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Canada and the USA: Dancing with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Canada and the USA: Dancing with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
a message from Thoth and other Ascended Masters
through Norma Gentile
November 1, 2010

Politics, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Masculine and Our Shared Consciousness
Canada and the USA as examples of Healing our shared Polarized Consciousness

Like many who were born in the northern United States, my family roots reach back to many other countries, including Canada. It is hard for me to imagine due to the current state of border security, but at one time the border between the two countries, whether made by stakes in the land or by one of the Great Lakes, was easily and frequently traversed by my family members. We have found cottages and businesses and homes belonging to recent generations of my family members who lived and worked, nearly simultaneously it seems, on both sides of the border.

Like many people with this sort of history, I spent summers in the north, sometimes in the U.S. and other times in Canada, and became horribly confused about the proper way to pronounce certain words and spell other words. I learned that you could put sugar on tomatoes. But only when certain family members were present.

My guides frequently point out to me that the obvious circumstances of our lives are here for a reason. And so as I've grown and explored the energetic context in which I live, I am coming to understand that I was exposed to both U.S. and Canadian cultures not by accident but to support my soul's journey.

The cultures of the U.S. and Canada are complementary. Each represents an aspect of the male / female polarity. Experiencing life within both, I can feel and appreciate the depth of honor that the shared Canadian consciousness has for graciousness, beauty, honor and those things generally associated with the feminine. As I have created my career path primarily in the U.S., I have come to appreciate the masculine clarity in action that the collective consciousness here has embraced. I am fortunate to be able to access these two distinct consciousnesses and their respective qualities in my life.

I understand the consciousness of polarity as existing on both microcosmic levels in my daily life and macrocosmic levels in world events. The personal level of judging what is good or bad in my daily experience is my microcosmic experience of polarity consciousness. My immersion into the national consciousness' of both the U.S. and Canada allows my guides more ease to share through me insights on the balance of male and female polarities related to these two countries on the macrocosmic end of the scale.

As humans we now live in polarity consciousness. In order for one extreme to exist another extreme must also exist. For example, in politics if there are liberals then conservatives also exist. If something is defined as good then something else, probably its opposite, is defined as bad. Eventually this will change . . . but not yet. In order for us to move out of polarity we must first understand it and create within it both the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Only then will the collective consciousness of humanity shift.

Chaos, as Piscean and Aquarian Ages meet

The much lauded Aquarian Age, which makes its official entrance on December 22, 2012, began to influence our planet in tangible ways nearly a thousand years ago. In order to complete our exploration of polarity consciousness, we have used a very special energy that is only available during the time of transition between Ages, in this case from Piscean to Aquarian Age, to manifest a series of issues related to polarity.

Imagine if you would the waves of an ocean. They move in succession, one after another, in the same direction as the wind, across the ocean. What if there was another set of waves, created by a wind moving in another direction? What would happen when these two sets of waves met? Chaos. And the energy of both sets of waves would be released into this chaos.

That chaos energy is what we are using to create our reality with now. The waves of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages are bouncing against each other in the sea of consciousness of all Beings related to this region of space. It will not last long according to cosmic time, just a bit more than a few hundred years. But its climax point is right about now. And so humanity, and other beings of consciousness with whom we share this reality, are being tossed about in our little third dimensional rowboats. My guides often remind me that our shared collective consciousness is thrilled to have so much energy with which to create our reality. But our personalities might beg to differ!

I find myself alternating between euphoria (what a great time to be in human form) and disbelief (how could my soul have even considered putting itself into this cauldron of chaos and tumult?) These final energetic waves of the Piscean Age colliding with the new energies of the Aquarian Age are allowing us to create extremes of polarity around issues both microcosmic and macrocosmic. The ferocity of politics, earth changes and weather are some of the visible issues reflecting our desire as humans to clarify what we hold dear to us.

Qualities of the profane masculine such as craving power over others and greed are easily visible now in the U.S.. That visibility is very uncomfortable for some of us. But we can only transform what is visible. No matter what the choice of the voters (and please do vote, don't assume Spirit will take care of things . . . you are Spirit on Earth, so go do your work as Spirit in form by voting on Tuesday) the U.S. will continue to work for nearly another hundred years on opening its collective consciousness to the qualities of the Sacred Masculine.

Masculine qualities expressed in a profane manner wound the feminine. Masculine energies expressed in a sacred manner empower the feminine. Profane energies cannot be expressed through the heart. Our hearts always open in the presence of sacredness, regardless of whether that expression is from the Divine Feminine or Sacred Masculine. What are the qualities of the Sacred Masculine that the United States is working on expressing? That is the question those of us engaged within its shared collective consciousness are working on answering now.

The founding of both the USA and Canada rode in on the Aquarian Age wave. Remember, the energies of the new Aquarian Age have been caressing our planet for many hundreds of years. The date of December 21, 2010 is the closing date for the Piscean Age cycle of more than 11,000 years. Cosmic energies don't turn on and off like a light switch!

Canada and the United States are karmic partners, paired up like the male and female in the YinYang symbol (most countries or regions are paired in similar ways). Because the Sacred Masculine consciousness failed to flower in the U.S., Canada's consciousness of Divine Feminine has developed in a wounded manner. There is new power in the expression of the Divine Feminine that Canadian consciousness will step into in the coming decades. The development of new leadership principles based on Divine Feminine values may be one of the first uses of this power.

The Aquarian Age is awakening the Divine Feminine within the consciousness of the entire planet. The chalice formed by the awakened feminine serves as the safe container in which the Sacred Masculine can come to rest. It is only when they are at rest that the profane energies of the masculine allow themselves to be transformed into their sacred natures. And as various awakenings occur in the shared collective consciousness of humanity, all those who are able to create the chalice or fill it with Sacred Masculine energies are stepping forward.

My blessing to each of you,
(with help from Thoth and the Ascended Masters)

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