Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kyron: The New World is Coming

Kyron: The New World is Coming
Channeled by David Brown
October 10, 2010

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

It's wonderful to be here with you all this morning on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th. There are many new energies coming to earth this day, and this is the day that you connect to Father Sky much more deeply and much more strongly than ever before. This is a new energy of deep connectedness and deep love from the universe to you and for you to feel safe and loved and secure here on planet Earth.

The new world is coming dear ones, and the new world is a very, very different world to anything you have experienced in the past. This is the reason so many people are here on the planet at one time. It is to experience this new world and the transition from the old world to the new world, the transition has already begun, and today it is a great step into the New World, it is a great shift of energies for those who are ready to receive it. For those who are not, you're already receiving the deeper and deeper re-connections as we go on. Nobody will be left behind on this earth, nobody; everybody is to be taken forward into the new world, into a new fantastic point of view where there is no one to tell you no or say you are only dreaming.

Your dreams will happen, you will live your dreams and it will come to a point that your dreams will happen almost automatically. Feel your bodies today dear ones, feel what they feel like this morning as you move towards 10 minutes past 10 on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th. Feel your bodies and feel what they feel like, just know you can have this energy that is in your bodies at this moment for ever, this is the way the world will be and this is the way your energies will stay. There will still be issues to come; you need to learn your lessons and work through them and you will feel a strong comfort and knowledge that you are in lesson and that they will come and go very easily with these new energies. We here in spirit world are here to support you all, we are here to put your energies in harmony exactly the way it's set out in the solar system in which you live, it is in harmony. This new energy means so many different things but first of all it means life will get easier and easier and easier. it will mean that it will become so much easier to release your fears, your sadness, your hurts and your anger and to replace these emotions with joy.

Planet earth has been disconnected for the last 2,000 years and even longer and the reconnection begins to happen in this moment at 10 minutes past 10 on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th in Sydney Australia time. Allow these energy to flow through your body and feel this new energy come into your bodies and allow your connection to Father Sky. which in itself will allow a deeper connection into Mother Earth. so allow these new energies to flow through you into your fathers, into Sydney Australia, onwards and into your mothers, into your grandparents, your great-grandparents, your entire family constellation, your past lives, your ancestors, and back to the very beginning of time... into your conception. through your entire lifetime and into the present moment.

Dear ones these are the new energies of the New World and you have been prepared over the last day and a half to receive these new energies and to allow these new energies to flow into your bodies. in your mind's eye let your family members flow past you and allow them to be healed and reconnected, let them let go of what no longer serves them and let them receive the new energies. this is the day that Kryon of magnetic service makes his magnet shifts and changes the magnetics of the earth so that emotional healing becomes a whole new ballgame. something completely different. Allow these energies to flow through you to wherever they need to flow. Allowing you first of all to connect to Father Sky. as your family members flow beyond your inner vision you will receive a deeper and deeper and deeper connection to the heart of the universe and the heart of the Great Central Sun.

There are those that will not want this new energy. they are misguided. they will eventually receive these energies. There is an agreement in spirit world that the entire planet goes into ascension process with the full help and intervention of spirit. Bringing the earth plane to a consciousness that is the pure Christ consciousness. This cannot be accessed by Western Christianity, only through deep meditation and intense inner work. the new energies come and the new energies will bring you all to that consciousness because hidden beneath your difficult personal relationships and your difficult relationships with your families you will find hidden a bright light, a bright shining light. allow yourselves to drop into a space where you can see this light and allow this light to shine through the darkness. the energies are coming from outside. and the energies are awakening on the inside. allow these external energies to energise whatever is needed to light up this true Christ consciousness in your body. allow the feelings to come and let them go and allow your spirit guides, who are very close to you at the moment. allow them to take you to the new world.

Just be in your bodies. and drop deeper and deeper and deeper. you have all done the work necessary to achieve this level of consciousness. and your bodies are being energised to allow this light to shine and to allow this energy to flow through you. leading you to the steps required for ascension or the ascension process. as you awaken the Christ energy within you, you will feel more and more connected to Father Sky and Mother Earth and in turn this will energise your bodies and allow the Christ light to shine. This light from within will begin to dissolve all your social conditioning. on automatic. this is what everybody has been waiting for. the new energies that dissolve what is not conscious and automatic. and allow consciousness to flow through your bodies and allow you to connect into the new energies of 2012.

It is like a special adapter so that you can plug in your electric appliance, it is like wherever you are in your world you will always have the divine guidance. you will always have love in your heart, you will always have a deep connection to Mother Earth, you will always have abundance and live an abundant lifestyle. an abundance based in love, a complete shift from the old energies. allow these energies to filter through your bodies . allowing the reconnection where it is easiest. and the more you connect the more you will be connected, for that is the way of this new energy. This is a new kind of love that has been available for 2,000 years but your consciousness made it unavailable. It will begin to change so that it will take the form of the dodecahedron. and observe your bodies as the structure of your bodies begin to change, see it take the form of millions of little dodecahedrons. connect and allow the flow of love to flow through you, for this new structure brings the New World and this new structure will bring a connectedness that everybody will want. You will become like a lighthouse shining with light for all to see or like a pebble thrown into a pond radiating this new energy into your universe, into your inner world. this is the time that men will realise that they are Gods. and in the next two years and possibly a little longer, the realisation that you create your own reality will become understood here on earth. You are releasing what creates a negative reality and you are enhancing what creates a love based reality.

We always say, let's let the love flow. allow the love to flow. just like the rivers that flow through Sydney. They always, always, always flow, there is always a flow. And the energies of love will come to humanity where the love will flow; the love is always, always flowing. A new world is coming dear ones, allow the energies to dissolve the parts of you that no longer serve you and allow yourself to connect deeper and deeper and deeper to that part of you. your authentic self. your true self.

Allow yourselves to be in this energy and soak up this energy and fill your body with love and let the fullness of the universe allow those empty spaces to be filled with this love. Allow yourselves to be filled with this love, allow your bodies to relax, and feel your bodies relax as this new energy flows through you and let it flow through your crown chakra through your third eye through your throat chakra through your solar plexus into your second chakra. and just observe the second chakra beginning to clear in this new energy. it will bring to you the ability to create a reality of your own choosing. and allow these energies to flow onwards and into your base chakra and onwards into the heart of Mother Earth. and give permission for this energy to dissolve all blockages that it encounters. as this new energy encounters these new blockages just let the feelings come and let them go. whatever comes into your body. just let it come. and let it go.

As this energy flows through you, you may feel many energies releasing, this can feel like nausea, or other negative emotion and just allow these energies to flow and to release. and to let them go. Always remember that you are beings of light, vibration and energy. The old energies are releasing on automatic now and the new energies are flowing. Many things will become obsolete now, many teachings and many spiritual practices will fall by the wayside, for this is the beginning of the New World dear ones, the energies are here for you. it is for you to open yourself up and allow these new energies to flow and for you to give permission for your social conditioning to dissolve on fully automatic.

Dear ones you will be washed clean and purified, it will take time but slowly and surely what does not serve you; what energies are not in the light. you will release., and the longer that you stay in this energy the more pure you will become. just let the feelings come. and let the feelings go. allowing yourselves to flow into the New World. for dear ones the New World is coming. allow your spirit guides to support you in this process. feel them at your feet. and your spirit guides know ways to relax your body even more than it is, give them permission to relax you. and as you relax you will release. as you release the new energy that will energise you in a divine way with light. letting go of your old ways, your old behaviours and your old patterns. and bringing forward the new energies into the New World for dear ones enjoy this transition, know that you're moving into the New World.

Go well and God bless for this is Kryon signing out. thank you all.

Who is David Brown

David is a spiritual healer and visionary who has accepted that he has come to this planet of his own free will, David's main focus of work is to heal himself and through his own journey has gained a great deal of experience.

David's body now carries the information at a cellular level. His main desire is to share with humanity that which he has learnt through his own transformation process. David has undergone many shifts in perspective about what we are actually doing here on this planet. This information has been given to him as a gift from KRYON to share in integrity and truth. As a teacher, David has a uniqueness about him that allows one to experience without judgment.

Who is Kryon

Kryon is a consciousness that pervades all universes. Kryon is rather like a committee that has the ultimate understanding of what happens on Planet Earth, and of what goes on everywhere else. He is everything within this solar system. However, not only in this solar system, but also galaxies beyond.

Kryon is everything that is, and everything that is not. Kryon is God in a state of detachment from Mother Earth. Kryon is detached from Mother Earth in order to see and to understand clearly what is happening here.

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.

In prior channellings, a step-by-step way for emotional clearing has been explained. Being emotionally unbalanced is like driving a car with a dirty windscreen, or sailing a ship whose anchor still holds fast at the bottom of the sea. Until you achieve emotional clarity, your lives are going nowhere.

The Kryon energy comes to you in love and honesty, and brings specialist information and knowledge from all corners of the universe to assist you in the ascension process. There is not one entity or specialist group of knowledge and understanding that cannot be contacted through Kryon. * *