light you must also understand the light vibrations that you accept as yourself and your truth. Through the integrated procedure of accepting light and experiencing your physical reality you begin to decipher the layers of the Creator's energy; you may learn to accept and to share the energies such as love, compassion, courage, focus and determination. Realising the light vibrations which may also manifest as emotions will enable you to remember their influence, vibration, purpose and influence, storing this energy so that it can be activated and experienced once more when needed. This in many ways is to take control of your energies and realise that reactions and activations come from within you from the energies of the Creator that you have already experienced. For example, if you were only given one book to read as your entire education then you would draw wisdom, guidance and understanding from this book to help you in your life lessons; it is similar when anchoring light. If you constantly anchor the energy of love then it will be this light consciousness that you will draw from in order to aid your physical reality on the Earth.

It is my wish that you begin to think of the Creator's light as shades of energy or consciousness that are needed to manifest yourself as a complete aspect of the Creator's soul. The more shades of light that you accept the greater volume and wealth of energy and consciousness you can activate within you or draw guidance from. When I speak of shades of light I am referring to the many light vibrations, consciousness and qualities of the Creator's soul both of a higher and lower vibration. The simple process of anchoring light from the Creator's soul can be examined as a single path to mastery and unity with the Creator because you learn how to increase your sensitivity, develop the ability to decipher or understand energies and their influences, comprehend the purpose and meaning of the Creator through the evaluation of the Creator's qualities and you eventually embody a complete aspect of the Creator. These are all processes that will lead you on a path of casting aside negativity and false impressions and awakening to the purity and truth of the Creator.

It is the shades of the Creator's light that are so very important, you already embody and exist as shades of the Creator's light, now is the time to understand each shade as this will assist you in accepting and dealing with the greater volumes of light that are anchoring into the Earth and your being. In order to be able to understand the shades or qualities of the Creator's light there is a simple need to focus on increasing your sensitivity to the energy that flows within you. I specify the energy that flow within you because this light will remain pure and concentrated where as the energies around you can be tainted or unbalanced. As I stand with you now expressing my love and protection, simply ask me to clear your senses to the energy within you, dissolving blockages and limitations, activating antenna like senses to assist your mind in comprehending the shades or qualities of light that you experience when connecting with the energy of the Creator or a Creator aspect, as well as deciphering your own energies and current consciousness. Imagine, sense or acknowledge my light flowing through your being and awakening your senses, it is as if a fresh breath of fragrant air is blowing through you. Asking me to achieve this with you each day will assist in furthering your awakening and deciphering of energy but you may also ask me to assist you in comprehending the energy that you connect with throughout the day in order to evaluate the qualities within the light until you are able to achieve this yourself. To remind you of my analogy, this is akin to evaluating a section of a score of music, each energy or light that you experience will have a wealth of qualities and this is because of the expansiveness of our energies as guides and aspects of the Creator's soul. You will come to realise that the more light you anchor into your being whether from a guide or directly from the Creator's soul the deeper your knowledge and understanding of energy will become, and so your evaluation of a guide's energy at the begin may be completely different from your evaluation three months later. When we learn that every light, energy and even emotion is an abundance of consciousness and qualities we realise that there are many energies or shades that you will not come into contact with and this is due to your focus and the path that you are travelling on the Earth. It is in many ways the focus and comprehension of humanity that allows different interpretation of the energies and purpose of many ascended masters and angels. This practice assists in enhancing a person's faith, trust and belief in themselves and their acceptance of others.

With a focus of understanding the shades of the Creator's light you will begin to discover more about yourself, the energies that you need and those that are no longer needed but the volume of energy and inspiration that you have to draw from to assist you in your reality will increase and so you will begin to adopt the nature, consciousness and light of the Creator due to the fact that you will be connecting with a purer vibration of the Creator's light.

To summaries my purpose of connecting with you, I wish for you to increase your focus on connecting with the light of your guides and the Creator, and as you are experiencing this connection allow yourself to comprehend the qualities, emotions or consciousness that you are feeling or receiving due to your connection. Remember these feelings or qualities and ask for them to be stored within your body and consciousness so that you can draw upon the energy and teachings that all beams of light holds for further use and integration into your reality. Please know and accept that I am here to assist and guide you always.

With angelic unconditional love,
I am Archangel Michael

May you walk in the love and light always,


Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channelled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

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