Thursday, November 11, 2010

Polaris: The Meaning of 11:11

Polaris: The Meaning of 11:11
Channeled by Karen Murphy
November 2010

11:11. We see this all the time, twice a day on every clock, and feel there is some deeper meaning there. Is this a message? What does this mean? Why do I see 11:11 all the time? What is this telling me? What can I do with this energy?

As we approach 11-11-10 and think about next year's 11-11-11, let's find out what this energy is all about in order to make best use of the energies that are being presented.

11:11 is a symbol. Numbers are just numbers, right? They carry no meaning in and of themselves? Yes and no. Numbers are themselves symbols, but they also carry energy of their own from an accumulation of meaning over the millennia. Those who have synesethesia can attest to the fact that numbers have energy (synesthesia? These are people who see or feel colors, emotions, tastes, music, or other input associated with numbers, letters, days of the week, etc). Numbers were created in order to symbolize the energy associated with "how many."

The number ONE is associated with completion. I AM. ONE represents the complete Self, one unit, a full circle. 11:11 therefore symbolizes the natural progression of I AM into full becoming: four ONES lined up, supporting one another and becoming the unifying force between heaven and earth.

11:11 is a gateway. You can use the symbol of 11:11 as a gateway for yourself - use it to access and harness the infinite energies associated with this symbol. There is nothing you need to do other than open yourself to this with intention. Use your recognition of 11:11 as a guide to let you know that you are "on the right path," or moving forward along your chosen direction, whatever that may be. In other words, allow yourself to be open to observing and noticing the 11:11's in your life as they occur. Intend that they be for you a reminder that you are connected to your Self at your deepest internal level and that they also give to you a continual nudge or gentle push along the direction of your choice. Use this gateway as an avenue to connecting consciously to the divine and earthly energies that abound all around you.

How to access the 11:11 energies through this continual gateway? Although simple intention will do it, you may also wish to strengthen and formalize your connection to these energies with a ritual or practice.

11:11 Practice

Ground and center yourself by becoming comfortable and relaxed and then breathing in fully and allowing the breath to release. Breathe in again, intending that the next outbreath will fully relax you and prepare you for this connection. Feel the breath move through your feet and through the top of your head as you exhale. As you do so, imagine that there is a cord running through you that connects through you and down into the center of the earth as well as up into infinite space beyond. This cord is elastic and moves with you. As you imagine this cord, imagine it also becoming straight and string, holding you upright as a cylinder. You are now a perfect conduit connecting these energies and your entire body is completely energized as a result. Not only will you have perfect cellular memory of this moment, but each time that you imagine yourself as the crystal gateway of 11:11 you will energize and activate your DNA structure to more perfect proportions, every time changing your crystalline structure a little more until you reach your perfect potential.

11:11 is a message. So many of us are hooked into our deepest inner selves yet lack the discernment to know for sure that this is truly happening. Retrospect is a big teacher, is it not? How many times have you known something "in your gut" yet you either failed to act upon that knowledge or questioned it until it faded? Yet when you looked back you found that your first inclination was the correct one. If this is you - and it's not an uncommon occurrence by any means! - then you have the power to change this and to find a mechanism of knowing connection that works for you. Why not use an occurrence that is present twice daily? Simply intend that you will make yourself aware of the 11:11's in your life whenever you need the message that you are tapped in to your inner potential in a way that makes sense for you. Don't stop to question this - you need to fully accept it for it to have the tremendous power that it can have when you step into it fully.

What about 11-11?

This is an entire day, given to you once a year, within which to increase your conscious inner connection a hundredfold. There is nothing you need to do other than be open and aware. On this day this year, notice whatever comes across your path. Notice the quality of the light in the room. Notice things you overhear, snatches of distant conversation. Notice your dreams. Notice your thoughts. Notice where in your body that your breath wants to go. Notice where there is tension, and where you feel relaxed and capable. Just notice and observe whatever there is to experience, on this one day this year. Through the observation, we promise that you will make quantum leaps of awareness, though you will perhaps not put all the pieces together into your consciousness until much later.

Ramping up for 2012

I'll have much more to say about this later on, but yes, of course 11-11 this year is a precursor to 11-11-11 next year, and 12-12-12 the year after. This goes without saying. What will all this mean? Energies are fast on the increase to be available for whoever is on a path to access them. This means much more than personal effect (joy, abundance, relationships, etc) and has much more to do with the overall effect being generated to create shifts not only for the planet but also for the universe and beyond. I can be much more specific as time goes on, but for now you can plan that these dates will be beacons to those who wish to take quantum leaps in awareness on many levels. Without becoming egoic about it, simply concentrate on your particular piece of this beautiful tapestry while at the same time increasing your awareness of your effect upon the world around you. This will help you prepare for what is to come, both personally and globally, and I'll continue to supply coded messages to help you get there. Deal?

Polaris is a being of energy * *