Friday, November 5, 2010

Polaris: November 2010 - Fruition

Polaris: November 2010 - Fruition
Channeled by Karen Murphy

This month's energy is all about Waiting for Fruition. You have laid the groundwork for transformation and for assimilation; now is the time to move into that new space that you have created, savoring it slowly while it unwinds throughout the month. Many of you have been working consciously at becoming aware of the thinning veil that surrounds you, and it has seemed that your What Comes Next is just out of reach, hazy and indistinct. This is the time, then, that your seemingly distant future comes into sharper focus, bringing with it something tangible that you can touch, taste, see, or feel.

You realize, of course, that with the clear choice you made in September, you brought with it a sense of import for the future. This wasn't any capricious choice; in that time you set a conscious path toward your destiny, your life path, your deep inner reason for choosing to be on the planet at this time. You may not still be completely aware of the turn you took back in September, yet it is possible that you feel already on a course of change as a result. Many people are feeling more like themselves now than at any other time in their lifetimes. This sense of rightness, of flow, will only be on the increase as you begin to unwind the bandages that cover your eyes yet from seeing the entirety of your life unfolding in front of you.

And now, while the veil is thin and the knowingness of collaborative transformation flows across the planet into beyond, it is your opportunity to think consciously about what it is you seek in this life. What your heart truly desires at its deepest level. What you have always known is true yet never dared dream might be. This is the time to move slowly into your What Comes Next, allowing it to unfold in front of you like a lover doing a slow striptease, savoring each ripening moment before the next one begins. This is the time to ask yourself, your guides, and your spiritual teachers for assistance, opening yourself to new worlds and possibilities as a result. This is the time to connect consciously and deeply with your fellow humans also on this path of deep discovery, offering your support and love as well as asking for assistance and community. This is the time to dream deeply and wildly, allowing your heart to soar to majestic heights and to look ever outward to carry you along toward your What Comes Next.

What to do with the likely impatience you are feeling to finally move into your creation? I love the phrase "think big but non-specific." This allows you to move into the possibility of what you are creating - at least on some level - without creating attachment for a specific outcome. Easier said than done, you say? Well, yes. It's a new way of thinking about your life, but haven't you yet noticed that whenever you attempt to blast through the brick wall ahead into what you think of as your What Comes Next, that what you seek disappears like a gossamer soap bubble when touched? Instead, then, feel your way into your creation by bringing yourself down to the smallest moment possible - this one. To support your new way of thinking and being, try this mindfulness practice this month. It only takes a few minutes each day.

A Daily Mindfulness Practice

Center yourself and decide to remain present for exactly one minute. One minute, you say? Why, anyone can do that! Yes, and that is why I suggest it. One minute, perhaps two, is all it takes. Do this daily, or a few times a day. Decide to let go of everything around you except for one of the following for that one minute:


Then, for that minute, focus on nothing else but your breath; the sounds around you; what you see (shape, color, form, shadow). Withhold judgment as best you can about what you focus on. Simply notice what is there, for your one minute. When you are finished, thank yourself for your effort and resume your day. You will feel as if you have just breathed in clean, fresh air: rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to move on with your day.

Now what about the Fruition that is yours this month? Let it go, like letting your personal soap bubble float freely. The less you think about what your fruition looks like, the more it will unfold naturally. If you allow it to, you will see more clearly by mid-month, and certainly by the 21st, a pivotal date this month. On that day, you will fix in your being much of what you intend to do with this creation you have been working on these past several months, and you will see what next steps there are ahead for you. This is the time to practice mindfulness even more, then, as you reach an apex of desire and fulfillment around this date. Afterward, energies subside in intensity as you move along on the "downhill" side and begin to enjoy your creation.

What to Expect this Month


If you haven't been sure of who you truly are yet in this lifetime, this is the perfect time to tap into what is available. Get guidance if necessary, but energies now fully support your awareness of Self vs. Others, as well as the release of old patterns and dynamics of interacting that no longer suit you or support your True Self.

Affirmation: I AM consciously connecting with my Self at the deepest level.


While Venus is still in retrograde through the 18th, you have the perfect opportunity to continue exploring relationships in terms of what works for you and what doesn't. Use this time to examine your deepest heart-desires with the people in your life and to create certainty about what you wish the future to look like.

Affirmation: I AM the perfect expression of all that has come before this moment, and my relationships reflect my deepest heart's desire.


This is not the best time for community-building, as people will be primarily focused on Self this month, but understand that the inner Self work lays a deeper groundwork for a new type of community that is building and just beginning to emerge. Satisfy yourself with time spent with others, but don't attempt to force this into being. Like with relationships, follow your heart and come together in groups in ways that nourish you on a soul level.

Affirmation: I AM creating a new world community simply by being more of my Self.

Global politics

Because of the emphasis on the inward expression this month, politics becomes even more polarized as people continue to attempt to hold onto the familiar. Expect some nasty twists and turns this month as a result. Having compassion for the "other side," whatever that may be, will assist you this month in assimilating these big energies.

Affirmation: I AM creating a new paradigm by doing what I believe to be right.

Earth changes

Internal change always is accompanied by external manifestation of those energies. While on the surface you are spending much time simply "waiting" while you continue to process your Self on a deep level, Gaia stirs and awakens. Expect some potentially massive and devastating results from this type of energy: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, as well as an increase in odd phenomena like massive sink holes swallowing up buildings, and natural gas leaks or mining disasters. As things heat up on the surface, remember that a great many people are choosing to transition over the next many years. Wish them well and remain in gratitude for their passing that supports your experience.

Affirmation: I AM in deep constant connection with the energies of Mother Gaia and feel her warm embrace constantly.

Global spiritual changes

This is more subtle this month, but overall there is a shift toward a sense of peacefulness and solidarity of purpose worldwide. This will peak during the Christmas season and on into the first half of January but begins this month with a feeling of communal fellowship and harmony. Use this time to meditate deeply on the world you feel you are creating and how that can play out with the global community and all the planet's citizens, human and non-human alike. Spend some time regarding your non-human compatriots - animal, plant, mineral - and honor them in ways that feel meaningful to you.

Affirmation: I AM an expression of the global community and maintain awareness of my importance within the overall tapestry that we together create.

Relax, breathe, and BE.

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